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The course of love in Sunnydale never runs smoothly, especially for Buffy Summers the Vampire Slayer and her boyfriend, Angel the vampire. They're going through the usual early stages of a romantic relationship -- dressing to impress, going on coffee dates, and saving the world. When Buffy tries to be more like the girls from Angel's distant past, she succeeds a little too well -- becoming helpless in the face of real evil. Career week at school finds Buffy questioning her future as the Slayer -- and all the relationship baggage that title comes with -- until an unexpected ally gives new insight into her calling. And when Angel is taken hostage by an old acquaintance with sinister plans, Buffy realizes she must draw on all her passion to save the one she loves. Now, collected for the first time, are three stories from the hit-TV series chronicling Buffy and Angel's growing romantic relationship.
The Angel Chronicles Special Edition Volumes 1-5 chronicles the fictional stories of the Angels versus their Fallen brethren as they battle throughout the history of Creation across Heaven, Hades, and Earth as evil attempts to first overthrow Heaven and seize the Holy Throne, and then to corrupt Man and seize him from the Holy Father. The Angel Army, led by Archangel Michael, its Supreme Commander; Abdiel, one of Heaven's most faithful servants; Sophia, guardian angel turned angel warrior; and Samael, the Archangel with a dark side who believes that he should be the Supreme Commander; must beat back this evil rebellion from the Dark Army and the Demon Legions, led by Lucifer, the Dark Angel and Fallen Son; Xaphan, his conniving henchman; and Asmodeus, the evil revenge-filled powerful commander of his army. The Volumes unlock the readers' imagination, curiosity, and soul-searching while providing entertainment, insight, and inspiration. During the Series, the readers are invited to explore, challenge, renew, and strengthen their own faith.The Series captures the adventures, misdeeds, rebellion, ferocious battles, and noble service of the Angels from Creation to Salvation. The Angel Chronicles Special Edition Volumes 1-5 is faith-based but its story lines are also suspenseful, action-oriented, and dramatic. Special Edition is a comprehensive re-edit, revision, and enhanced story lines to the previously published individual Angel Chronicles Volumes 1-5. Pravuil, the Archangel entrusted by God to record all the heavenly events and deeds since the beginning of Creation, narrates the series from a firsthand account as an eyewitness, holy servant, and historian.
The Angel Chronicles Volumes 1-5 narrates the fictional stories of the Angels versus their Fallen brethren as they battle throughout the history of Creation across Heaven, Hades, and Earth as evil attempts to first overthrow Heaven and seize the Holy Throne, and then to corrupt Man and seize him from the Holy Father. The Angel Army, led by Archangel Michael, its Supreme Commander; Abdiel, one of Heaven's most faithful servants; Sophia, guardian angel turned angel warrior; and Samael, the Archangel with a dark side who believes that he should be the Supreme Commander; must beat back this evil rebellion from the Dark Army and the Demon Legions, led by Lucifer, the Dark Angel and Fallen Son; Xaphan, his conniving henchman; and Asmodeus, the evil revenge-filled powerful commander of his army. The Volumes unlock the readers' imagination, curiosity, and soul-searching while providing entertainment, insight, and inspiration. During the Series, the readers are invited to explore, challenge, renew, and strengthen their own faith.The Series captures the heroic adventures, misdeeds, betrayals, rebellion, ferocious battles, and noble service of the Angels from Creation to Salvation as told from the perspectives of the angels. The Angel Chronicles Volumes 1-5 is faith-based but it's story lines are also suspenseful, action-oriented, and dramatic. The Angel Chronicles 2nd Edition continues with Volume 2: Guardians of the Soul, The Battle for Man. Having been cast out of Heaven after a failed rebellion, Lumiel has been stripped of his heavenly name and is now known as Lucifer. Lucifer has taken the battle to a new frontline, Earth. Intent on getting the revenge that he has vowed against Heaven, Lucifer has devised a wicked plan to corrupt God's holy creation, Man. He has unleashed sin and suffering in Man's world to drive him away from his Holy Father. Jaoel, leader of the Guardian Angels, and Sophia, his faithful missionary, must battle Lucifer and his band of demons on the most difficult battlefield yet, the soul of Man. It's going to take a more complex strategy to win the Battle for Man. The following are sample comments from book reviews posted on Amazon:The Angel Chronicles 2nd Edition: Volume 5: Salvation, The Final Battle Excellent! March 16, 2019 "I finally finished all 5 books and really enjoyed the series. The Angel Chronicles are well written, easy