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This gentle and uplifting story is designed to help young children come to terms with losing someone special. The book follows the story of Bradley Bunny and his grandfather, Grandpa Rabbit. At one stage, Bradley asks Grandpa Rabbit what heaven is like. Grandpa says that he has always believed it to be a 'super special' place. He then asks Bradley to imagine 'a place in the sky that feels special'. Bradley Bunny imagines a carrot themed funfair in the sky! Grandpa Rabbit says that he imagines a beautiful garden, full of old friends and delicious food. Either way, when Grandpa Rabbit eventually goes to Heaven, Bradley is secure in the knowledge that that Grandpa will be very happy there. At the beginning of the story, Grandpa Rabbit had given Bradley a gift. At the end of the story, this gift reappears, and serves as a moving reminder to Bradley that, whilst the grandpa he loves has left, in some way, he will always be with him.
Great Grandpa Bunny Bunny teaches the rabbits of Bunnyville how to prepare for spring.
One accident blew up, but it wasn't the end. It was the beginning. It was an inexplicable era, an inexplicable time and space. Due to the arrival of Han Master, everything had changed. The genius of the Han Family, a prodigy in terms of business, but the most outstanding thing was still the Ancient Martial Arts Class. In the impoverished Ancient Martial Arts Realm, Master Han had actually used his own hard work and effort to break through to the Sky Realm. But the Heavenly Tribulation was that simple? No, he might not be very conspicuous here, but he would soon be able to rewrite this era and become a grandmaster of another world.
As I See It presents a behind-the-scenes approach to Chris’ songwriting and poetry, a conversational introspective to offer inspiration to anyone who reads it. As memorable as your favorite song; as valuable as the best advice ever given to you by your closest friend.
It's been two years and middle-school student Danny Wind is still not over his father's death. When his mom marries a white man and they move to a new "white bread" neighborhood, Danny's life changes. The school principal considers him a troublemaker, and he has to avoid Willy, the school bully, who calls him "redskin" and "Tonto." After Danny acts out and gets suspended from school, his mom decides to send him to a summer survival camp for Native American teens. Danny is sure he is in for a boring summer on the reservation, without Internet access even. Instead, he meets other Native kids, learns to ride and care for horses, and develops a relationship with his grandfather, who teaches him the ways of their tribe. And even though life on the reservation is pretty cool, never in his craziest dreams did Danny expect to become involved in rescuing bison in Yellowstone National Park!
At the request of his late grandfather, DJ climbs Mount Kilimanjaro to scatter his ashes.
Blind Visions from Heaven is Katherine Rhodes's breakout novel. Written under her sister's name, as she helped guide Katherine with her writings, Blind Visions is a based on a true story and promises its readers will get at least one severe case of the goosebumps. This beautiful and chilling novel embraces the depths of grief and offers hope after the death of a loved one. As you travel through Katherine's journey in life, you will fall in love with many of the characters in her novel. Katherine has learned in her life that her lost loved ones are much closer to her than she once thought. She has learned that her loved ones can be still connected to her, despite the fact that they are esperares into two different states of being. This is a spiritual novel that promises not to disappoint its readers.
In the sunny jacaranda-leafed garden of his Johannesburg home, six year old Martin Donally is king of a small and perfect world. It is 1948 and life is full of childish rhymes and his colourful extended family. There's exuberant Grandpa, who sings and races horses; chain-smoking Auntie Fee, who always sides with the ogres in fairy tales and who makes up her own stories about Martin's dead father; and above all, Georgie, the family's Zulu servant and Martin's confidant. But this cosy world of certainty ends as Martin's tale turns to political and personal tragedy. He can't possibly foresee the defeat of the liberal government that will usher in a new era of bigotry and intolerance, not appreciate the significance of the fact that Dr Verwoerd, architect of apartheid, is a neighbour. And what is he to make of dour, racist Gordon, his mother's husband-to-be, a man who seems determined to shatter the carefree world of the Donallys for good...
The Easter rabbit, known as Blessly the Redemption Rabbit, tells the truth about the real meaning of what happened on the first Easter. This is the story from the Bible of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Son of our Living Father in heaven.
Nine-year-old Anna was too busy with schoolwork and friends in 1933 to take much notice of Adolf Hitler's rise to power in her native Germany. But when her father is suddenly, unaccountably missing, and her family flees Berlin in secrecy, Anna is forced to learn the skills needed to be a refugee and finds she's much more resilient than she thought.192 pp. Copyright © Libri GmbH. All rights reserved.
Joyce Ackley is an 83-year-old living in Washington State with her little dog Annie (an orphan.) After her husband retired from the Navy the two went to college and became school teachers. They became grandparents before they graduated. Joyce became a widow 29 years ago and has constantly sought to be useful and happy in her life. As she ages, she still looks for ways to find life fulfilling. She does not want to retire to Heaven's Waiting Room. Can't do the things you used to do? Ready to give up on life? This book is full of ideas to get you out of Heaven's Waiting Room and back to enjoying the wonderful life God has given you. The book is a series of essays and ideas for you to try. You will find out why to cough in a plastic bag or find out how you get pregnant. Other laughable notes as well as a touching story of a grandfather crying in church on Christmas Eve. It's a book that will start you thinking, make you laugh and make you begin to live again. Young at Hearts are the main focus of the book although anyone needing ideas to spice up their life will find it helpful.

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