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A collection of some of Dr. J. Vernon McGee's finest messages, gleaned from over 40 years of radio broadcasting. A rich feast of Bible-centered messages to feed the soul.
The book was written in light of the many challenges I faced as a student in seminary. I found it quite difficult to find books on “simple” Christology. Not only were the numbers of available Christological books few, but when I did find books they represented very little Christology and referenced much theology and unnecessary reading. What I needed was a resource with reference to help me out and not a scholarly work that embedded denominational values. I needed a book that condensed many different Christological viewpoints into an easy to read resource that was practical, applicable, and with cross reference information. That is why I penned this book. The book is an assimilation of my Christological studies with secondary resources. Therefore, the book is short, rich in information, and short in explanation (intentionally done as a reference resource). The book is intended to stimulate the undergraduate and graduate student. The book has been very useful for some of my friends regarding Bible study and Sunday morning sermons. The resource is well displayed in the table of contents and easy to understand. The book gives examples of Christological studies throughout the Pentateuch. The book is by no means an exhaustive resource but one that lifts the fingerprints of Christ’s presence in the OT while still allowing for the reader to make their own Christological discoveries.
Includes music.

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