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Juliet Joyce has been happily married to Rick for twenty-five years. But with two children who treat the house like a hotel, a mother who's moved in with them and a father who's announced a radical life change, Juliet and Rick have little time for themselves, let alone romance. And then Steven Aubrey returns. The same Steven who jilted Juliet on their wedding day twenty-six years ago. He ignites a passion in Juliet that she thought was long gone. Will Steven sweep Juliet off her feet or can Rick revive their marriage before it's too late?
Having some of the best fun of her life a young Jeh'ne meets who she feels will be the good guy her family so desperately wants for her to be matched with. Instead of roses just because, Jeh'ne is thrust into a world much too grown for her mind to process. When Jeh'ne does fall in love, her suitor is looking for a casual 'situationship' that ultimately ends in her helping him out in more ways than one. Everyone sees this guy as what he truly is but Jeh'ne is hell bent on being a rider for the man she loves. She resists the no limit army behind her, not listening to anyone's words of wisdom- nor is she following the strict rules laid out for her protection. She is under the impression that she can love this man into changing him. As time passes on Jeh'ne physically her foolish thoughts stomped out her, changing her life forever. Grabbing her life back one day at a time, Jeh'ne takes the time to get to know herself again. She starts to fulfill all of her dreams, living a life she'd once dreamed about. Living life smart and low key seems to be working until Jeh'ne runs into a potential love interest from her past. No one can guess the kind of relationship shenanigans she will face as an adult while she is under the impression that she has already endured the worst that life has to offer. Jeh'ne has to pull on her big girl panties and fight for the love that she now knows she deserves. A love that she knows, she is worthy of. Who ever said love is supposed to be easy? Take the journey with Jeh'ne in That Loving Feeling while she finds out if there is true love to be had after her heart has been abused in the past.
What are you missing in your life? Are you missing that feeling of being loved, wanted, desired, and feeling special? Are you missing that feeling of adventure that was present during those dating years? What does your heart desire? It is not too late to feel that feeling again with your spouse, mate, or partner. Do not let some outside influence or predator convince you otherwise, and DISRUPT your life!We need to deal with what we are missing, or needing and quit pushing it down thinking it does not matter. YES it matters! WE MATTER! Our desires, dreams, needs, and wants MATTER! This is what happens when you are not dealing with the underlying current in your life, you keep thinking everything will be okay and then BAM! You are catapulted into a WHOLE NOTHER pathway of life! WOW! Unbelievable!
An African proverb states, When a man knows his proverbs, he can reconcile his differences. A similar sentiment can be said about poetry; if a man knows his poetry, he can overcome heavy burdens and add flavor to life experiences. The poems in this book were born out of my experiences with romance, love, joy, happiness, pain, fear, sadness and anxiety emotions all people experiences. The poetry in this book is far more than just words. These words are a life force captured from moments in time, much like images caught on a video tape or music recorded on a cd. This book looks at intimate daily experiences and the natural world around us. Reflect, meditate, and ponder to look for hidden truth and meaning in each poem. Step into the world of in depth feelings, along with the ecstasy of expression.
Jerry and Carole Wilkins have decoded the Bible for the secrets to a happy marriage in The Great Marriage Physician. It's not very often you get sincere advise like it's coming from your grandmother. But that's the kind of feeling that chapter after chapter in this book exudes. It makes you wonder why no one ever thought of the Bible as a the most comprehensive book of sage marriage advise. Until now. Skeptics may say they are not credible, they don't use a scientific approach or technical terms, or they don't have degrees in psychology, but would you rather trust a marriage counselor whose personal background you don't know and for all you know is also dealing with their own broken marriage? Or would you be more interested in listening to a couple who has been successfully dealing with the highs and lows of marriage, and so far have been living their own version of happily ever after for forty-eight years?
Offers a collection of rock lyrics as a foundation for more than one hundred healing and uplifting meditations

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