to understand and will keep you on the edge of your seat. I highly recommend this series for anyone interested in learning about angels and demons and God's ultimate victory over evil."The Angel Chronicles 2nd Edition: Volume 3: Revenge of the Fallen Riveting February 16, 2019 "Spent the whole day reading volume 3. Excellent, can't wait to read volume 4! The undermining, jealousy, and struggle for power and independence are all traits that keep us separated from God. Great work!"The Angel Chronicles 2nd Edition: Volume 1: The Battle for Heaven. Very well written January 29, 2019 "Riveting read. I read the book in one....couldn't put it down. It's uncanny how the attitudes and behaviors of the angels reflect mankind. Very well done."The Angel Chronicles: Vol. 4: The Ultimate Betrayal The Ultimate Betrayal January 12, 2018 "Wow! Actually there was only one betrayal and a few double crosses. A well written story with the consuming love of Emmanuel and the Holy Father."The Angel Chronicles: Vol. 5: Salvation - The Final Battle Salvation: The Angel Chronicles January 16, 2018 "Better written and more enjoyable to read. A capstone to the Angel Chronicles putting everything in perspective. The entire series was enjoyable."The Angel Chronicles: Vol. 2: Guardians of The Soul, The Battle for Man I enjoyed the plots and the use of dialogue January 12, 2017 "I could not put it down until I finished the three volumes. There is so much going on for this book that I am literally salivating for the fourth and fifth volumes."
Sara Duggan, a young woman cursed by an evil spirit is ready to take her own life but calls out to God for help. Can He change her circumstances? Will He help her in her time of need? Tobias Flint, a former college professor injured in an accident, is about to lose his home to foreclosure. After losing his only souce of income, he prays to God for help, then calls his son, Toby, to go on a Quest to seek his fortune. Will Toby step up and honor his father's request? Or will he seek his own fortune and go his own way?
When the story begins, a pre-teenager is being chased by demons in the spirit realm as a test by his Guardian angel. The angel tells him that the chase reminds him of Gabriel's ordeal with the Prince of Persia, so the Angel tells the story to the boy in the spirit realm. This is the story. Gabriel, a messenger of the Lord is called upon by the Lord to send a message to Daniel on earth, who had been crying unto the Lord for days for an answer to a vision that he saw. Gabriel descends into the earth, only for him to be stopped by the Spirit Prince of the kingdom of Persia, with an army behind him. The Prince of Persia insists he will be subdued and stopped in his quest. Gabriel and the Prince of Persia, Marakech, debate on the rules of contact with humans. Marakech demands that Gabriel's contact with the human is spiritually illegal, such that he cannot allow it in his kingdom. Based upon this Marakech unleashes his army of Battle demons unto Gabriel. There is an interplay where the audience is brought back to the boy's world, as he senses something evil at play on earth. A seven year old boy is being drawn into a trap by a demon who wishes to corrupt the innocence of the child. The Pre-teenager called Elias and his angel interfere and save the boy. When the seven year old boy is saved, Elias demands from his angel to continue the story as they travel home to Elias' abode. The story continues. Gabriel goes through a series of battles with demon officers, demon warlocks, and nature demons, who pursue him relentlessly. He is able to lose them a couple of times by merging with nature energy. Each time he is discovered, he is drawn into perilous battles with powerful demons. He is able to close in on Daniel's location only for him to be tessered (teleported) to another location by trickery. He finds himself in the mountains close to his initial position when he first arrived on earth, only to be bombarded by more battle demons, at which point he sends a telepathic distress call into heaven. The call is relayed to Michael, who is battling with the Prince of Medea (Grecia) and his army, who responds by taking a portion of his army to go and support Gabriel. Gabriel is able to defeat the mountain demons, but faces a new enemy. Gabriel is trapped in a dimensional interchanger with a Damangin, a beast from the Pit, one of the lower dimensions of hell. This is a battle Gabriel knows he might lose, and can only hope that reinforcements will come in time....if there is time....... When Gabriel's story ends, the boy and his Guardian Angel are blown from the sky by an old Demon Prince called Azazel. The Guardian Angel is able to protect the boy and himself from significant damage. Azazel confronts the Guardian Angel on why he is training a human child, especially a powerful Archangel like him. He suspects fowl play from God and demands answers from the Guardian angel, but the angel refuses to give a definitive answer and a battle ensues...
