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In The Art of Painting Animals, aspiring painters will learn how to work with oil, acrylic, and watercolor paints to bring their favorite animals to life on paper or canvas. Each medium has its section that begins with an introduction, which includes a section of helpful information on basic tools and materialsâ??including paints, brushes, appropriate supports, and additional materialsâ??followed by a quick guide to techniques and artist tips for rendering animal features and fur, as well as natural textures such as bark and foliage. Talented artists guide readers through a series of easy-to-follow step-by-step projects covering a variety of subjects from pets and horses to wildlife and birds. Projects include a moose, a Shih Tzu dog, a fox, a deer, a lynx, and many more! Along the way, aspiring artists will find helpful tips and tricks for establishing a compelling composition, achieving accurate proportions, and developing expressive animal faces and emotions. With its breadth of content and instruction, The Art of Painting Animals is perfect for any animal-loving artist's collection.
Shows the physical structure of horses, dogs, cats, cows, deer, bears, goats, small animals, and birds, and offers practical advice on sketching and painting them
SPECIAL SHRINK-WRAPPED BUNDLE! Turn ordinary rocks and yard items (such as stepping stones, planters and more) into fun, creative and unique works of art! It's so easy with these step-by-step projects that show you how to create your own rock ladybugs, turtles, rabbits, kittens, foxes, owls and other critters.
B5053 Animal Generations features 4 fun painting lessons but the book includes so much more! There are 20+ pages of brush and color mixing techniques that train you to paint faster and with more interest. Your painting technique makes all the difference! How do you layer colors to increase depth? What type of edge should you give a color passage? How do you create different textures and where do you put them? What makes a portrait? How realistic do you make the subject? Learning to understand these decisions will make you look at all paintings differently. Painting Animal Generations changed David's perspective on painting and it can do the same for you too. It started with his desire to increase his ability to capture flowers and landscapes. He found that wildlife and animal artists use a completely different set of techniques than floral painters. Incorporating these methods added new life to his other painting styles. This book introduces new ways to visualize and capture subjects, no matter what that subject is. It is a great reference book for an artist's library. Join David as he starts a new series on painting animals with this unique take on compositions!
This book holds a mountain of fun for rock artists of all ages! With the instructions inside, creating these critters is as easy as picking up a rock!
Practical guide makes it easier for beginners as well as advanced artists to paint everything from dogs, cats, and deer to birds, sheep, and goats. 236 black-and-white illustrations, 26 in color.

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