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Diets dont work. If you want to lose fat, get healthier and feel more confident, its time to stop dieting and fall in love with food that is truly good for you! A Beautiful Balance: A Wellness Guide to Healthy Eating and Feeling Great will show you how. A complete resource that gives you the tools to help you live a healthier lifestyle, get control of sugar cravings and look and feel your best! Full of delicious, nourishing recipes, including healthier twists on traditional Mediterranean and Middle Eastern dishes, and Zoes easy-to-adopt nutritional guidelines and framework for health, The Six Pillars of Wellness, youll learn how to make healthier and more sustainable choices, so you feel more satisfied, energised, lighter, and happier. Forget the fad diets and take back control of your well-being and waistline today!
Provides information and advice for making healthy food choices, eating reasonably sized portions, and exercising in order to maintain a healthy body weight.
This book contains innovative integrated solutions in education, religion, science, economics, psychology, politics and current affairs because these are not viewed as independent subjects delineated by some divine wisdom but rather are interrelated and a part of the whole that is Life and are a part of each. Dialogues among fictitious characters and a story are used to make reading more interesting. There are three sections. Each section can be read independently and while starting from a different perspective, attempts to provide a unified and "whole" view of life. The first Section is about the essence of the teachings of the seven great religions. There have been many religiously fueled wars and atrocities in the past, and there are currently ongoing conflicts fueled by religion. Whether in Chechnya, Kashmir, the West Bank, Jerusalem, Cyprus, Lebanon, Sudan, Bosnia, Kosovo, Tibet, or Iraq, religiously fueled conflicts are often instigated by non-religious forces like politics, socio-economics, or psychology. In all cases, however, religion, or in Tibet anti-religion, propels the conflict. Therefore, resolving these conflicts, just as reducing Islamic terrorism, requires not only political and economic, but also a religious response if the solutions are to last. A specific religious solution is advocated. The second Section is about science and philosophy. It is founded in modern physics and provides a philosophy that shows the consistency of modern physics with the foundational teachings of the major religions. It also provides a hypothesis for a Unified Theory. The third Section is about economics, psychology and current affairs and provides potential solutions to the very serious problems humanity faces. The Appendix is about the theological debates among the great religions.
This writing comprises the author's definitive statement on the truth and answer to his critics. "Would you say that the whole universe is creative?" "Yes, that is the point. This is a creating (or procreating) universe due to the reality of the two forces. If we were to begin from the premise that only a one singular force existed, we would end up with a primary creator creating a 'created' universe at a certain point in time, which is the belief of most of our religions. With the two-force model, we have the two forces creating the universe moment-by-moment through their interaction together." The Truth Revealed: My Answer to the World Author Bio: Christopher Alan Anderson (1950 - ) received the basis of his education from the University of Science and Philosophy, Swannanoa, Waynesboro, Virginia. He resides in the transcendental/romantic tradition, that vein of spiritual creativity of the philosopher and poet. His quest has been to define and express an eternal romantic reality from which a man and a woman could together stand in their difference and create a living universe of procreative love. Mr. Anderson began these writings in 1971. The first writings were published in 1985. On a personal note, when Mr. Anderson was asked to describe the writings and what he felt their message was he responded, "Spiritual procreation. Mankind has yet to distinguish the two sexes on the spiritual level. In this failure lies the root of our problems and why we cannot yet touch the eternal together. The message of man and woman balance brings each of us together in love with our eternal other half right now." keywords: Creation, Universe, Truth, Metaphysics, Religion, Two Forces, Balance
This new addition to the Longman Critical Readers Series provides an overview of the various ways in which modern critical theory has influenced Chaucer Studies over the last fifteen years. There is still a sense in the academic world, and in the wider literary community, that Medieval Studies are generally impervious to many of the questions that modern theory asks, and that it concerns itself only with traditional philological and historical issues. On the contrary, this book shows how Chaucer, specifically the Canterbury Tales, has been radically and excitingly 'opened up' by feminist, Lacanian, Bakhtinian, deconstructive, semiotic and anthropological theories to name but a few. The book provides an introduction to these new developments by anthologising some of the most important work in the field, including excerpts from book-length works, as well as articles from leading and innovative journals. The introduction to the volume examines in some detail the relation between the individual strengths of each of the above approaches and the ways in which a 'postmodernist' Chaucer is seen as reflecting them all. This convenient single volume collection of key critical analyses of Chaucer, which includes work from some journals and studies that are not always easily available, will be indispensable to students of Medieval Studies, Medieval Literature and Chaucer, as well as to general readers who seek to widen their understanding of the forces behind Chaucer's writing.

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