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Uses color photographs and design sketches to explore essential aspects of the jewelry design process, providing theories and techniques for developing designs from inspiration to finished piece.
Describes articles of jewelry by contemporary designers, with step-by-step information on how they were constructed, and offers instructions and advice on design, techniques, specialized tools, and related matters.
This is a creative guide to designing jewellery, written by experiencedjewellery maker, Liz Olver. In this book she gives comprehensivedetails on the essential stages of the design process - from workingout the brief and seeking inspiration to working with technicaldrawings and developing the idea further as the piece evolves. Casestudies, real-life projects and tips provide professional advice andencouragement. The book is written and illustrated in a clear cut andeasily accessible style.
The process of designing jewelry has never before been explored in a book. It has taken the combined talents of three top jewelry designers, including a profess who teaches the skill to jewelry students, to create this beautiful and practical step-by-step format. Starting with a fully illustrated discussion of design principles and metal and stone rendering techniques, this volume then presents progressive detailed sketches and finished drawings of many varieties of ring and earring designs. From such drawings the manufacturing jeweler can assemble the objects themselves. This book teaches one how to create those drawings. "It is a book that I have searched for, in vain, for many years. It is both the first and undoubtedly the best, and will remain the best for many years. This book is destined to become the bible of the designer, the guide of the artisan, and the companion of the jewelry lover." Samuel Beizer, Chairman, Jewelry Design, Fashion Institute of Technology, New York.
Marina B is an artist, and her means of expression are glittering gemstones, lustrous pearls and precious metal. Spanning the years from 1978 to 1996, the book explores bold jewels created for the kind of woman who is not afraid to make a - statement - . Not just a 'look book' of great jewellery, this survey explores the creative problem-solving Marina B employs to come up with designs as innovative as they are stunning. From her signature Marina B cut - a cross between a pear shape and a triangle used in bracelets, earrings, and necklaces - to the ingeniously designed clasp-free Simona necklace; the 'practical' Réversibles - sporty on one side reversing to luxe pave diamonds on the other; to truly spectacular chandelier earrings more ravishing and coveted today than ever, this lavishly illustrated book presents the aficionado with a real understanding of the design process of this hugely talented woman.
Discover the Creative Possibilities of Resin Clay Imagine being able to imitate the look of rare coral, create oversized but featherweight statement jewelry, or mix clay with other mediums—all without firing. The Art of Resin Clay explores the creative potential of this material, in both air-dry and two-part formulas, and guides you through everything you’ll need to get started: • Information on choosing the right kind of resin clay, essential tools and techniques, and safety guidelines • Tips for mixing colors, finishing, and adding jewelry findings • 20 projects covering a variety of creative techniques • Galleries of work by influential artists and crafts designers who use this versatile material
"...the art of turning, veneering, carving, and fashioning jewelry of wood...from simply crafted katydids to complex helical mosaic of fine art as well as...woodworkers will appreciate this compilation."--Booklist. "...specialized techniques not often found in jewelry craft books...carved and polished wood makes striking necklaces and earrings...step-by-step instructions with diagrams and color photographs...suitable for general crafts collections."--Library Journal. "...features jewelry that represents everything from simple earrings to pieces incorporating intricate marquetry and metalworking..."--Woodshop News.
Complete with an instructive DVD featuring a bonus gallery and more than 250 colorful illustrations, this informative guide to jewelry creation and design offers step-by-step instructions for adding colorants, casting 3-D forms, combining resin with polymer clay, and more. Original. 12,500 first printing.
Forget gold and silver—the hottest materials in jewelry-making are plastic and resin! And this exciting new entry in the popular Art of Jewelry series is an inspirational treat that introduces the major techniques, provides insights from contemporary artists, and showcases an array of eye-opening work. Learn all the basics on “hard” plastics, from sawing and drilling to joining, constructing, and laminating. Get the lowdown on resin, including mixing, curing, adding inclusions, finishing, and more. Easy-to-follow how-to photo demonstrations clarify key steps—and best of all, some of the premiere innovators in the field have created the 22 amazing projects, from the dramatic Turbine Bangle and funky freeform ring in candy-colored plastic to an exotic necklace made of straws.
Jewellery has come alive again. 20 years ago a mere handful of designers in Europe and America were fighting the cliches of conventional design. Today there has been, in Ralph Turner's words, a burgeoning of many kinds of ornament.
An overview of contemporary jewelry-making techniques for studio artists.
A glittering collection of jewelry imitating animals from the nineteenth century to today
Create exquisite paper jewelry with the look of copper, silver, and gold! Discover how the centuries old technique of quilling paper can give you modern, sophisticated jewelry without a high price tag. Author and quilling enthusiast Ann Martin shows you how to turn metallic-edged papers into stunning--and sturdy--earrings and pendants in The Art of Quilling Paper Jewelry. Whether you're an experienced jewelry maker looking for new techniques or a quiller who wants to turn your creations into one-of-a-kind jewelry, this guide to gilded paper jewelry has what you need. Pairing step-by-step illustrations with detailed tutorials on rolling coils, scrolls, and other unique quilled shapes, The Art of Quilling Paper Jewelry shows you how to create twenty eye-catching designs. With Ann's expert guidance and a few minimal tools and supplies, you can create your own wearable paper art and more!
Jewelry was one of the purest and most successful expressions of the Art Nouveau movement. Fresh designs and motifs created intense excitement as organic forms surged with new life, and the female form struggled towards freedom, suggesting a long-hidden eroticism. The artists and goldsmiths who created this jewelry were trained in the nineteenth-century disciplines; their technical mastery allowed them to experiment with new materials and enameling processes to indulge their fantasies. This combination - an atmosphere of ideas for a new art and the unrivaled technical skill of the makers - produced some of the most evocative jewelry of modern times. The book deals with major makers in France, and follows the parallel modern movement that spread through Europe and the United States, acquiring different decorative characteristics, from Great Britain, Germany and Austria, to Belgium, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. Comprehensive biographies of over 300 designers are included, as well as a Guide to Identification, with over 200 makers' marks and signatures.
This is the latest title from esteemed tatter Lyn Morton and contains a fantastic array of exquisite pieces to create. Each design is carefully photographed and accompanied by easy-to-follow diagrams. This practical and informative book showcases the use of this accessible and thriving craft, ideal for creating fantastic necklaces, bracelets, pendants and earrings.
Due to enormous interest in the previous editions of Street Jewellery the authors, Christopher Baglee
Presenting a global perspective on the art over the last 30 to 40 years, this introduction to contemporary jewelry provides clear definitions, concise history and cultural context for the form, offering fascinating discussions on creating, collecting, exhibiting, selling and wearing these pieces.
Places the material evidence of specific artifacts into their social, economic, religious, and political milieux. The archaeological and art historical contexts in which jewelry is studied combine with aspects of technology and production, style, and iconography to achieve a historical view of the role of jewelry in the ancient world.
The art of jewellery making has ceased to be the preserve of the professionals, and is a widely practised craft. This book gives you clear instructions on how to create your own pieces with a minimum of expense and equipment.

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