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Listing ten commandments for coping with the stresses, strains and pressures of modern-day living, this book describes the energies and textures of our life - emotional, mental, visceral, spiritual - and discerns the 'sorryness and grandeur' in all.
Are you living the life of your dreams? Is your life a celebration, splashing over with peace, joy, and victory? To make this a reality, join me on The Journey to the Beautiful Life. Gracing the pages of this book are 70 unforgettable paintings, inviting you to escape and slip away into a world that is beautiful, peaceful, and yet enchanting. This life enriching book contains over 200 powerful writings and heartwarming stories, selective scriptures, and more than 450 thought provoking quotations empowering you to live the abundant, Beautiful Life God designed for you. So come with me on an exciting journey - a journey that will change your life forever...
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A Beautiful Life recollects my life journey as it unfolded from the glorious days of a young boy enchanted by his Grandfather's stories to the present, where the young boy is now a Grandfather himself. Along the way there have been many wrong turns and a lot of personal pain but somehow, through the healing power of writing and those around me at the time who cared, the passion for life survived. The book includes many poems written at the time of the experiences, which provide insight into my wellbeing and how I dealt with the situation. These poems I now view as Primary sources and the Spiritual Signposts which directed me forward along the way. Of course, my work as a Teacher of students not born in Australia, features heavily throughout the book. As I provided them with the tools of a new language, they rewarded me with their stories of survival and hope for the future. This interactional process of teaching and learning enriched the lives of everyone involved. And finally you the reader. I am certain that you will see yourself somewhere amongst the pages.
What Will You Do with This Beautiful Day God Is Giving You? Each new day presents opportunities to grow your faith, manage your work and your goals, and make good use of the time God gives you. But making the right choices moment by moment isn't easy. And the first decisions of your day can affect the next 16 hours—for better or for worse. Elizabeth George, acclaimed Bible teacher, helps you navigate the options you might encounter today so you can... get up and power up for a great day establish your priorities make the most of your time choose good, better, and best options pour yourself into the people in your life Prepare to create a more beautiful and productive life and make each day more meaningful. God's best awaits you when you choose to live His way!
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