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Vegan Cookbook for Dogs | 7 DAYS OF HEALTHY HOMEMADE MEALS. Live a healthy and sustainable life with your canine friend. Part of the Vegan Dog Lifestyle © Book Collection. A plant based homemade diet for dogs isn't hard to design, but does require planning. But how do you make sure that your dog has all the required nutrients when feeding a plant based diet?Vegan cookbook for dogs covers 7 days of complete plant based recipes for dogs, inspiring you to prepare delicious meals for your canine friend. This book also includes blank recipe pages so you can create your dog's own bespoke meals and keep track of your dog's transition to a healthier lifestyle.A plant based diet for dogs can help eliminate itchy skin and fur complaints, stomach and intestinal problems and hyperactivity, all of which may be caused by the consumption of meat and animal by-products. If you are looking for complete recipes for your dog or whether you are new to plant based foods and meals for dogs, this book will help and inspire you to create complete meals to transform your dog's health and general well-being.* Features in-depth information on ingredients to include, as well as those to avoid* Essential amino acids* Vitamin and mineral table* Feeding guidelines | What to serve and how much to serve* Supplements and Super Nutritional Boost for Dogs * Dinner for each day of the week - includes, Rainbow Stew, Meat Free Chum and Lentil Dahl * Treat recipes to inspire your dog - includes, Banana & Oat Biscuits and Sweet Potato Chew Strips * Blank recipe pages to allow you to create your own bespoke meals'Everything you feed your dog either contributes to disease or fights it. The cleaner the diet, the less your dog's body needs to process it'. Heather Coster.
The Low-Cholesterol Cookbook & Health Plan will make it easy for you to achieve low cholesterol by helping you make smart changes to your diet. The innovative low-cholesterol “1 + 1 - 1 Eating Plan” will show you how to choose the best low-cholesterol foods, how to add foods that increase good cholesterol, and how to subtract the ones that increase bad cholesterol. With more than100 quick and simple-to-follow, low-cholesterol recipes, and a no-nonsense guide to understanding what your cholesterol numbers mean, this unique cookbook and health guide will give you a practical eating program to help you see amazing results. Whether your goal is to drastically lower your cholesterol or simply feel better, The Low-Cholesterol Cookbook & Health Plan makes it easy to enact positive changes with: ● More than 100 flavorful, low-cholesterol recipes, including Classic Meatloaf, Flourless Chocolate Cake, Salmon Burgers, and Guilt-Free French Fries ● Detailed nutritional information for each low-cholesterol recipe ● Information on accessible and delicious foods that help increase good cholesterol, plus what foods to avoid ● Low-cholesterol substitutions and alternatives for cooking and baking ● A 14-day meal plan to launch your low-cholesterol diet With practical advice and everyday guidance to lower your cholesterol levels, The Low-Cholesterol Cookbook & Health Plan is your plan for better health.
Eliminate Fad Diets and Embrace the Sustainable Clean Eating Lifestyle Clean Eating is a positive lifestyle change that works. The Clean Eating Cookbook & Diet will change the relationship you have with food. Unlike a standard diet that you follow to reach a short-term goal, Clean Eating is a common sense strategy to achieve permanent and lasting good health, without depriving yourself of flavorful food, or feeling guilty after every meal. With a Clean Eating plan, you will understand which foods will be the best fuel your own body, and learn how the right kinds of food will allow you to feel more energetic than ever before. The Clean Eating plan does not require you to eliminate whole food groups or starve yourself. Clean Eating is about a lifetime of enjoying natural, unprocessed foods that taste good and nourish you, paving the way to a stronger, fitter body and mind. The Clean Eating Cookbook & Diet offers a sustainable path to a clean diet, with: 105 delicious and easy Clean Eating recipes for every meal The essential dos and don’ts of the Clean Eating plan Tips on stocking your kitchen, clean cooking, and transitioning to a Clean Eating diet A 14-Day Clean Eating Meal Plan and shopping list Clean Eating food lists, with a season-by-season outline of what to eat and when, what foods to avoid, and “super foods” to embrace The Clean Eating Cookbook & Diet provides the essential tools to help you start Clean Eating, and achieve weight loss and sustain a more healthful lifestyle.