In 1973, a child was born. Okinawa, Japan was his birthplace. However, his mother didn’t want him born. She wanted him to be born stillborn. She claimed she didn’t want him to be born overseas. And, she almost got her wish, as that child had the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck in the womb. The American military doctor recognized this fact when his mother pushed to get him out of her. With every push, his vital signs weakened. Two weeks prior that doctor had another child that died because the cord was around its neck as well. The doctor knew what to do this time. And, that was why Sera’naphsus came to earth and was born Rene Thomas Colby on January twenty eighth in nineteen hundred seventy-three. And, it was in 1973 that eventually an angel was born strong enough to understand himself for what he was. That was the year that an infl uential angelic Elder was born to Aeal or earth for her protection and that of the fallen angels, as humans walking around on her surface.
The Angel Chronicles Books I-VThe Guardian Angelsby the Angel Auberon "The Angel Chronicles tells the romantic tale of the beginning of human life and of the angels ́ concern for human beings that resulted in their forming an assembly of Guardian Angels. If you believe in angels, all the better. But, even if you do not believe in angels, and see them only as a symbol of beauty and perfection, you will want to read this book. In the context of an enchanting story beautifully told you will find many insights into human psychology and the human spirit. This unusual and inspiring book is a must for everyone." Hemmings P.G. Knight*** "The Angel Chronicles is magic. It is a small book of big can change your life." Micheline Renauld*** The Angel Chronicles Books I-VThe Guardian Angels by the Angel Auberon *** Auberon ́s Words of Introduction At the very beginning God asked the Angel Auberon, the most noble of the Principalities, to chronicle the events of all time. Auberon did as he was asked. In the year 2001 Auberon requested permission to come to Earth to tell his story. Auberon came to us at The White Notebook (R) Library, entrusting us with the story he wished to give to those who lived on Earth. The story he left behind is one of love and of angel beneficence. It is entitled The Angel Chronicles. In his book, Auberon describes how the world was created, how human life on Earth began and how the angels forever found ways to make a meaningful contribution to human beings. We at The White Notebook felt that Auberon left us with not only his words but with a greater respect for our potential as human beings, with intelligent optimism and, for many of us, a return to hopefulness. *** We have listed for you below the Table of Contents and synopsis related to Book I. Book I The Primary Angels The Existence of Angels God Creates the Earth Silvond Names the Constellations The Twin Angels The Assignment of Guardian Angels The Guardian Angels According to Day of Birth The Angels in Guardiance of Domestic Pets The Primary Angels God decided that the time had come to create a universe of worlds. In it would be a planet called Earth. God sent the angels out from their home in the beyondness for He had decided that the Earth would be sung into existence by them. The angels set to begin their work. Their finely feathered wings carried them in flight until they reached the center of the vast space of time. There they stopped. They breathed their beautiful breaths as they looked about and considered what they were to accomplish. The angels first sang into existence the planets and stars and the sun and the moon. They next sang their angel music until the Earth was made. All things upon the Earth the angels next sang into being, the mountains and rivers, and also the variety of creatures God wished to inhabit the Earth. In this way the entire physical world emanated from purely spiritual beings: God and His angel emissaries. The angels thought they might rest. But Michael the Archangel came to them in a dream to remind them that they were also to sing into life the most wondrous of all creatures, the human beings. The angels were astonished. Nonetheless, they sang the most beautiful of alleluias and human beings were brought into existence. When the angels saw the first human beings walk about the Earth, they fell in love. It was inevitable that the angels would fall in l
Mike has been Maria Rojas' Guardian Angel for twenty-two years. The day he rescues her from two criminals, he discovers his human past. Fighting evil spirits and keeping Maria safe are no longer his only priorities. Now he must find out who is trying to kill her and how he died, while fighting temptations of the flesh, forcing him to choose Between Heaven and Earth. Maria Rojas, a nursing school student drops out of college the day she buries her mother. Being locked out of her apartment forces her to live on the streets of Pensacola. But the streets become dangerous after she witnesses a murder and realizes someone is trying to kill her as well. Her only hope is her Guardian Angel.
