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Now updated with a complete list of menu terms in Ukrainian and English, this unique cookbook presents both traditional and contemporary Ukrainian cuisine in an easy-to-use menu format. Ukrainian dishes call for a variety of ingredients including natural products such as meat, poultry, fish, mushrooms, eggs, vegetables and fruits. Here is a comprehensive guide to Ukrainian cooking, including favourites like: zakusky (appetisers), ioushky (cabbage soup), kasha (buckwheat groats), pyrizhky (stuffed pastries), and medovyky (honey cakes).
It is a unique cookbook with original Ukrainian recipes flavored with Nadejda Reilly’s personal touch. It contains a brief history of Ukraine and cultural and traditional background of its people. In addition, it includes the author’s personal stories of faith as well as her cooking and baking experiences and who influenced them.
This is a collection of 25 popular dishes from the Ukrainian cuisine (5 soups, 5 sides, 5 main dishes, 5 salads, and 5 desserts). They are quite healthy, easy enough to make, and very delicious. Perfect for busy people who like to eat nutritious foods. I don’t know about your life, but mine is quite busy with work and different side projects. Besides, to tell you the truth, I am not a big fan of cooking – spending hours in the kitchen every day just doesn’t excite me. At the same time, I like to eat healthy and nutritious food – junk and fast food doesn’t appeal to me at all. You can easily see my dilemma here. Originally from Ukraine, I’ve been living and working in different countries, and although I like trying things from other cuisines when I eat out or travel, I do miss and prefer the daily foods of my own culture. I’ve never considered myself a great cook; in fact, I believed that the things I normally make at home are too simple and wouldn’t impress anyone. However, when I happen to share my dishes with foreign friends who visit my house, to my surprise they always remark how delicious those are and often ask for the recipe. So I decided to put together a number of common recipes from my culture, simplify and even healthify them a little to my own current cooking and eating standards, and share them with anyone interested in trying them out. Hence this first book in my collection of Ukrainian cooking, with more to come soon. Happy tasting!
It is a unique cookbook with original Ukrainian recipes and use of gluten-free flours and grains flavored with Nadejda Reilly's personal touch. It contains brief history of Ukraine and cultural and traditional background of it's people. In addition, it includes author's personal stories of faith as well as her cooking and baking experiences and who influenced them.
Ukraine is a country of diverse charms whose fanciful churches, imposing fortresses and landscape dotted with fields of sunflowers delight off-the-beaten-track travellers. This third edition of Bradt’s Ukraine is fully revised and updated, combining practical travel essentials with insights into the country’s history and culture.
In old Ukraine, cuisine was a highly developed art form. Traditional cookery, here evoked in a comprehensive and well-researched assortment of menus and recipes, reflected the productivity of a rich farming and sheepraising region, celebrated the festivals in the church calendar, and marked important family milestones—births, christenings, name days, betrothals, weddings, and commemorations of the dead. In addition to precise instructions designed for the modern kitchen, thirty-eight drawings illustrate the correct technique for filling dumplings and cabbage rolls and the artistry involved in baking the famous Ukrainian Easter paska and fancifully embellished wedding breads. An authoritative reference section and note on sources will be an aid to scholars and all concerned with the preservation of Ukrainian culture. Far more than a cookbook, festive Ukrainian Cooking is also a definitive account of traditional Ukrainian culture as perpetuated in family rituals and lovingly celebrated with elegantly prepared food and drink. Working from original sources in Ukrainian, Russian, and Polish, and drawing on long experience as an accomplished cook herself, Marta Pisetska Parley arranges these recipes as they were enjoyed throughout the year, beginning with the Christmas season and ending with succulent dishes made with wild mushrooms gathered in the fall. Chapter introductions describe the folkways associated with major holidays and family events and the symbolic and celebratory role of food appropriate to each. Devotees of ethnic cuisine, experienced cooks and beginners alike, will find much to choose from in this authoritative collection that encompasses the best of a rich, varied, and healthful culinary tradition.
Modern Ukrainian cuisine is a new way to look at your favorite dishes. Such an interpretation of the authentic recipes is the best fit for those who for the first time to meet her

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