What is the Mediterranean diet and how can you start eating one of the healthiest diets in the world? The Mediterranean diet may be the healthiest diet in the world. Rather than a strict meal plan, it's a way of eating that emphasizes enjoying whole foods and regular physical activity. You can make your diet more Mediterranean-style by: eating plenty of starchy foods, such as bread and pasta eating plenty of fruit and vegetables including fish in your diet eating less meat choosing products made from vegetable and plant oils, such as olive oil. Here you can find : The origin and history of the mediterranean diet The main benefits of this diet Tips and tricks to start and follow An easy shopping list 7 Day meal plan Healthy recipes for everyday cooking Please note: Book is available in 2 Paperback formats- Black&White and Full color. Choose the best for you!
Put the fun back into healthy eating with this bright and colorful cookbook. This lively collection encourages kids to consider what they eat and how it affects their bodies, without preaching. Yummy interpretations of old classics, as well as new recipes destined to become classic help turn eating into a delicious treat. Features all new photography and lively step-by-step text. Covers breakfast, light meals, main meals and delicious desserts. Packed with fun facts and information about nutrition and healthy cooking techniques.
Endomorph Diet Recipes & 7 Day Meal Plan: Eating to Lose Weight, is a comprehensive cookbook and meal plan for those wanting to lose weight on the endomorph diet. A must read for anyone concerned about what foods they should be eating, how they can cook healthy, quick endomorph friendly recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and still lose weight following the included 7-day meal plan. Inside this in-depth endomorph recipe cookbook you will discover: What the Endomorph Diet is. How the Endomorphic Diet Works. Healthy and Delicious Family Friendly Endomorph Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Recipes Containing a Selection of Lean Proteins, Fresh Fruits, Vegetables & Whole Grains. A Collection of Endomorph Diet Recipes for Snacks, Appetizers and Healthy Smoothies. Full Nutritional Breakdowns for Each Recipe. And so Much More... Endomorph Diet Recipes & 7 Day Meal Plan: Eating to Lose Weight, really is a must have to help you understand the what, why and how of the incredible endomorph diet and to help you lose excess body weight following this amazing diet tailored to those with an endomorph body type.
Cooking Mediterranean recipes isn't as hard as you think! Now, Dr. Angelo Acquista, author of the #1 bestselling Mediterranean diet book, brings you 25 easy Mediterranean recipes based on the 7 Sicilian Superfoods that promote weight loss and good health for life. Even if you've tried a Mediterranean diet cookbook before, these new recipes will spice up your life (and your health).What is the Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan?The Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan is a meal plan based on 7 Sicilian “superfoods” that Dr. Angelo Acquista (author and native of Sicily) has identified as foods that can improve your health and your life. For years Dr. Acquista has counseled his patients about weight loss and now he shares that knowledge so that everyone can learn to live and eat in “abbondanza,” the Sicilian way. A Mediterranean diet plan is an excellent way to eat better, lose weight, and keep that weight off. It's easy to start, easy to maintain, and the foods you will use can be found at any local grocery. Food preparation is as simple as grilling, broiling, boiling, and baking – all of which make for some delicious dishes.What is the Mediterranean Diet Food Pyramid?Created by Oldways (a non-profit organization that promotes healthy eating), the Harvard School of Public Health, and the European Office of the World Health Organization, the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid is a visual representation of the classic Mediterranean Diet, which promotes lifelong good health. At the base is a physically active lifestyle in which meals are shared with others and there is an appreciation for eating healthy, delicious foods. The second largest portion of the pyramid is formed by the traditional staples of Mediterranean cuisine including fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, and olive oil, as well as healthful herbs and spices. Seafood is next, with poultry, dairy, meats, and sweets making up the smallest portion of the pyramid. All of these foods create a healthy and delicious meal palette and endless recipe opportunities. Take your own shot at eating within the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid by using this new recipe book from Dr. Angelo