A book where fantasy and conspiracy theories meet, this is just one of the many books that are coming out leading up to 2012. However, twenty year old author Rostaria Orion brings a new edge to reading. Her straight forward attitude doesn't cut any corners. Meant for children from the age of eleven, this book has been enjoyed by children and adults alike. This is the book likened to Harry Potter meets the Matrix meets the X-men. Rose Scott learns that when prophecy comes knocking you can't run away
When Nora Banks, steps off the train in Angel Creek, Ohio, during the summer of 1892, it is without expectations of any kind. The young woman is penniless, without family, and quite plain in appearance. The job that she has just accepted as a nanny for a young wealthy couple seems to be her only possible refuge. Angel Creek itself is a small but energetic community surrounded by farmland on all sides. Nothing of any consequences has happened there for many years. The one thing that did happen, however, is a source of pride among its residents. Most of the villagers have long ago stopped believing in the Legend of Angel Creek but are loath to admit it and continue to repeat its superstitious content with repetitive relish. Nora finds the home of her employers, Jim and Madeline Turner, to be a pleasant and happy establishment. She soon forms a bond with the little boy in her care and settles down into what should be a simple and boring life. While Nora’s employer, Madeline Turner, is a contented housewife and mother, the same cannot be said for the rest of her family. She is plagued on all sides by women that seem to have issues. Madeline’s mother, Pauline Fairchild, has made it her sole purpose in life to see at least one of her daughters marry into a rich, high-society family. To that purpose, Pauline has begun a campaign to set up a match between Madeline’s younger sister Elyse and the handsome (and very rich) Drew Winthrop, the son of a rich Chicago socialite. Elyse, a very beautiful and pious young lady, compliantly defers to the machinations of her mother despite the fact that she has no real feelings for the young man. Much to her chagrin, Madeline’s life is further complicated by her sister-in-law, Emily Turner, who despite her advanced age of twenty (by village standards), finds the subject of marriage to not only be a bore but, at the moment, out of the question. Emily, a very pretty and intelligent girl, finds the confines of Angel Creek to be inhibiting. Almost every waking moment of her life seems to be devoted to causing scandal to the neighborhood and distress to her relatives. Nora finds herself on the outside looking in during these escapades. As an observer, she does not need to involve herself in the interesting and sometimes strange lives of her employers. It is only when her friend Aileen Griffin finds herself in a distressful predicament that Nora is forced to think about the plight of other women at all. She herself, has been temporarily sheltered from the realities of life by living under the protection of the Turners. Despite the longtime ability of Angel Creek to keep itself separated from the outside influences of the rest of the country, the inevitable finally happens. Technology and change begin to gradually seep into the little community. The beginning of this evolution begins with the arrival of two very different strangers. One is a Jewish lawyer named Jacob Rothstein. Jacob is an attractive and very intelligent man with a mysterious past. Since no person of the Jewish faith has ever lived in Angel Creek, he automatically becomes a curiosity of sorts. The gentleman further confuses the general population by admitting publicly that he does not believe in God at all—something that is an affront to everyone in the village with religious sensibilities. The second man is Douglas Parnell. Douglas is a very poor but extremely industrious drifter. When he arrives in Angel Creek, simply because he’s run out of money, the young man decides to stay. Despite what seems to be Angel Creek’s ability to hold itself aloof from the rest of the country, it is unable to avoid the political tremors that have engulfed the rest of the country. The depression of 1893 and the Spanish American War both begin to intrude into the lives of the villagers. As for Nora, during her employment with the Turners, she has managed to unintentionally become very close to the entire family. As a result, their tragedies and occasional di
The once Archangel Vettorio was banished from the heavens, cursed by the gods to become the Earth's first Vampire. Tormented to walk the Earth alone, craving company and some semblance of family he decided to create another of his kind, Selena. Selena however, is unable to control the power she has been given. She became the creature from which vampire evil and blood lusts were born. She is where the nightmare began! Selena spins further and further out of control when her beloved Vettorio grows distant. Selena's hatred and jealously grows and festers for over a thousand years, spawning a new era of death and destruction. Only one, born of true love can stop her. The prince born of darkness, Bonaventura is his father's only hope. Or, will he be too late...
