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Popular Australian author and inspirational teacher, Bill Handley, has developed and, over the years, refined methods of teaching mathematics and learning strategies that have achieved amazing results. His best-selling book, Speed Mathematics convinced readers that people who excel at maths use better strategies and are not necessarily more intelligent.This book contains additional methods and applications based on the strategies taught in Speed Mathematics that make the principles clearer, encourage creative thought, and are just plain fun. The book was written for young people but people of any age will enjoy it. The book has notes throughout for parents and teachers.By following his innovative approach you will have kids playing with numbers, performing lightning quick calculations and, most of all, having fun!Bill claims: 'If you are good at maths, people think you are intelligent. People will treat you like you are a genius. Your teachers and your friends will treat you differently. You will even think differently about yourself'.The emphasis in this book is on playing with mathematics. Enjoy it. Show off what you learn and make mathematics your favourite subject.
This invaluable resource provides teachers with the tools they need to facilitate mathematical discourse and create opportunities for students to think constructively, communicate effectively, and increase mathematics proficiency. This book will help teachers develop a new set of pedagogical skills and strategies to assess, plan, and organize their classrooms in a manner that is conducive to mathematical discourse. With helpful tips and strategies that are easy to implement, this standards-based book supports an equitable learning environment by encouraging active listening, clear communication, justification of perspective, and acknowledgement of students' experiences. Each chapter includes Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Teaching and Learning strategies to address cultural norms for diverse populations, and support the needs of English language learners. With tips for implementing Math Talks and Number Talks, this resource will get students thinking like mathematicians in no time.
However, word problems are hard. Word problems are confusing. And our kids hate doing word problems. Whether your child excels in math or struggles to understand mathematical concepts and formulas, math word problems are often an entirely new entity that can cause even mathematically skilled children to struggle. Math word problems require a different skill set than standard math problems that children will need to master in order to succeed. To get the right answer, your child has to be able to read the words, figure out what math operation to use, and then do the calculations correctly. A breakdown in any of these skills can lead to difficulty. With this book your child would discover fun (again) and stimulate it's intelligents with words and reasoning problems and questions, Stop throw away your childrens time with Nientendo or console like that. Improve their intelligence! About this book: - Tips For Teaching Kids To Solve Word Problems In Math! -Math word problems categorized by skills! -Addition and Substraction ! - ""age"" word problems! And much much more! Scroll down the page and click on BUY NOW! You would'nt regreat it, and expecially you will give a gift to your childrens brains!
With the new school year upon us, give your children an edge in the classroom with a bind-up edition of these two best-selling titles! Popular Australian author and inspirational teacher Bill Handley has developed and refined methods of teaching maths that have achieved amazing results, as seen on television?s A Current Affair. His best-selling book Speed Mathematics showed everyone that people who excel at maths use better strategies ? they?re not necessarily more intelligent. Used together, Teach Your Children Tables and Speed Maths For Kids will improve your children?s understanding of maths and introduce them to strategies that will have them performing like geniuses! Schools the world over use Handley?s innovative ?speed maths? approach in the classroom, and with these two classic books at their disposal, your kids will: ? be able to perform lightning-quick calculations in their heads ? master the ?times tables? in less than half an hour ? learn the basic principles of maths ? have fun playing with numbers! Including notes for parents and teachers throughout, suggestions for effective lessons, and modified explanations of addition and multiplication for very young children with no prior understanding of the concepts, this special edition of Speed Maths For Kids/Teach Your Children Tables will fast make maths your kids? favourite subject, and give him or her the confidence to tackle maths class without a calculator!
Are you ready to give your child mathematics skills a boost? These simple math tricks can help your child perform calculations more quickly and easily. They also come in handy if you want your child to impress his teacher, family, or friends.
This book provides examples and recommends highly effective and practical instructional and assessment strategies that classroom teachers can immediately implement and that school administrators can readily observe. These high yield strategies build on accepted practices and directly address the needs of struggling students. His no nonsense, common sense approach assists classroom teachers in organizing their instruction by connecting preparation and instruction to student notes, homework, test preparation, and assessments so students study more effectively. This results in increased student performance. Bill also emphasizes the importance of student-teacher relationships and the implementing a success-on-success model.
The book places particular emphasis on adult-initiated, number-focused activities and playful, challenging and sensitive teaching strategies to engage younger children. The strategies are based on research and work with practitioners, and are illustrated by children’s own responses, such as making number jokes. It covers key areas of mathematics, including number, shape and space, measures and problem solving, with appropriate expectations and common difficulties as well as suggested activities.
Describes activities that will involve children in the learning of number concepts, probability, fractions, estimation, measurement, and problem solving
A practical hands-on guide to improving the teaching of mathematics. Provides a collection of cases that blend important mathematics content with the real complexities of school and classroom life.
Low mathematics scores are a good predictor of high school dropout rates. Even when students do graduate, only 1 out of 4 are proficient at high-school level mathematics. In college, 69% of STEM majors switch to fields with fewer mathematics requirements. Math anxiety is real, and it prevents many adults from pursuing careers in math-related fields. America has a real problem with math illiteracy. That problem largely results from the way we teach our children math in school. All too often, math is reduced to memorization, in an environment that doesn't accommodate students' individual learning speeds. In Rethinking Math Learning, Dr. Aditya Nagrath shows how you can empower your child with the tools needed to overcome math illiteracy. Using a proven system of six basic concepts, steeped in years of research, Dr. Nagrath explains how to banish math anxiety forever and ensure that your child has the math skills necessary for their future economic success.