Acquista, “Mediterranean Meals.” It's a compilation of appetizing, easy to prepare recipes in the Sicilian tradition using all of the delicious foods recommended by the Mediterranean food pyramid. There are over 100 recipes in his first book, “The Mediterranean Prescription,” as well.How can you set up a Mediterranean diet plan menu?Many people feel more confident with a new diet plan when they have a weekly or monthly menu to choose from. It helps you stay on track, be prepared for quick meals, and find the right snacks. If you've been following “The Mediterranean Prescription” by Dr. Angelo Acquista, you may already be familiar with the two-week weight-loss stage that includes delicious recipes that are easy to prepare and help you lose up to 10 pounds right away. So how can you extend that meal plan beyond the first two weeks if you'd like a little more guidance every day? First, as recommended in this new e-book “Mediterranean Meals,” stock up on the 7 Sicilian superfoods – olive oil, cruciferous vegetables, berries, nuts, fish, legumes, and tomatoes. Those ingredients will provide a delicious, healthy foundation to any dish. “Mediterranean Meals” will give you 25 new dishes as well, then you can mix and match from there. Switch out one cruciferous vegetable (e.g., broccoli in place of escarole, kale instead of collards) for another, and wind up with a completely new tasting recipe. Or try adding flaked canned tuna to a salad recipe to make it a meal. When you have the right foundation with a Mediterranean style meal plan, the possibilities are endless.So, here it is: From Angelo Acquista, M.D., author of the #1 bestselling Mediterranean diet book, this brand new e-book of 25 delicious new recipes based on the 7 Sicilian Superfoods that promote weight loss and good health for life.
Mediterranean Diet Cookbook: Top Mediterranean Diet Recipes & Meal Plan To Eat Right & Drop Those Pounds Fast Now! ( 7 Bonus Tips For Mediterranean Cooking Success Included) recipe book will guide you to easy, quick, healthy, and delicious recipes for maintaining heart healthy living. The content of the food in these recipes are filled with rich and healthy ingredients from the Mediterranean region of yesteryear. This recipe book has been updated to reflect modern health food options, while maintaining the richness of the past. The Mediterranean Diet Cookbook is a healthy living diet incorporating monounsaturated fats, which yield a heart healthy balance of omega 3s and omega 6s. The recipes in this kindle guide include fish, dessert, legumes, meat, pasta, poultry, salad, snack, soup, vegetables and even for weight loss and kids. Try these recipes, and you'll enjoy eating the Greek Way! Do not forget, this guide also include a BONUS section which highlights 7 ways how to easily ensure you are successful in your Mediterranean Cooking today
Healthy Cookbook Series: Eat the Foods You Love and DASH Have you been looking for a healthy cookbook series to improve your meals and help you make healthy food without too much effort? This book collects two great healthy cookbooks designed to keep you eating all your old favorites without packing on the pounds or hurting your body. You'll learn about healthy eating habits portion control intuitive eating and many other techniques that will let you bake your cake and eat it without worrying about whether it will hurt your body. Healthy nutrition doesn't have to be intimidating or complicated. It all comes down to choosing the right ingredients. In a world full of processed chemically-treated convenience products it's easy to end up cooking with foods that just aren't good for your body. True healthy living involves avoiding these foods and picking simpler more natural ingredients that lead to better more healthy cooking. These whole foods don't even take much more time to prepare and they're full of beneficial nutrients that many processed foods now lack. By learning how to incorporate these foods in your healthy recipes and by understanding what makes a sensible portion size you can enjoy all your favorite foods without worrying about weight gain high blood pressure and other problems. You'll be able to enjoy delicious tuna salad ginger beef cheesecake pie and old-fashioned Sunday pot roast. If you think a healthy lifestyle doesn't include foods like ham and shepherd's pie it's time to think again! It's time to stop feeling as though you have to give up happiness and satisfaction with your food in order to eat well. Take the time to investigate all your options and enjoy great recipes that'll please the whole family. Your doctor will be happy too since the strategies in this volume can contribute to lower blood pressure weight loss a healthier heart and lowered risk of diabetes. It's time to start eating the healthy way!
