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Young readers may touch various surfaces on toy tractors that are not the one someone is looking for, until at last the right one appears. On board pages.
Techniques of Close Reading is a brief, supplemental text that trains students in an ability to see what texts--be they written, oral, visual, or mediated--may be saying. Renown scholar and teacher Barry Brummett explains and explores the various ways to "read" messages (speeches, cartoons, magazine ads, etc.), teaching students the ability to see deeper levels of meaning and to share those insights with others. Techniques of Close Reading differs from other books in rhetorical criticism, textual analysis, or critical thinking by: - Focusing on the act and techniques of criticism rather than on schools of thought, grand theories, and specific methods, thus helping students to engage in the act of critical close reading in ways that are congenial to a wide range of methods (for that reason, it is highly adaptable to other texts currently in use that are focused on specific methods) - Explaining the relationships among theory, methods, and techniques of rhetorical criticism - Examining the ethics and risk of doing and reading rhetorical criticism via plenty of examples, figures, and exercises taken from everyday life
Following the publication of Tall But True Tractor Tales the author has unearthed 50 more stories related to tractors and farm machines (more tall but true tales) and those who work with them. Most of the individuals whose mishaps and misadventures with machinery appear in this book have agreed to allow the world to share and laugh at their misfortune. The author has responded to the challenge of illustrating these events with cartoons and photographs.
She grew up near Kokomo, Indiana in a small Amish community. At a young age she knew she wanted to go to college because she saw how her dad struggled to make ends met and feeding a family of six on a sixty acre farm wasn’t an easy task. Her first obstacle was the fact she knew no English when she started school. This was her fault, her grandmother knew no English, and therefore she felt this wasn’t a necessity. She soon realized her mistake and two weeks into the school year she knew how to speak English. German is the language spoken in the Amish homes as well as all the church services. She never lost her ambition of some day graduating from college. When she reached her late teens she was finally on her way to reaching her dream. She moved to Arizona where she was introduced to a Jewish family and in exchange for room and board she worked as a maid. For school money she baby sat in the evening and on the weekends. However, when she wanted to start college she encountered another problem. She had no high school diploma. The admissions director told her no diploma no college. There is a way to beat this situation; she just had to think outside the box. Her plan worked and five years later she graduated with honors from Arizona State University. Her next goal was to obtain an MLS and work in the Library of Congress. Her situation is unique because no one has been able to explain how you can earn a BA degree without a high school diploma. This is her first book and she was encouraged by her former One Stop counselor. She rejected her religion, but this foundation has sustained her life.

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