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God is a foodie who wants to transform your supper into sacrament. One of America's most beloved teachers and writers, Margaret Feinberg, goes on a remarkable journey to unearth God's perspective on food. She writes that since the opening of creation, God, the Master Chef, seeds the world with pomegranates and passionfruit, beans and greens and tangerines. When the Israelites wander in the desert for forty years, God, the Pastry Chef, delivers the sweet bread of heaven. After arriving in the Promised Land, God reveals himself as Barbecue Master, delighting in meat sacrifices. Like his Foodie Father, Jesus throws the disciples an unforgettable two-course farewell supper to be repeated until his return. This groundbreaking book provides a culinary exploration of Scripture. You'll descend 400 feet below ground into the frosty white caverns of a salt mine, fish on the Sea of Galilee, bake fresh matzo at Yale University, ferry to a remote island in Croatia to harvest olives, spend time with a Texas butcher known as "the meat apostle," and wander a California farm with one of the world's premier fig farmers. With each visit, Margaret asks, "How do you read these Scriptures, not as theologians, but in light of what you do every day?" Their answers will forever change the way you read the Bible - and approach every meal. Taste and See is a delicious read that includes dozens of recipes for those who, like Margaret, believe some of life's richest moments are spent savoring a meal with those you love. Perhaps God's foodie focus is meant to do more than satisfy our bellies. It's meant to heal our souls, as we learn to taste and see the goodness of God together. After all, food is God's love made edible. See you around the table!
The book Taste and See: 40 Praise Principles for successful Living touches on the nitty-gritty of thanking, praising and worshipping God as a prelude to living a life of extraordinary good success. It postulates that praising God with zeal and enthusiasm makes Him to open His door of grace unto us. The book also enjoins us to praise God continuously, continuingly and continually. It advocates for the true praise of God which comes naturally and effortlessly and draws us to the presence of God. It states that, for the praise of God to be acceptable, it must be relaxed and unpretentious. It also identifies a true worshipper as someone who worships God when it is convenient or inconvenient, easy or difficult, good or bad. This eight-chapter book is down to earth practical. It has 4o praise principles which instruct the reader on how he can embark on the praise and worship that will be acceptable to the Almighty God. There are also practical aphorisms that are spread all over the pages of the book from the beginning to he end. At the end of each chapter are also practical exercises which are designed to draw the reader more closely to God as well as build up a lasting relationship with Him.
Most Catholics are quite comfortable with the idea of encountering God with hearts and minds. Using the heart or brain to “sense” God’s presence doesn’t feel like a stretch. But the notion of finding God with our five senses—sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste—could seem strange indeed. In fact, it might even seem worldly or downright wrong. In Taste and See, Ginny Kubitz Moyer beautifully counters this common misunderstanding. Using personal stories, anecdotes, and Scripture, she demonstrates how the five senses are a powerful, biblically based means for us to encounter God, not only as we practice our faith but also as we participate in the “messy splendor” of daily life. Each sense is allotted five chapters, each of which highlights a different experience of that sense. Every chapter concludes with Ignatian Examen-inspired prayer steps that encourage us to recognize and reflect upon God’s presence and goodness in the physical world. From roses to the rosary, from candle smoke to Communion wine, Taste and See helps readers truly find God in all things—from the mundane to the sublime.
Since its original publication in 1976, this primer on personal spirituality has deepened and enriched the lives of thousands of readers. Now it is republished in a revised edition expanded to include a new chapter on seeing the presence of God in others and an annotated bibliography of resources on Christian spirituality.
Life is indeed a journey. True, a journey with ups and downs. My life s journey (with its retreats, readings, sharing with people of varied experiences etc.), has enriched me with these poems, short reflections and wisdom sayings. Poems are a fruit of man s communication with the divine. Short reflections are inspired by the Word of God. Wisdom sayings are born from varied experiences and encounters. Believe you me, this work is well reflected, articulated well and well put. Every serious communicator has to read and befriend themselves with this work! I am thrilled and feel proud that this work is a dream come true.

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