Offers seventy-five healthy recipes that nutritionally enhance pets' diets, and provides information on switching dogs and cats to a homemade diet and tailoring diets to pets' specific needs.
Presents more than three hundred delicious and healthful recipes for festive dishes suitable for any special occasion, including buffets, brunches, barbecues, and family reunions, along with helpful tips on how to cook for a crowd, how to adapt a recipe to feed a large group, the ten commandments for healthy eating, and complete nutritional analyses. Original.
In this supersized edition, you'll find the delicious, deceptively inexpensive recipes you need to spice up family dining at your house--and save money at the same time! With more than 700 easy-to-prepare appetizers, entrTes, sides, and desserts, you will whip up great meals in no time--at a great price! You'll find such low-cost culinary masterpieces as: Caprese Salad Peanut Chicken Soup Citrus-Glazed Shrimp Herb-Crusted New York Strip Steak Slow Cooker Lasagna Crab and Spinach Risotto Chocolate Truffles Caramel Mandarin Orange Cake and much, much more! Whether you are looking for the ultimate comfort food (Mom's Turkey Meatloaf), health-conscious family fare (Baked Eggplant Rolls with Ricotta and Fresh Herbs), or easy slow-cooker crowd pleasers (Queso con Chile), this cookbook makes your job in the kitchen easier, faster, tastier--and cheaper!
Quick Healthy Cookbook: Juicing and Blood Type Recipes The Quick Health Cookbook covers two distinctive diet plans, the juicing diet and the blood type diets. The juicing diet can be combined with the blood type diet, or can be used as a cleanse diet or a way to jump start weight loss. Each diet plan offers recipes that are packed with healthy nutritious ingredients helping you to make a good lifestyle change with your diet. There are enough recipes to plan a menu for at least a week in advance. There is also information about each diet plan covered in detail. The first section covers the juicing diet with these categories: Juicing Guide, What is Juicing, Benefits of Juicing, Helpful Tips to Simplify Juicing for Weight Loss, Delicious Juicing Recipes for Any Meal, and Juicing Diet Meal Plan. Here are a sampling of the recipes included: Pumpkin Pineapple Juice Recipe, V-8 Flavored Juice Recipe, Green Juice with a Hint of Sweetness Recipe, Go Green Spinach and Cucumber Juice Recipe, Pineapple and Kale Detoxifying Juice Recipe, Carrot and Cucumber Broccoli Juice Recipe, Coconut Mango Tropical Delight Juice Recipe, Beta Carotene Deluxe Juice Recipe, Kiwi Strawberry Energy Boosting Juice Recipe, Cucumber and Tomato Immune Boosting Juice Recipe, and Iron Packed Spinach Broccoli Juice Recipe. The second section of the book covers the blood type diet featuring recipes for blood type O, blood type A, blood type B, and blood type AB. Categories include How the Blood Type Affects Diet, and What the Opposition Says About Blood Type Diets. Here is a sampling of the included recipes: Cheese Ball with Herbs, Ginger Spice Cookies, Dinner Rolls, Rice Bread, Spicy Beets and Vegetables, Meatballs a la Turkey, CranNut Cake, Fried Chicken Steak, Tortilla Cracker Chips, Bagels, Savory Chicken and Wild Rice, and Risotto Tomato Rice.
More than 500 healthy, quick, easy, and delicious recipes with limited sodium, sugar, and fat—perfect for busy families! What’s for dinner? With The Super Big Book of Easy, Delicious, and Healthy Recipes the Whole Family Will Love, the answer to that eternal question has never been easier. In this comprehensive cookbook, you’ll find more than 500 recipes that are quick, easy, healthy and, most importantly, delicious. Each recipe limits sodium, sugar, and fat without sacrificing any flavor, so you can feel good about feeding your family meals they’ll love. Find detailed nutritional statistics along with each recipe, as well as plenty of wholesome meals with minimal prep work, including recipes for slow cookers, casseroles, and one-pot meals that are perfect for your busy schedule. The best part? All meals included are ready in 30 minutes or less! From quick and satisfying breakfasts to fast, flavorful dinners to savory snacks, with The Super Big Book of Easy, Delicious, and Healthy Recipes the Whole Family Will Love, it’s easy to keep your family happy, as well as healthy.
