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Drawing on a rich array of archival sources and historical detail, The Politics of 1930s British Literature tells the story of a school-minded decade and illuminates new readings of the politics and aesthetics of 1930s literature. In a period of shifting political claims, educational policy shaped writers' social and gender ideals. This book explores how a wide array of writers including Virginia Woolf, W.H. Auden, George Orwell, Winifred Holtby and Graham Greene were informed by their pedagogic work. It considers the ways in which education influenced writers' analysis of literary style and their conception of future literary forms. The Politics of 1930s British Literature argues that to those perennial symbols of the 1930s, the loudspeaker and the gramophone, should be added the textbook and the blackboard.
Emerging in 1918 from the devastation of World War I, the modern pacifist movement expanded rapidly and soon became organized on a transnational basis. These essays present aspects of the movement's development to the end of the Second World War. The fourteen essays in Part I look at the interwar years, which gave rise to an array of pacifist organizations, both religious and humanist, throughout Europe and North America. Twelve essays in Part II deal with the brutal challenge to pacifist ideals posed by the Second World War and include a look at the fate of those courageous Germans who refused to fight for Hitler. The struggles of Christian pacifism in Japan and the satyagraha (non-violent soul force) of Gandhi in India are the focus of the two closing studies (Part III). These twenty-eight essays by scholars from eleven countries present an impressive overview of this remarkable movement, at the same time drawing out many little-known areas of pacifist activity.
First published in 2001. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.
A feminist literary study of the friendship between two modern British writers as manifested in their works.
How should feminist theories conceive of the subject? What is it to be a legal person? What part does embodiment play in subjectivity? Can there be a conception of rights which does justice to the social contexts in which rights claims are embedded? Is the way the law constitutes legal subjects a form of violence? These questions lie at the heart of contemporary feminist theory, and in this collection they are addressed by a group of distinguished international scholars working in law, philosophy and politics. The volume, in which the concerns of one author are taken up by others, advances current debate on two interconnected levels. First, it contains original and ground-breaking discussions of the questions raised above. At the same time, it contains a more reflexive strand of argument about the intellectual resources available to feminist thinkers, and the advantages and dangers of borrowing from non-feminist traditions of thought. It thus provides an exceptionally rich examination of contemporary legal and political feminist theory.
"This is an exciting collection that proves - once again - that feminist activity continued after suffrage was won. In a lively series of essays we meet both familiar figures, such as Eleanor Rathbone and Vera Brittain, as well as the unjustly forgotten, who struggled for equal pay, greater job opportunities, better access to birth control and child benefits in an increasingly hostile political climate. Martha Vicinus, University of Michigan, US" I enjoyed reading this book very much. It adds considerably to our knowledge of feminism in the 20th century. Olive Banks, University of Leicester, UK 'The essays in this thought-provoking volume help illuminate both the continuities and conflicts in twentieth-century feminism. Carol Dyhouse, University of Sussex, UK
The "Scribner Writers Series has set the standard for literary reference for more than 25 years. In addition to addressing the lives and careers of important writers, the articles discuss the themes and a styles of major works and place them in pertinent historical, social and political concerns for today's readers. Novelists, playwrights, essayists, poets, short story writers, and more recently, genre writers in science fiction and mystery, are all expertly discussed in the more than 17 sets comprising this series. To see listings of writers for any volume in this section, go to the "Scribner Writers Series section online at Among the authors covered in the "Supplement are Robert Herrick, Alan Hollinghurst, Jan Morris, Joe Orton, Dennis Potter, Vikram Seth and Jan Stall worthy.

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