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Inspirational and just plain fun, the words of celebrities, scholars, and comedians, coupled with the insight of students young and old, reveal teaching to be among the noblest of professions. Teachers: Jokes, Quotes, and Anecdotes is a reminder of the importance of teachers - and the tough job they have in training young minds . . . while keeping their wits about them.
Teachers are some of the most beloved people in the world. That's only one of the reasons why it's so easy to make fun of them. The witty, amusing, and heartwarming tidbits collected here will charm educators and their fans alike. For instance, when asked to give definitions of clouds, a classroom of elementary students provided such definitions as "Rain is saved up in cloud banks," "Clouds are high-flying fogs," and "I'm not sure how clouds get formed, but the clouds know how to do it, and that is the important thing."This book is a natural gift for our children's favorite teachers.
Gathers jokes and anecdotes about academia, scientists, teaching professors, scientific reputations, academic publishing, women scientists, and popular science
Whether you?re a teacher, a parent, or attended school once in your life, you will be able to laugh and link up with these humorous, poignant, and unforgettable memories of a retired school teacher. Mrs. Fillip talks about what made her decide to become a teacher and the significant changes she experienced over the past thirty-four years. Besides teaching in a public and Catholic school, she had the unique opportunity to teach in an open classroom style school as well as a charter school. But the thrust of her book are the tales and anecdotes that involved her students. Mrs. Fillip is an innovative and creative teacher. Never was she afraid to take risks. Exciting labs, experiments, and classroom activities provided stimulating learning visuals the students never forgot. Read how Mrs. Fillip touched many students? lives and how they touched hers.
This uplifting, easy-to-read, but hard-to-forget anthology is full of powerful reminders that there is no such thing as "only a teacher."

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