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Dragonfly is a building wiz and she is going to build a cubby with old, thrown out technology!
A global examination of what influences women's participation in computing and what can be done to fix the gender gap.
Over the last few decades, the refrain for many activists in technology fields around the globe has been “attraction, promotion, and retention.” Yet the secret to accomplishing this task has not been found. Despite the wide variety of theories proposed in efforts to frame and understand the issues, to date none have been accepted as a universally accurate framework, nor been applicable across varying cultures and ethnicities. Gender Inequality and the Potential for Change in Technology Fields provides innovative insights into diversity creation through potential solutions, including the attraction of more women to study technology and to enter technology careers, the navigation of suitable promotional pathways, and the retention of women in these industries. This publication examines women in IT professions, artificial intelligence, and social media. It is designed for gender theorists, government officials, policymakers, educators, individual activists and advocates, recruiters, content developers, managers, women and men in technology fields, academicians, researchers, and students.
Research and statistics support the view that current programs are failing to keep women in the ICT field. Currently, there exist very few solutions to this growing problem. Women in IT in the New Social Era: A Critical Evidence-Based Review of Gender Inequality and the Potential for Change aims to bring this topic to the forefront of discussion about what can be done to correct this lopsided gender distribution. This reference work will be an essential guide for government professionals, students, and researchers in the ICT field looking to develop a solution to equalize the retention rate of women in these related fields.
In this book, leading gender scholars survey the contribution of feminist scholarship to new norms and knowledge in diverse areas of political science and related political practice. They provide new evidence of the breadth of this contribution and its policy impact. Rather than offering another account of the problem of gender inequality in the discipline, the book focuses on the positive contribution of gender innovation. It highlights in a systematic and in-depth way how gender innovation has contributed to sharpening the conceptual tools available in different subfields, including international relations and public policy. At the same time, the authors show the limits of impact in core areas of an increasingly pluralised discipline. This volume will appeal to scholars and students of political science and international relations.
This ground-breaking and timely contribution is the first and most comprehensive edited collection to address the implications for Intellectual Property (IP) law in the context of 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing. Providing a coverage of IP law in three main jurisdictions including the UK, USA and Australia. 3D Printing and Beyond brings together a team of distinguished IP experts and is an indispensable starting point for researchers with an interest in IP, emerging technologies and 3D printing.

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