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Take 5 minutes for a happier, calmer life with daily mindfulness practices from The 5-Minute Mindfulness Journal. A few minutes is all it takes to transform your day. The 5-Minute Mindfulness Journal helps you live mindfully with quick, thought-provoking practices and writing prompts to bring peace, calm, and happiness to your day. Designed to take five minutes or less, these short and accessible exercises allow you to experience mindfulness no matter where you are or how much time you have. From gaining self-acceptance to cultivating lovingkindness, this journal takes you on a transformative personal journey to be present every second, every minute, and every day. The 5-Minute Mindfulness Journal includes: 5-minute prompts and exercises that seek to encourage positive thoughts, promote self-confidence, find peace, practice gratitude, and give lovingkindness. Space to reflect that offers plenty of room to record your mindfulness journey and reflect on writing prompts. Insightful quotes that inspire your journaling with positive, life-affirming wisdom. The you who begins writing now is not the same you who will finish this journal and reread it down the line. Let yourself grow, transform, and practice mindfulness with The 5-Minute Mindfulness Journal.
The 5-Minute Mindfulness Journal is a three month journal designed to mindfully cultivate and execute the 3 Gs: Goals, Gratitude, and Growth. Developed based on scientific research, studies have shown that spending a few minutes a day reflecting on even the little things we are grateful for helps significantly improve one's mood, and has even proven to assist in many cases of depression. Studies have also shown that writing down incremental goals increases one's chance of accomplishing them by 80%. Practicing these simple mindful techniques are very beneficial for both the mind and the body, and help nurture true inner peace and happiness by focusing on what we have in the present, what fulfills us, and implementing this. The 5-Minute Mindfulness Journal was strategically created to be individual to every user, and includes: - a daily positive quote to start the day - three things you're grateful for that day - two things that would make the day great - two daily morning affirmations - one simple daily goal - three nightly day reflections - one small improvement thought for the following day - two daily evening affirmations Go at a pace that is comfortable for you - we only encourage consistency!
END YOUR DAY WITH A PEACEFUL MIND - By focusing on all the good things in yourself and your life, you are able to go to bed with a restful mind, allowing you to start the next day refreshed and energized. FOCUS ON WHAT YOU HAVE TO BE GRATEFUL FOR - Based on positive psychology, our lives become a manifestation of that which we choose to focus on. INCREASE YOUR AWARENESS OF WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY AND ENERGIZES YOU - We are often so caught up in our busy lives, that we often tend to do many things automatically without conscious reflection if how we spend our time actually serves and energizes us. This daily reflection habit will help you explore again who you are and what fulfills you. JUST 5 MINUTES INVESTMENT AT THE END OF YOUR DAY - Each page features motivational quotes to inspire your thoughts and just 5 simple self reflective questions to help you find your inner peace and fulfillment
An easy-to-use mindfulness journal for young adults who want to adopt the simple yet powerful practice of reviewing the day--noting the high point, the low point, and one thing for which they feel grateful. Uniquely, this journal acknowledges that every life--and every day--includes highs and lows, and encourages readers to transcend the difficult moments by focusing on feelings of gratitude. True wellness begins with mindfulness; this pretty journal offers readers the opportunity to take moment each day for a thoughtful but quick self-review, with interior pages that provide an allocated safe and attractive space to record the day's memorable moments and lessons. Best Worst Gratefulis perfect tool for self-care, a 5-minutes per day investment in happiness and personal growth. Inspiring quotes and passages on the power of gratitude appear throughout, along with prompts for discovering things to feel grateful for all around us.
Ideal to nurture your mindfulness, self-motivation and gratitude Perfect to write notes, thoughts, lists, ideas or reflections Perfect size to carry easily in a purse or a bag for work, home, school or any place on the go Can also be the perfect gift for a mom, sister, daughter, coworker, aunt, wife or teacher
The 5-Minute Zen Journal is a no-nonsense, yet intelligent & calm journaling method. To integrate gratitude, confidence, and happiness into your daily life. This well-designed journal is the finest workbook for a calmer life.
The 5-Minute Mindfulness Journal: Daily Practices for a Calmer, Happier You WITH THIS FIVE MINUTE JOURNAL, YOU CAN DEVELOP YOUR MINDSET IN AN EXTREMELY POSITIVE WAY WHICH WILL HELP IN ATTAINING YOUR GOALS ALONG WITH BEING HAPPY If you're looking for A WAY TO CULTIVATE AN ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE, THIS 5 MINUTE JOURNAL WILL BE THE QUICKEST WAY This Journal will be your Companion and will guide you on how to attain that state of gratefulness. THE ONLY AUTHORIZED SELLER OF THIS 5 MINUTE JOURNAL IS ACCEDE BOOKS ACCEDE BOOKS DELIVERS THE HIGHEST QUALITY Benefits of Using THIS 5 MINUTE JOURNAL: Stretching Your IQ. ... Evoking Mindfulness. ... Achieving Goals. ... Emotional Intelligence. ... Boosting Memory and Comprehension. ... Strengthen Your Self-Discipline. ... Improve Communication Skills. ... Healing. Features of this Book: Perfectly sized at 6X9 High quality paper allows for perfect absorbency with Pens, Gel Pens or Even Markers 130 Pages, Matte Cover for Silky Finish that will feel amazing in your Hands Perfect for Writing down your Daily Positive Thoughts Motivational Quotes On Each Page LETS START THIS FIVE MINUTE JOURNALING NOW...

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