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The newly compiled 12 Step Prayer Book offers adapted and traditional prayers to complement any Twelve Step program or any mindful recovery experience. Collected and compiled from varied authors, faiths, and lifestyles, these prayers of strength and healing will give you a thought for each day. These are the faithful words of the world. From Bill P., the author of the recovery classics Easy Does It and Drop the Rock, and Lisa D., comes this cherished set of prayers, now presented for the first time as part of Hazelden’s beloved series of daily readings. Bookended by morning and nightly prayers, this new edition now provides prayers and readings based on themes related to each Step. Regardless of your religious affiliation or a lack thereof, prayer houses infinite power: it is the spiritual language of the unified human experience. In a modern approach to prayer and meditation, The 12 Step Prayer Book utilizes sources from across the world to support your recovery. Treatment, counseling, and other forms of therapy are unquestionably necessary for sobriety. They are, however, finite. Once they end, what becomes our source of hope, strength, and wisdom? Twelve Step recovery demands continuous spiritual growth, and spiritual growth demands a Higher Power. Our faith needn’t be perfect, but it must be present. Through prayer and daily connection with the spiritual, our hearts remain full and open to the life recovery promises.
Includes both Volumes 1 and 2 of the recovery staple, The 12 Step Prayer Book. Where ever you are on your recovery journey, and however you define your Higher Power, you will find spiritual support in this special collection of prayers and inspirational readings. Volume 1 features 183 passages gleaned from Twelve Step meetings and adapted from common prayers and devotions, including: a guide for daily reading; traditional and best-loved recovery prayers; and Step and meeting prayers. Volume 2 includes 183 more prayers and meditations that capture the core truths, challenges, and gifts of recovery. This volume offers prayers: of acceptance, thankfulness, and joy; for strength, courage, patience, and wisdom; for the willingness to work the Steps and carry the message to others; for family and friends, sponsees and sponsors; and for humility, serenity, and hope. Whether you are new to recovery or are an old-timer in one of the Twelve Step Fellowships, the prayers and inspirational readings in this collection will comfort, encourage, and guide you in your spiritual journey.
The best-loved prayers used by 12-step group members are included in this pocket-sized book. Topics cover resentment, fear, gratitude, improving conscious contact, humility, and more.
This is a Corporate and Personal Prayer Book against every ADDICTION and even thought processes that become obsessive. Glenn Langohr delves into the History of the Twelve Step Program to show YOU that it was originally from Dr. and Minister Frank Buchman, who saw that his Anger blocked him from Seeing God's Plan. So he started making disciples to the ends of the earth. The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous says to "abandon yourself to God, Admit your faults to Him and your fellows," and to give away the freedom You have found.This book takes that history and helps you turn it into a "Prayer without ceasing" while learning more about each Step from POWERLESSNESS, TO REPENTANCE, TO DISCIPLESHIP, TO TESTIMONY, TO A DAILY INVENTORY to watch for TRIGGERS. This book will help YOU understand addiction and help YOUR PRAYER LIFE. Addiction is a SPIRITUAL WAR. so put on the FULL ARMOR OF GOD.Step Two of Alcoholics Anonymous:
This collection of prayers and inspirational readings was compiled to assist members of all Twelve-Step fellowships with healing and spiritual progress and is designed to be used alone or in conjunction with the bestselling book, The Twelve Steps--A Way Out.
The Promises written into the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous itself, describe precisely what you can expect by applying the principles learned for the 12 Step process. The AA Program as it's outlined in the Big Book, has been around since 1939 and has saved the lives of more than 3,000,000 people worldwide and made the lives of countless families repair the wreckage of their past and rebuild their lives together. Whether you're considering if 12 Step recovery is right for you or you've been sober for some time and want to re-juice your gratitude button a little, this book is the ultimate read for those who love living in the solution. You will be glad you took the time to read this book... be sure to pass it on and read it with a friend or two...
This inspirational guide, designed to be used alone or with the book, The Twelve Steps--A Spiritual Journey, shows how prayer is vital to every step of the 12 Steps program.

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