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The full-color artwork collection of the hit series Vampire Knight! Reads R to L (Japanese Style), for audiences T+ Cross over into the world of Vampire Knight with the lush, full-color artwork of Matsuri Hino. Includes an extensive gallery with author comments, a how-to tutorial, and an exclusive poster.
Is it possible to love two vampires at the same time? View our feature on Katie MacAlister’s Zen and the Art of Vampires. Pushing forty and alone, Pia Thomason heads to Europe on a singles tour, hoping to find romance. What she finds are two very handsome, very mysterious, and very undead men. And she learns that where vampires are concerned, love isn’t the only thing at stake.
For over 20 years, the character Vampire Hunter D has haunted the imaginations of people around the world, its image forever etched in the mind's eye through the dazzling artwork of Yoshitaka Amano. As the original novels appear in English for the first time, American readers are clamoring for a more extensive look at this singular creation. Coffin obliges. This gorgeous retrospective embraces the full scope of Amano's work with the character: in the novels, as inspiration for the animators of the two theatrical films, rare paintings, and illustrations created for release as limited edition prints. In addition to the breathtaking artwork, Coffin features an original Vampire Hunter D short story by creator Hideyuki Kikuchi, available nowhere else.
IDW is proud to present the stunning art of Vampire Hunter D - a timeless world full of spectacular action, drama and science-fiction. Beautifully animated by Mad House studios and directed by the world-renowned Yoshiaki Kawajiri, (acclaimed for his work on Wicked City and Ninja Scroll), Vampire Hunter D is the greatest example of cooperative creative efforts between Japan and the U.S. This collection includes concept art and images from the animated film.
What are we? The Damned childer of caine? The grotesque lords of humanity? The pitiful wretches of eternal hell? We are vampires, and that is enough. I am a vampire, and that is far more than enough. I am that which must be feared, worshipped and adored. The world is mine -- now and forever. No one holds command over me. No man. No god. No prince. What is a claim of age for ones who are immortal? What is a claim of power for ones who defy death? Call your damnable hunt. We shall see whom I drag screaming to hell with me. The lavishly illustrated art book that accompanied the Vampire limited edition now available individually.
Museum curator Sydney Worth has a crush on a handsome kilted man in her favorite historical painting. She certainly never expected him to walk into her museum because the painting is a couple hundred years old. Logan can't understand why this stubborn mortal woman isn't falling for his mind control. Left with no other choice, he agrees to work with Sydney to prove his family's claim to the painting. Now he just has to figure out how to keep the very attractive Sydney from finding out he and his entire family are vampires. Can a vampire who hates complications and a curator with trust issues learn the fine art of love?
This collection of three previously published books contains the full text of THE YEAR MY LIFE WENT DOWN THE LOO, THEY WEAR WHAT UNDER THEIR KILTS? and WHAT'S FRENCH FOR "EW!"? THE YEAR MY LIFE WENT DOWN THE LOO When sixteen-year-old Emily’s family uproots her from Seattle to England right before her junior year, she has to adjust to a whole new lingo, new friends, and a serious lack of malls. Luckily, hunkalicious British boys do exist! THEY WEAR WHAT UNDER THEIR KILTS? Emily spends her month of work experience on a Scottish sheep farm, complete with wild sheep, her best friend Holly , and Ruaraidh the shepherd, AKA the Scottish God of Love who just happens to have eleven fingers. Kilt-watching, disastrous castle tours, graffiti spray-painted sheep, and tanning lotions gone horribly awry—it’s just another month in the life of Emily. WHAT'S FRENCH FOR "EW!"? Spring break arrives, and Emily is in Paris to learn French. With her trusty friend Holly at her side, an anti-pregnancy doll named Jack, and snogariffic boyfriend Devon arriving for a visit, Emily's habit of getting into the most hilarious situations ever results in her storming more than just the Bastille. Will Paris survive her visit?

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