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Do you suffer from abdominal bloating; a chronic, nagging cough or sore throat; post-nasal drip; a feeling of a lump in the back of your throat; allergies; or a shortness of breath? If so, odds are that you are experiencing acid reflux without recognizing the silent symptoms. Even without the presence of heartburn or indigestion, more than 60 million people are suffering from acid-related disorders that are undetected or untreated--and leading to long-term health problems, including the rapid rise of esophageal cancer. Since there are no outward signs of acid damage and the typical symptoms might not be recognized, until now you might not have known how pervasive acid reflux is or that you have it. In The Acid Watcher Diet, Dr. Jonathan Aviv, one of the leading authorities on the diagnosis and treatment of acid reflux disease, helps readers identify those silent symptoms and provides his proven solution for reducing whole-body acid damage quickly and easily. His 28-day program includes a two-phase eating plan, menu guide, and recipes and works to immediately neutralize acid, stabilize pH levels, and relieve the inflammation at the root of acid reflux. Dr. Aviv's Power of Five rule will help readers discover the key foods that offer fast relief, and his Daily Six will reveal the foods to avoid (onion, tomato, citrus, and more). The Acid Watcher Diet's groundbreaking program is just what millions of readers need to reduce acid and balance their bodies and minds for optimal health.
"A groundbreaking program by one of the nation's leading experts on acid reflux to help the millions of diagnosed and undiagnosed sufferers identify the silent, potentially deadly symptoms and provide them with a proven 28-day eating plan to stop acid damage in its tracks"--
Jonathan Aviv, renowned ENT physician and author of The Acid Watcher Diet, supplies readers with new recipes and advice on how to stay acid-free and reverse inflammation for optimal health. In The Acid Watcher Diet, Dr. Jonathan Aviv gave acid reflux sufferers a pathway to healing, helping them identify the silent symptoms of acid damage and providing a two-phase eating and lifestyle plan to reduce whole-body acid damage and inflammation. Now, The Acid Watcher Cookbook widens the possibilities of what acid watchers can eat without repercussions. For many people struggling with acid damage, acidic foods like tomatoes, citrus fruits, vinegar, and reflux-inducing foods like raw onion and garlic, and chocolate are off-limits. After hearing patient after patient bemoaning the loss of vinaigrette, tomato sauce, ketchup, guacamole, and other staples, Dr. Aviv and coauthor Samara Kaufmann Aviv developed an innovative method of cooking that combines acidic foods with alkaline foods so that acidity is neutralized. By following a few simple guidelines, anyone will be able to enjoy dishes that had previously exacerbated their acid reflux symptoms. The 100 new Acid Watcher-approved recipes included in this comprehensive cookbook are delicious, safe, and anti-inflammatory, allowing readers to reclaim the foods they love without risking their health. With recipes such as Cauliflower Pizza, Plant-Based Chili, Butternut Squash "Mac 'n' Cheese" and creative basics including Tahini Dressing, Beet Ketchup, and Garlic Aioli, along with meal plans and food lists, The Acid Watcher Cookbook is a must-have for anyone with acid damage.
50 Heartburn-Free Meals-Healthy Eating Approach To Reducing Acid Reflux The old adage "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" certainly applies to acid reflux: It's better to prevent acid reflux than to treat it. When you get acid reflux, if you keep doing whatever gave you the ailment, you'll keep getting the ailment, and eventually there will be consequences beyond discomfort and pain. Eventually, your throat will become so sensitive that reflux bouts will hurt even more. You could develop anything from a chronic sore throat and cough, to a precancerous condition called Barrett's esophagus. So, prevent, prevent, prevent. The best way to prevent acid reflux is with diet and a few lifestyle tips. Buy your copy today! Say Goodbye to Heartburn and Acid Reflux with GERD Recipes
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Are you interest to learn about Acid Reflux Diet? Are you fascinated by how our stomachs function? Are you ready to embrace natural remedies and lead a healthy life?You love pizza. And spaghetti. And breakfast foods, and citrus fruit. You love pineapple and oranges, lemonade and tomato juice. You could live happily if you only ever got to eat Italian foods for the rest of your life. Yes, you love the spices and the sauces, the fresh twist of citrus, and everything that goes with it. But you don't love flare ups. In fact, one of the worst things you can imagine is when that burning begins in your stomach and rushes up your esophagus. You want nothing more than cool relief, but you are only met with more and more pain. You start wondering how the rest of your life will be devastating. As you know, there is no cure for acid reflux, so you are left with the feeling that you are going to have to simply suck up the pain and live like this - regardless of how it is making you feel. As someone who suffers from acid reflux, the thought of this is not a pleasant one. All you want is some relief - you want to be able to enjoy life with your friends and family and not have to deal with these annoying flare ups, or worry that you are going to get sick at any random moment. You want to be able to go out to restaurants, and be able to enjoy barbecues and other family gatherings. You want to be able to go with your friends to grab a bite to eat without wondering what restaurant to go to or what you will be able to have while you are there. You look forward to a fresh glass of lemonade without worrying that it's going to set you back for days or even weeks.If this describes you, then you have come to the right place. An appropriate diet alongside lifestyle habits will help you control your acid reflux symptoms, and reduce the chances of ever getting those nasty flare ups. Imagine living a life in which you didn't have to worry about whether you were going to feel sick or not. A life that you were controlling your symptoms through your lifestyle.With the right guidance, this can be you, and I am going to show you how. Living with acid reflux is challenging, and I know how much you appreciate the good days - especially after dealing with the bad. I want to give you the gift of living the good days, and never having to worry that you are going to experience those flare ups.This book will make you understand more Acid Reflux. In the pages of this book, you will be able to get important chapters that include: -Acid Reflux in detailed form-The causes and symptoms -How food relates to Acid Reflux-Balancing the Acid Alkaline/pH levels-The treatment options to use-The diet with the awesome recipes-The herbs you can use-And much more!Let me show you the secret to controlling your acid reflux through your diet and lifestyle choices, and give you the gift of controlling this problem without having to give up on the things you love. Attain the appropriate skills and attitude; you really can live life without having to take all those synthetic pills.
Most of us think of acid reflux disease as something annoying, a nuisance. When someone hears the words “acid reflux” they generally think of it as the symptoms of stomach bloating, stomach gas and heartburn, usually caused by eating spicy food late at night. Often, we treat our heartburn by going to the local drugstore and buying over the counter medications such as Tums, Alka-Seltzer, Maalox, and Pepto-Bismol. “Plop plop, fizz, fizz the heartburn goes away so now I can continue on with my day.” Alas, how we all wish it was that simple. The fact is that tens of millions of people have acid reflux without heartburn. How could that be? Dr. Jonathan E. Aviv, MD, FACS, a world-renowned physician, surgeon, educator, and inventor, and one of the leading authorities on the diagnosis and treatment of acid reflux disease, cough, and voice and swallowing disorders, draws upon his decades of medical experience, both in and out of the operating room, to bring you the real story of acid reflux disease and its devastating impact on the general public. He explicitly and meticulously connects the extremely acidic, highly processed "food" Westerners eat, to acid reflux disease, and ultimately to esophageal cancer. This connection is a startling breakthrough and Dr. Aviv provides a solution with his Acid Watcher® Diet, a unique dietary program that combines low acid foods along with the three macro-nutrients with a high fiber component, to make delicious, healthy meals, designed using easy to follow recipes and meal plans, to keep your body acid free while maintaining excellent health for years to come. Killing Me Softly From Inside is not just another medical self-help book, it may very well be a prescription that can one day save your life.

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