Wouldn't it be great to have a little message from Heaven every day to send you on your way? Or a kind of oracle like the I Ching or the Runes with a modern voice to give some direction when you have a question? The Crabby Angels Chronicles is just that, the book that the author's fabulous, nutty, funny, loving stalker angels wanted him to write. They've been after him for so long so he decided to let them write their book now. They're a nutty bunch who fit his life perfectly. Jacob Glass, along with his Angelic Guides, has written a handy spiritual tool kit to soothe, uplift, guide, direct, and renew you on your daily walk through a sometimes overwhelming world in which it is easy to lose connection with what really matters and what is really true. Direct, simple and based on the profound principles of A Course in Miracles, these short lessons are here to give you the comfort and peace that you deserve by reminding you of who you are and why you came here.
"Angels are incarnated into human form, and are initially very bad at it." Who would have thought it would be so easy to inspire a human to act more like an animal than a person? Certainly not these trying to help humanity by being created in their likeness.
They've been coming here for thousands of years, using Earth as a sanctuary to escape threats from their own kind. Mankind knows them as angels, and one of them left a child upon her death to be raised as a human. Raea is now a high school senior, and her life as a human is about to end. The crystal shard she bears is not a pretty pendant; it's a collective of powerful entities who chose her as their Keeper, a protector of one of the four shards that power a machine capable of destroying whole worlds. Those who desire the Starfire's power have sent an agent to find her, but she's too busy evading a nosy reporter ready to exploit her secret and dating a hot new foreign student to notice. Nevermind learning what she really is. Only one person on Earth can help her, the last person she ever expected. But he's not from Earth. Life as a human would be so much easier.
The struggle between good and evil is an ancient one, a struggle that continuously takes on new dimensions as the pages of human history unfold. Yet even though the lines of demarcation have often shifted radically and the severity of the conflict has fluctuated greatly the ability to determine right from wrong has generally been within the ability and grasp of each of us. Now, change the dimensions of the playing field and the physical attributes of the players and suddenly what seemed to be easy to determine at once becomes a lesson in futility at best. Can there be more to this struggle than what our eyes reveal to us or what our minds will allow us to believe or consider? In "Angel: The Chronicles of Narison" the author challenges us to consider anew the possibilities only a spiritual dimension can fully enlighten. Are our weaknesses taken advantage of by powers unseen and more deadly that we ever dared to imagine? Do our strengths, limited as they often seem to be, really multiply as we seek out and tap into powers no human reasoning can fully comprehend? James Charles Knaus is an ordained minister and lives in upstate New York with his wife of 42 years, the former Mary Ann Sackinger. They have three children and six grandchildren. Angel: The Chronicles Of Narison is his first published work.
The Bible's Writings: An Introduction for Christians and Jews introduces the reader to the world of Psalms, Proverbs, Job, The Song of Songs, Ruth, Lamentations, Ecclesiastes, Esther, Daniel, Ezra, Nehemiah, and 1 and 2 Chronicles. These books form the third section of the Hebrew Bible--the Writings/Ketuvim. Features: Introduction to the Bible; Introduction to the Writings; Women's Voices Today; Women's Voices Then; and Women's Voices: A Cautionary Note. Each chapter covers one particular biblical book. Chapter divisions: 1, 2Introduction with chapter-by-chapter analyses or section-by-section analyses / geo-political and historical background / significant events / personalities / concepts and divisions. 3. The biblical book and the Christian Scriptures. 4. The biblical book in rabbinic literature. How did the rabbis utilize quotations from the Writings to teach their values? Extensive quotations. 5. Text study. An excellent source for Christian, Jewish, or Interfaith Study of the Bible's Writings.

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