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Linen finish, glitter accents, scalloped edge, embossed.
In this celebration of the bitch within, retro women bust down the walls without breaking a nail or mussing their hair. Nancy Rider Hunt, whose cards and magnets are sold nationwide, illustrated Bitch? Moi? With campy photo collages.If you find yourself wondering if he's worth shaving your legs for, if your inner diva just wants to get down and dirty once in a while, if you prefer your men tranquilized and tagged, make this book your manifesto and join the audacious sisterhood of women who know what they want and how to get it. Serve up some attitude with a twist as you tell the world: "It's Ms. Bitch to you!" Illustrated with photos or winsome artwork, Keepsakes are books to treasure and share. 72 pp, hardcover. 6 1/4" square.
A secret world full of magic, unicorns and friendship! The brand-new series from the bestselling Daisy Meadows, author of RAINBOW MAGIC and MAGIC ANIMAL FRIENDS, and the most-borrowed author in UK libraries. Emily and Aisha are learning all about the plants and trees in Enchanted Valley's magical garden. But when Selena steals Glitterhoof 's magical locket, the land is struck by a terrible earthquake! The girls must help get the locket back and restore safety for the garden's magical creatures.
'A feel-good, hate-to-put-it-down, kind of book!' ChickLit Central Life is about to blossom for Lili . . . In the three years since her husband died in a car accident, Lili has just about managed to resume her day-to-day life as a single mother and successful illustrator. She can now get her two girls to school, show up to work and watch TV like a pro. But there's still the small problem of the aching loss she feels inside. When she's commissioned to illustrate a series of horticultural books, and signs up to a weekly gardening class, finally her life starts to bloom again. The class provides Lili with a new network of unexpected friends - friends with their own heartaches and problems - and, maybe, another chance at love . . . 'Like a conversation with the funniest person you know - just lovely' Katie Fforde _____ Fans of Jojo Moyes, Lucy Diamond and Wilde Like Me will fall in love with this gloriously funny and uplifting novel about friendship, love and grabbing life by the roots. 'A cosy, life-affirming read' Cathy Hopkins 'Witty, uplifting and unashamedly honest' Heidi Swain 'Funny and uplifting' Good Housekeeping 'Filled with characters you'll love and wish you lived next door to in real life' Bustle 'Waxman's voice is witty, emotional and often profound' InStyle 'A quirky, funny, and deeply thoughtful book' hellogiggles 'Abbi Waxman is both irreverent and thoughtful' Emily Giffin, author of First Comes Love
Guided and encouraged by the voices of her spirit guides, Brenna embarks on an awakening path of beauty to bring forth freedom and purity, and reveal her magick within. Prepared to fulfill her mission on Earth, Brenna must now navigate the depths and heights of her human existence and learn how to heal and connect to multidimensional worlds. With help from her elemental spirit guide, the unicorn, Brenna begins to see life in a different way. As she becomes driven to realize her true hearts desire, Brenna sets out on a quest to create a beautiful garden where magick can live and people can connect to the Source of All That Is. But first, she must find a way to walk through her fears, develop her powers of manifestation, and summon the courage to pursue her dreams. As Brenna journeys into the elemental, faery, and angelic realms, she experiences a powerful transformation that takes her to places beyond her imagination. In this inspiring adventure tale, a woman determined to achieve her lifes intention must rely on help from spirit guides and her own innerstrength as she attempts to integrate her dreams into her earthly life.
The Houston area offers an abundance of resources and activities for gardeners and garden lovers, if people only know where to look: Love roses? Go to the Garden Center in Hermann Park. Want fresh vegetables? Pay in advance for a weekly supply at Central City Co-op. Can’t live without daffodils? Find twenty varieties at the Bulb and Plants Mart. In this handy, versatile guide to all things related to gardens in Houston and its environs, Texas Master Gardener Eileen Houston presents the book she wished had been available when she first moved to the city. Writing about public gardens, garden events, farmers’ markets, garden clubs, retail nurseries, volunteer opportunities, and more, Houston shares her favorite finds in an opening section, called “Best of the Best,” listing places and events she believes garden enthusiasts will not want to miss. For each garden site, event, and outlet, readers learn what they need to know about times, fees, locations, and contact information. A map and key help identify which destinations will require some planning and which can be easily enjoyed, depending on where readers live or work. Helpful descriptions focus on the special features or distinctive ambience of each place or happening. A chapter on retail sources is packed with advice: where to buy native or organically raised plants; how to find specialty shops and nurseries devoted to specific kinds of plants, such as African violets, bonsai, tropicals, roses, orchids, and cacti;· which retailers offer fountains, benches, sculptures, and antique garden accessories. At the end of the book, Houston steers readers to her recommended garden books and websites. Anyone interested in exploring the gardening scene in Houston and surrounding areas—whether resident or visitor, participant or spectator—will discover in this book much to do and share with family, friends, and fellow gardeners.
Forget what you think you know and who you thought you were to save us all. This is all that is asked of Jenelle when she wakes up in a strange place. Join Jenelle on a whirlwind journey where she learns the truth about herself in an enchanting world. Experience as she finds that even in paradise life is full of surprises. She will learn a new life that is full of hope,magic, and secrets, including a foretelling that will change her life forever.
A passionate love affair. A happy young family. And a successful 30-year marriage. But which one will be destroyed by the truth? Sophie and her sister, Jess, grow up knowing that a few little lies are necessary: You look great. It was only a joke. He's just stressed. It doesn't matter. Everything's fine. Everybody does it, don't they? But what about the big lies - about love, power and money? When Sophie discovers her father's secret, and Jess falls in love with the charismatic Jake, Sophie has to look at her own life again. Should she keep quiet or tear her family apart with the truth? And if she tells, who will pay the ultimate price?
Provides menu and gardening ideas for various types of outdoor gatherings, including a rooftop terrace, a patio, and a larger estate
The penultimate chapter in the author's "secret history of Cuba" offers a saga of the triumph of the human spirit and will in the face of political and sexual repression.
Evie gets a wonderful surprise when she goes to stay at her grandma's house. Fairies appear in the night. They are dream fairies and they live at the bottom of Evie's bed. Even better, Evie can go and have magical adventures with them in fairyland! Soon Evie discovers that Grandma can see the fairies too. But will they still be there when Grandma returns from hospital - and how can Evie make sure that their special brand of fairy magic will stay with Grandma forever?
Achieve remarkable results for your scrapbook pages using vellum and the unique techniques offered here. Overlays, lace effects, crimping, tearing, punching, folding and chalking techniques are all clearly illustrated along with great page theme ideas.

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