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The American Promise appeals to all types of students and provides the right resources and tools to support any classroom environment. A clear political framework supports a vibrant social and cultural story that embraces the voices of hundreds of Americans — from presidents to pipefitters and sharecroppers to suffragettes — who help students connect with history and grasp important concepts. Now in its fifth edition, The American Promise does even more to increase historical analysis skills and facilitate active learning, and its robust array of multimedia supplements make it the perfect choice for traditional face-to-face classrooms, hybrid courses, and distance learning.
You can have it all! A mid-sized alternative, The American Promise: A Compact History is the perfect compromise for instructors who want all the features of a full-length text in an affordable format. Condensed by the authors to deliver the latest scholarship in an engaging, flexible format, the fourth edition includes a lavish visual and special features program, study tools that rival any survey text, and a memorable narrative enlivened by the voices of hundreds of Americans.
The American Promise, Value Edition is the perfect choice for instructors looking for a low-priced, high quality text. Retaining the complete narrative of the Fourth Edition, this trade-sized black-and-white edition engages students by revealing history through the eyes of the people who lived it. Enriched with the voices of hundreds of Americans, the Value Edition offers students a memorable narrative for a price they can afford.
To write a comprehensive, balanced account of American history, [the text] focused on the public arena - the place where politics intersects social and cultural developments - to show how Americans confronted the major issues of their day and created far-reaching historical change ... [The] title [of this book] reflects [the authors'] emphasis on human agency and [their] conviction that American history is an unfinished story. For millions, the nation held out the promise of a better life, unfettered worship, representative government, democratic politics, and other freedoms seldom found elsewhere around the world. But none of these promises has come with guarantees. And promises fulfilled for some have meant promises denied to others. As we see it, much of American history is a continuing struggle over the definition and realization of the nation's promise. [The book] will help students become aware of the legacy of hope bequeathed to them by previous generations of Americans stretching back nearly four centuries, a legacy that is theirs to preserve and build on.-Pref.
Understanding the American Promise, Second Edition, features a brief, question-driven narrative that models for students the inquiry-based methods used by historians and features innovative active learning pedagogy to help students understand what’s really important to know about U.S. history. This affordable text comes integrated with LearningCurve, an adaptive learning tool that helps students retain what they’ve read and come to class prepared.
This two-volume primary-source collection provides a diverse selection of voices from the nation’s past while emphasizing the important social, political, and economic themes of a U.S. history survey course. Edited by one of the authors of The American Promise and designed to complement the textbook, Reading the American Past features over 150 documents, each accompanied by a headnote and questions for discussion to encourage students’ understanding of the sources.
In response to the ever-changing challenges of teaching the survey course, Understanding the American Promise combines a newly abridged narrative with an innovative chapter architecture to focus students' attention on what's truly significant. Each chapter is fully designed to guide students' comprehension and foster their development of historical skills. Brief and affordable but still balanced in its coverage, this new textbook combines distinctive study aids, a bold new design, and lively art to give your students a clear pathway to what's important.

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