This rich collection of games and activities helps primary and elementary students become successful math learners.
Includes more than fifty reproducible forms and handouts. Provides forms in Microsoft Word and PDF formats.
How many animals can you find in a puzzle? Can you spy all of the European Countries? How many Math issues can you solve? This workbook for kids offers problem-solving puzzles and hours of screen-free fun. Raising your kids is hard. And with a world filled with so much technology, it can be hard to teach your child basic communication fundamentals that improve the quality of their life now, and more importantly, as they grow into adults. The problem is, teaching your child the fundamentals of spelling, vocabulary, and memory; while having fun in the process. Who wants to read large textbooks to instill proper communication etiquette. This workbook is designed to teach your child these fundamentals in a fun way! How? Spelling- In order to complete the word search, your child will need to be able to spell the words correctly. As they circle the word, they will see each letter, and reinforce how to spell words correctly. Fun and educational pre k math activities. "Coloring the shapes", "Calculate the operations and color them" and "Associate each number with its correct results" are a few of the fun activities that inspire learning! Memory- The newer words that come into your child's brain, the more they will try to memorize the words. The more you learn, the better you get at remembering things. Flex your mental muscles with word search puzzles about: ◆ Animals names ◆ Vegetables and fruits Names ◆ European Countries Names ◆ Shapes Names. ◆ Colors Names Grab your pencil and start scouring for words and clues--you're the pencil-puzzling PI on the case!
In this book, the author offers a wide selection of student engagement strategies for math teachers in grades k-12. He shares his class-tested ideas in a clear and spirited voice, with his devotion to the teaching profession and his students apparent on every page. With invaluable ideas to help students remain engaged for longer time periods, this book is especially helpful for teachers instructing in a block schedule. Contents include: (1) Introduction; (2) The First Day; (3) First Weeks; (4) Team Building/Class Building; (5) Collaborative Worksheets; (6) Collaborative Review/Tests; (7) Interactive Lecture; (8) Key Ideas; (9) Student Feedback/Advice; (10) Carolina Pairs/Carolina Teams; (11) Additional Team-builders; and (12) Myths/Questions.
Teaching mathematics to a range of learners has always been challenging. With the widespread use of inclusion and RTI, having a variety of effective teaching options for students who struggle is more important than ever. In My Kids Can, you'll get instructional strategies that allow all struggling math learners to move along the path toward grade-level competency. In My Kids Can teachers share successful ways to work with struggling students. Their instruction is aligned with the NCTM standards and guided by five powerful core principles. Make mathematical thinking explicit. Link assessment and teaching. Build understanding through talk. Expect students to take responsibility for their own learning and support them as they do. Work collaboratively with special education staff to plan effective instruction. These teachers describe how they use whole-group, small-group, and individual instruction as well as other strategies that hold kids to high expectations while scaffolding content and processes across the math curriculum. In addition, an accompanying DVD presents classroom footage of their teaching and includes the language, dialogue, and teaching moves you'll adapt for success with your students. The DVD also contains teacher interviews that answer difficult questions of practice. Best of all, with professional learning questions and video analyses, My Kids Can is great for individuals, teacher study groups, staff development, and preservice courses. Help every child grow as a mathematician. Trust your fellow teachers for instruction that works. Read My Kids Can and use its proven-effective strategies and its professional supports to build on your students' strengths and address their learning needs.
"The innovative math program based on real-life sports statistics" -- cover.
Drawing on perceptions, behaviors, and experiences of students at an urban high school—both high and low achievers—this timely book demonstrates how urban youth can be meaningfully engaged in learning mathematics. The author presents a "potential" model rather than a "deficit" model, complete with teaching strategies and best practices for teaching mathematics in innovative and relevant ways. This resource offers practical insights for pre- and inservice teachers and administrators on facilitating positive interactions, engagement, and achievement in mathematics, particularly with Black and Latino/a students. It also examines societal perceptions of urban students and how these affect teaching and learning, policies, and mathematics outcomes.
Guides and instructs both students and parents on the basics of reading and mathematics for the second grade, including exercises and practice tests, and how to use the exercises in the book effectively.
The Complete Book of Math provides 352 pages of fun exercises for students in grades 3 to 4 that teach students key lessons in basic math skills. Lessons cover topics including geometry, place value, measurement, decimals, graphing, time and money, fractions, and more! it also includes a complete answer key, user-friendly activities, and easy-to-follow instructions. Over 4 million in print! Designed by leading experts, books in the Complete Book series help children in grades preschool-6 build a solid foundation in key subject areas for learning success. Complete Books are the most thorough and comprehensive learning guides available, offering high-interest lessons to encourage learning and full-color illustrations to spark interest. Each book also features challenging concepts and activities to motivate independent study, a fun page of stickers, and a complete answer key to measure performance and guide instruction.
Using a full-color illustrated approach, a guide to parental math tutoring looks at every aspect of the challenging subject, from simple sums to simultaneous equations, in a book with simple explanations and clear illustrations that parents can share with their children.

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