Discover the Healthiest Weight Loss Diet in the World that Allows You to Eat All Your Favorite Foods! What if someone told you that pizza, bread and pasta could help you lose weight and improve your health? What if you didn't have to give up desserts, your morning coffee or a relaxing glass of wine? For decades, we have been told that carbs are fattening, wine is just empty calories, and pizza is the devil. But then you have nations like Italy, Greece and France, where they somehow manage to eat all these delicious things and still have some of the lowest obesity scores in the world. How is that possible? Why are they happily enjoying cheese and pasta - and still looking lean and healthy - while we obsessively count calories and desperately try out unappetizing substitutes for bread? The solution is quite simple and lies in the way they approach food, both on the physical and emotional level. They don't bother with diets and calories - they eat whatever they like, providing it's nutritious, and practice portion control. This way, their minds are relaxed because they don't have to worry about restrictions and give up what they love the most. The media have called it the Mediterranean diet, but it's not a diet at all. It's a lifestyle: one that allows you to enjoy food but still take care of your body and health. This ultimate guide will help you adopt that lifestyle, and forget every single diet out there. By following simple recipes and cooking methods, you'll be able to lose weight and enjoy food once again! Here's what you get: A detailed guide to the Mediterranean diet, including a LONG list of allowed foods Tips and tricks that will help you transition to this new, healthy lifestyle Medical advice on how to use this diet to heal heart conditions and other health problems 70 Delicious recipes for every meal of the day, including desserts, snacks, fruit dishes, and many others A 7 Day Meal Plan to help you get started and spark your culinary creativity And much more! Even if you're not looking for a weight-loss tool, this book is still a great choice for anyone who wishes to improve their health and change their perspective on food and dieting. So Scroll up, click on "Buy Now with 1-Click", and start enjoying food again!
Delicious meals in minutes the whole family will enjoy Eat right for diabetes and get dinner on the table fast with this photo-filled collection of easy, everyday meals from Diabetic Living—the only lifestyle magazine for individuals living with diabetes. These fast-fix recipes—low in fat, carb-smart, and made with nutrient-rich ingredients—make it easy to put healthy meals on the table every night of the week. Enjoy mouthwatering main dishes, such as Pesto Turkey Burgers, Mediterranean Tostadas, and Pork Chops Primavera. You'll find the most current information on the best foods to choose in an eating plan and lots of timesaving tips for making healthy meals in a snap. Includes 120 fresh and tasty recipes with a color photo of every recipe Every recipe for breakfast, sandwiches, soups and stews, entrees, salads, and sides is ready in 30 minutes or less Special slow-cooker and dessert chapters featuring recipes that require only 20 minutes or less of prep time Recipes highlight total grams of carbohydrate per serving and provide full nutrition information Clear serving-size icons make it easy to see the satisfying portion sizes With Diabetic Living Quick & Easy Diabetic Meals, fast, fresh food is never far away!
This Book Is A Collection Of 87 Recipes. It Is A Carefully Prepared Combination Of Classic And Creative Italian Recipes. There Is Plenty To Choose From Starters, Soups, Salads, And Also A Whole Section On Glossary That Will Help You Familiarize With The Ingredients Used In Italian Cooking.
Baby And Toddler Cookbook Is A Befitting Sequel To The 'Pregnancy Cookbook'. This Book Hopes To Provide Answers To All The Queries Of Budding Mummies Regarding When, What And How Much To Feed Their Little Ones Right From The Age Of 5 Months To 3 Years. My Team Of Nutritionists Has Carefully Analysed Each Recipe To Ensure That They Are 'Baby Friendly' And Fulfill Your Little One'S Nutritional Requirements While Satisfying Her Palate Too.
Looking for tasty recipes with fewer processed ingredients? With more than 220 fresh, fast-to-fix recipes for every meal, you're sure to turn to this cookbook for years to come.
Lose weight, lower cholesterol, reverse diabetes and enjoy delicious food at the same time. It's not too good to be true.

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