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Biographical estimates of all major participants on both the Allied and Axis sides of World War II.
The first definitive collection of all American generals and flag officers who served in World War II.
The author of "Civil War Dictionary" presents an important reference book of the Second World War that is "more detailed and reflects current scholarship" ("Reference Book Bulletin).
"This work describes 98 men who served as generals of the U.S. Marine Corps during World War II. Arranged alphabetically, each entry covers: background and education; military schooling; military service, both before and during World War II; service abroa
Details the service records of some 1,400 officers of the German Kriegsmarine known to have commanded a U-boat between the commissioning of U-1 in June 1935, and the final surrender of U-977 to Argentina in August 1945.
The Historical Dictionary of World War II: The War against Germany and Italy relates the history of this war through a chronology, an introductory essay, maps and photos, and an extensive bibliography. The dictionary section has more than 300 cross-referenced entries on the countries and geographical areas involved in the war, as well as the nations remaining neutral; wartime alliances and conferences; significant civilian and military leaders; and major ground, naval, and air operations. This book is an excellent access point for students, researchers, and anyone wanting to know more about World War II.
"This dictionary is a model of its genre in both form and content and will likely become for all large libraries the standard source on the subject in any language for decades to come." RQ
This volume discusses the best and most enduring literature of World War II years, incorporating all aspects from military and political history to social and cultural history.
The six years of prolonged world-wide conflict spawned some 340 serving generals in the British Army. A number are household names (Montgomery, Slim, Wavell) and others well known to historians (Horrocks, Dempsey, Leese). But the vast majority are forgotten except by their families and regiments. Yet there were a number of extraordinary characters, ranging from highly competent to downright inadequate. The Author has researched and written entries on all, varying in length, according to the subjects importance.
Profiles over one thousand major and minors players involved in World War II, including military officers, diplomats, spies, and politicians
The Western European and Mediterranean Theaters in World War II is a concise, comprehensive guide for students, teachers, and history buffs of the Second World War. With an emphasis on the American forces in these theaters, each entry is accompanied by a brief annotation that will allow researchers to navigate through the vast amount of literature on the campaigns fought in these regions with ease. Focusing on all aspects surrounding the U.S. involvement in the Western European and Mediterranean theaters, including politics, religion, biography, strategy, intelligence, and operations, this bibliography will be a welcome addition to the collection of any academic or research library. Routledge Research Guides to American Military Studies provide concise, annotated bibliographies to the major areas and events in American military history. With the inclusion of brief critical annotations after each entry, the student and researcher can easily assess the utility of each bibliographic source and evaluate the abundance of resources available with ease and efficiency. Comprehensive, concise, and current—Routledge Research Guides to American Military Studies are an essential research tool for any historian.
Comprises 278 entries on more than 500 survivors of World War II genocide. This title contains a historical introduction, chronology, resource guide, lists of entries, photos, and comprehensive index.
Biographical estimates of all major participants on both the Allied and Axis sides of World War II.
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This textbook history of the United States, beginning in 1492 and going through the present day, is a shortened version of the 1982 edition.
African-American architects have been designing and building houses and public buildings since 1865. Although many of these structures survive today, the architects themselves are virtually unknown. This unique reference work brings their lives and work to light for the first time. Written by 100 experts ranging from architectural historians to archivists, this book contains 160 biographical, A-Z entries on African-American architects from the era of Emancipation to the end of World War II. Articles provide biographical facts about each architect, and commentary on his or her work. Practical and accessible, this reference is complemented by over 200 photographs and includes an appendix containing a list of buildings by geographic location and by architect.

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