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Presents a collection of three hundred recipes for soups, pirogs and piroshki, Russian pancakes, fish dishes, meat dishes, poultry and game dishes, vegetables, salads and salad dressings, sauces, desserts, cakes, and preserves and pickles.
A definitive modern cookbook on Russian cuisine, "A Taste of Russia" layers superbly researched recipes with informative essays on the dishes' rich historical and cultural context. With over 200 recipes on everything from borsch to blini, from Salmon Coulbiac to Beef Stew, from Marinated Mushrooms to Black Bread, Goldstein shows off the best that Russian cooking has to offer.
"A charming offering of Polish cuisine with lovely woodcuts throughout." --PUBLISHERS WEEKLY First published in 1983, this classic resource for Polish cuisine has been a favorite with home chefs for many years. This edition includes a section with lightened Polish recipes, which offer hearty, authentic Polish dishes with significantly less fat and calories! In an easy-to-use format, the author arranges complementary foods together, organized by season. Recipes include Braised Spring Lamb With Cabbage, Frosty Artichoke Salad, Apple Raisin Cake and a low-fat chapter includes Roasted Garlic and Mushroom Soup.
T-Bone Whacks and Caviar Snacks is the first cookbook in America to focus on the foods of the Asian side of Russia. Filled with fascinating food history, cultural insights, and personal stories, it chronicles the culinary adventures of two intrepid Texans who lived, worked, and ate their way around Siberia and the Russian Far East. Featuring 140 traditional and modern recipes, with many illustrations, T-Bone Whacks and Caviar Snacks includes dozens of regional recipes from cooks in Asian Russia, along with recipes for the European and Tex-Mex dishes that the author and her husband cooked on the “Stoves-from-Hell” in their three Russian apartments, for intimate candlelight dinners during the dark Siberian winter and for lavish parties throughout the year. You'll learn how to make fresh seafood dishes from Russia's Far East, pine nut meringues and frozen cranberry cream from Irkutsk, enticing appetizers from the dining car of a Trans-Siberian luxury train, and flaming “Baked Siberia” (the Russian twist on Baked Alaska). And here's the bonus: All of these recipes can be made with ingredients from your local supermarket or your nearest delicatessen.
"Joyce Toomre... has accomplished an enormous task, fully on a par with the original author's slave labor. Her extensive preface and her detailed and entertaining notes are marvelous." —Tatyana Tolstaya, New York Review of Books "ÂClassic Russian Cooking is a book that I highly recommend. Joyce Toomre has done a marvelous job of translating this valuable and fascinating source book. It's the Fanny Farmer and Isabella Beeton of Russia's 19th century." —Julia Child, Food Arts "This is a delicious book, and Indiana University Press has served it up beautifully." —Russian Review "... should become as much of a classic as the Russian original... dazzling and admirable expedition into Russia's kitchens and cuisine."Â —Slavic Review "It gives a delightful and fascinating picture of the foods of pre-Communist Russia." —The Christian Science Monitor First published in 1861, this "bible" of Russian homemakers offered not only a compendium of recipes, but also instructions about such matters as setting up a kitchen, managing servants, shopping, and proper winter storage. Joyce Toomre has superbly translated and annotated over one thousand of the recipes and has written a thorough and fascinating introduction which discusses the history of Russian cuisine and summarizes Molokhovets' advice on household management. A treasure trove for culinary historians, serious cooks and cookbook readers, and scholars of Russian history and culture.
This is a unique spin on Russian cuisine: Russian fusion with a California accent. Each recipe from the book contains a twist that makes the dishes interesting and delicious! Many recipes in the book go back to our childhood in Russia. It took us some time to find American food alternatives and recreate those dishes with the same familiar home flavor, but it turned out well! We like to cook and we like to experiment but we are not professional chefs by any means. Our culinary style is shaped by the nostalgia for the scrumptious meals lovingly cooked by our moms and grandmas, as well as traveling the world and getting to know various foods and cuisines. As a result, we created our own signature recipes that are memorable, unique and taste great. In our book we share ideas - not rigid guidelines - and we invite you to join our community of co-creation. Although our approach to cooking is more creative than scientific, the ever so common "Wow!" reaction to the first bite tells us that we are onto something. Our recipes are not just unique, but also very healthy! Organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, fat-free, vegan; there are so many ways that people choose to nourish themselves that challenge the norms of traditional Russian cooking. Our book can be a great source of inspiration for your fusion cuisine experiments and can awaken your creative culinary spirits We carefully selected our best recipes so that friends and families can nourish their souls by coming together and spending time with people they love, and can nourish their bodies by eating healthy and nutritious food. Our cookbook will help you: To replicate the most popular dishes from Russian restaurant using easy and detailed recipes. To cook delicious and healthy Russian meals adapted to American palate and food availability. To chose from a wide variety of vegetarian and vegan options. Our recipes are a great addition to your everyday recipes, which compliments health and open, cosmopolitan spirit! To develop a strong knowledge of Russian food culture and enable you to start experimenting with fusion culinary style. And you will have a chance to spend time with friends or family cooking and sharing meals together! About us: Russian house #1 is an experimental restaurant and intentional community for spiritual development. Founded in 2015 and operating with a "no menu, no price" honor system, Russian House #1 relies on people’s free will and the culinary masterpieces of its team members. For over 3 years we have been offering a unique dining experience on the Russian River in Jenner, California, where the River meets the Ocean…
*SHORTLISTED FOR THE EDWARD STANFORD TRAVEL WRITING AWARD 2020* There is a literal Russian landscape, and there is its emotional, literary counterpart. In Mud and Stars, award-winning writer Sara Wheeler sets out to explore both. With the writers of the Golden Age as her guides – Pushkin, Tolstoy, Gogol and Turgenev, among others – Wheeler travels across eight time zones, from rinsed north-western beetroot fields and far-eastern Arctic tundra to the cauldron of ethnic soup that is the Caucasus. She follows nineteenth-century footsteps to make connections between then and now: between the places where flashing-epauletted Lermontov died in the aromatic air of Pyatigorsk, and sheaves of corn still stand like soldiers on a blazing afternoon, just like in Gogol’s stories. On the Trans-Siberian railway in winter she crunches across snowy platforms to buy dried fish from babushki, and in summer she sails the Black Sea where dolphins leapt in front of violet Abkhazian peaks. She also spends months in fourth-floor 1950s apartments, watching television with her hosts, her new friends bent over devices and moaning about Ukraine. At a time of deteriorating relations between Russia and the West, Wheeler searches for a Russia not in the news – a Russia of humanity and daily struggles. She gives voice to the ‘ordinary’ people of Russia, and discovers how the writers of the Golden Age continue to represent their country today. ‘A superlative tour of modern-day Russia and the nation’s great writers, subjects Wheeler combines with panache.’ Claire Lowdon, Sunday Times

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