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Written by the renowned authority on ancient ships and seafaring Lionel Casson, The Ancient Mariners has long served the needs of all who are interested in the sea, from the casual reader to the professional historian. This completely revised edition takes into account the fresh information that has appeared since the book was first published in 1959, especially that from archaeology's newest branch, marine archaeology. Casson does what no other author has done: he has put in a single volume the story of all that the ancients accomplished on the sea from the earliest times to the end of the Roman Empire. He explains how they perfected trading vessels from mere rowboats into huge freighters that could carry over a thousand tons, how they transformed warships from simple oared transports into complex rowing machines holding hundreds of marines and even heavy artillery, and how their maritime commerce progressed from short cautious voyages to a network that reached from Spain to India.
In this book I propose to examine certain aspects of the history of maritime enterprise in particular the evidence provided by survivals of ancient phases of shipbuilding that shed light upon the wanderings of Ancient Mariners and their achievements.
Stunning hardcover edition, reproduced from 1910 original, offers the print equivalent of a medieval manuscript: sumptuously hand-lettered text, decorative borders, illuminated scripts, and numerous marginal illustrations plus 20 full-page color plates.
An inspiring, irreverent, and spirited manifesto for senior sailors and would-be sailors Nearly one million recreational sailors are now over 60, and their numbers will soon swell with baby boomers. Yet, no sailing literature has addressed the needs, concerns, and dreams of senior sailors--until now! In Call of the Ancient Mariner, 82-year-old Reese Palley proclaims that sailing is the natural sport for the old, the best way to lengthen and improve your life, and the perfect antidote to a society that conspires to narrow senior horizons. Having circled the globe on a small boat in his 60s and 70s, Palley assures older sailors that with the right preparation and gear, they can and should keep sailing long into their golden years. In his eloquent, engaging, and witty style, he: Helps older sailors prepare for long voyages Gives practical advice on making boats safer and easier to operate Shows why, far from endangering health, sailing improves health, and profiles a delightful variety of septua- and octogenerian sailors to underline the point

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