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First published in 1972.
This Resource Guide includes lessons in Language Arts, Social Responsibility, Art, and Music. Lessons are ready to use with a minimum of preparation, and can be adapted for use in any primary grade. The book and resource guide are suitable for integrating Aboriginal content.
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Noted psychotherapist, educator, and bestselling author Lesley Koplow shares her extensive experience working with young as well as school-aged children to offer teachers a proven way of addressing social and emotional issues in the classroom. In Bears, Bears Everywhere!, Koplow discusses innovative strategies for integrating Teddy Bears into classroom life to help teachers address unresolved emotional issues that hinder children’s socialization and learning processes. She explains how using Teddy Bears can help children connect to their feelings and express them in constructive ways, establishing a safe and supportive learning environment for every student. The book includes lesson plans with developmentally appropriate activities for pre-K through 5th-grade teachers.
Teachers are torchbearers—leaders who impart knowledge, truth, or inspiration to others. Pamela Farris, joined by Patricia Rieman in the latest edition of this exceptional foundations text, clearly demonstrates how teachers bear the torch. The authors’ well-researched approach provides both positive and negative aspects of education trends. Their generous use of examples shows how teaching and schooling fit into the broader context of U.S. society and how they match up with other societies throughout the world. Farris and Rieman’s lively writing style instills teacher education candidates with a lucid understanding of such topics as philosophy and history of education, national trends, requirements of becoming a teacher, teachers’ salaries, how schools are governed and funded, demographic changes and expectations for the future, differences in rural and urban schools, and use of technology. Detailed lists of a variety of websites provide additional resources. Anecdotes of professionals in the field—authentic-voice narratives with frank insights into real-world teaching experiences—punctuate the text. Boxed scenarios concentrate on important issues and educators, energize readers’ interest, and stimulate proactive thinking. Other outstanding features are the book’s affordability and versatility. Instructors can easily assign all or a portion of the chapters to fit course needs.
M.L. Flados has a gift for making the meaningful and the mundane come alive in this retrospective of growing up Norwegian and Lutheran during the Great Depression. Her vivid narration of a former American lifestyle, is a remarkable sociological study of the "dirty thirties" and World War II. . Follow the Author's interesting, sometimes hilarious, sashay from her childhood on a midwestern farm to life as a college professor's wife, registered nurse, motivational speaker and writer. The Road From Spink is historical, readable, infinitely funny. "The Road From Spink is a treasure. More than a personal family story, it is a sociological study of the Depression years and of a lifestyle in America that modern generations will never know." Bill Meyer, Publisher. President, Hoch Publishing Co. Inc., Marion, Kansas "For those who love history, The Road From Spink tells the story of an important era. It is a must read". Bruce Odson, Publisher, Leader Courier, Elk Point, South Dakota. "M.L. Flados writes with great detail and a sense of humor of growing up Norwegian and Lutheran in the
'This book includes activities on The Teddy Bears' Picnic, Goldilocks, The Not-so-jolly Postman' --cover p.[4]
These leveled discussion questions about Little Bear by Else Holmelund Minarik require students to read closely, make connections, and share their analyses. Included are leveled comprehension questions and suggested answers.
Identifies colleges and universities that offer education degrees through distance education.
Offers teachers an opportunity to apply cognitive and cooperative thinking in a series of learning strategies applied to a well-known story of Goldilocks and the three bears.
This title highlights aspects of progression and continuity in the teaching of English across the Foundation and Primary years and encourages readers to develop an understanding of key principles and the confidence to apply these appropriately to their classroom practice.
Take your students on a learning-packed trip across the U.S. with books they’ll love! This resource includes background information, activity ideas, reproducibles, and Internet connections to help you use 35 great novels as springboards to social studies learning. A great way to get your kids to read more deeply—and learn about the seven U.S. regions. For use with Grades 4-8.
Baldwin's flexible approach and ready-to-go mini-lessons help teachers present the critical craft elements of short fiction, foster critical-thinking skills, and carry skills over into informational writing. This second edition includes 20 new lessons that infuse technology into the writing process through such tools as wikis, digital media, and podcasts. The CD provides 70-plus reproducibles and customizable transparency masters.
These vocabulary activities for Little Bear by Else Holmelund Minarik incorporate key skills from the Common Core. The activities integrate vocabulary with a study of the text. Includes text-dependent questions, definitions, and text-based sentences.
Patricia Jones Blessman, PhDLicensed Clinihologistcal PsycIn praise of Ti Town Bears by author Martha AllenChildren love to be read to, especially by their parents. Consistent and regular parental reading is the #1 proven strategy for promoting a love of reading in your child. Ti Town Bears is a delightful book series designed to be read by parents to their children. The lively and colorful format will certainly engage young children.Ti Town Bears does more than that! This series gives parents the leading opportunity to bridge into important discussion topics around health, education, and safety with their young children; and it does so in a developmentally appropriate, emotionally positive manner.Brilliantly conceived and executed, the Ti Town Bears series is a "must-have" for parents.... (or for educational institutions who lend books to parents) who want a thoughtful yet lively way to explore some common and some difficult topics with their children.Patricia Jones Blessman PhD Ti Town Bears does more than that! This series gives parents the leading opportunity to bridge into important discussion topics around health, education, and safety with their young children; and it does so in a developmentally appropriate, emotionally positive manner.Brilliantly conceived and executed, the Ti Town Bears series is a "must-have" for parents.... (or for educational institutions who lend books TI Town Bears Book Series Letter to the Parents and Teachers This letter is to the parents and teachers of the children who love to learn and have fun. The TI Town Bears children books are "read with me books". The TI Town Bears are four teaching bears (a teacher bear, a doctor bear, a policeman bear, and a fireman bear), they fly around the world in a rainbow hot air balloon, teaching children about health, education, and safety in a fun entertaining way. The Teaching International Bears books aka TI Town Bears books are meant to be used as a learning tool for children from preschool to 2nd grade. These books should be used in discussion with children to help them learn and understand more about health, education, and safety, For example, My TI Town Birthday Party is designed to show diversity among teachers and students. As a social worker for 30 years, I have observed how important it is to connect individuals to the resources in their community and how it can empower families and can positively impact their life. The TI Town Bears book series also empower children by introducing them to resources in their community and teaching them about health education and safety. Thank You, Author: Martha Allen
Presents an introduction to the polar bear, discussing its evolution, physical characteristics, life cycle, predatory behavior, habitat, and the threats to its existence from global warming.

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