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It's 2:47am when Dr Nick Trout, a British vet working in Boston, USA, is abruptly woken and called in to the Angell Memorial Animal Hospital to see if he can save the life of Sage, a ten year-old German Shephard with a critical stomach condition. The case is severe, the outlook bleak, and Dr Trout is her only chance. So begins an intimate and exhilarating journey into a typical day in a far from typical job. TELL ME WHERE IT HURTS takes the reader to the heart of the trials and tribulations of life as a veterinary surgeon, a life filled with heartbreak, triumph, anxiety, and of course, cuddly pets and their variously crazy, desperate, and demanding owners. The day's events come alive with Trout's breezy and companionable narration, and while he illustrates many of the issues pertinent to 21st century pet medicine, at its heart, the book reminds us that while the technology may have moved on from James Herriot's day, the essential characters, humour, and humanity remain the same as ever.
The costs of failing to diagnose or treat psychosocial issues can be dramatic. We suggest that psychosocial assessments should be integrated into routine primary care. Results from a recent study are described in which 60% of patients approached were willing to complete a biopsychosocial assessment battery. Of those who completed the survey ( N = 125), 46% met criteria for further mental health assessment; only 18% of the sample had a mental health diagnosis listed in their medical record. We conclude that a psychosocial assessment intervention in primary care has the potential to increase provider awareness of biopsychosocial concerns. Clinical implications, including the unique ability of family therapists to provide the care indicated by the assessment intervention, are discussed.
Parents learn how to decode their child's symptoms with the help of this groundbreaking work that sorts out the emotional issues from the physical when a child is ill.
Readers of all ages will be motivated by this popular series of stories and plays featuring plots which are suitable for teenagers and adults.A sense of accomplishment will be achieved as the short chapters enable readers to progress easily through the books.Pupils' ability to read is improve through the clear and well-spaced type and controlled language level.The Spirals series presents the message that reading is for enjoyment as the books do not include any activities for analysis.
I can feel it in my roots; I gave birth, in a nightmare, to unlovable things. They breed in my belly; tiny birthdays, every day. I am the undead mother to every single bit of black in this skin prison my lovers have choked on. Bestselling author J.R. Rogue returns with her second volume of poetry, Tell Me Where It Hurts, a raw, heartbreaking, and honest glimpse into the demons she has faced in her 33 years.
From the outset of Ricky Armendariz's career, nearly twenty-five years ago, he struck on an artistic persona that is an amalgam of artist, artisan, insurrectionist, and visionary, combining an ever more refined technical mastery of painting with an arduous practice of "crating" his works, whether seeking out synthetic materials to etch upon that will achieve a greater granular idelity for his block prints, or painstakingly wielding an industrial router to bevel and ornament his canny, mythic, and sometimes unsettling, narrative painted scenarios. He merged his long training as a painter with an early mastery of stone masonry (a vocation he practiced in Colorado), perhaps making it inevitable that his works would be exquisitely drawn, painted and carved.
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