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This book is broken up into various chapters of stupidity: Stupid Democrats, Republicans, Atheists, Christians and so on. The “Stupid Criminals” chapter contains one of Jason’s most popular columns that appeared on The Detroit News’ political website. The 2010 column, “Globe Al Warming Gets Rubbed the Wrong Way,” takes on allegations that Gore got horny with a female masseuse in a Portland hotel. That column also continues the sick saga of Otis Mathis, the illiterate (no kidding), former head of Detroit Public Schools who was forced out after he admittedly fondled himself in front of a female superintendent. No, Vines -- the former top PR guy for Ford and Chrysler -- is not making this up. He coined the Mathis scandal “Masturgate” and it soon became the rage in Detroit media and made his “Wisecracker” column one of the most popular on the site. Vines was named “Top PR Pro” in the auto industry in 1999, 2005 and 2006 by Automotive News, the industry’s lead trade publication. “Who says conservatives aren’t funny? Jason Vines delivers his smack-down humor without regard to whose nose gets mashed. He punches past political correctness to expose the hypocrisy of the left, the bungling of business and the lameness of our political leadership. If you’re looking for subtlety, don’t look here. Jason is blunt. And he’s right.” Nolan Finley, Editorial Page Editor, The Detroit News “I’ve known Jason from his days as a wise acre PR flack for Chrysler through the time when he busted the shackles of restricted speech to finally enjoy the completely unfettered world of editorial writing when we shared the pages of the Detroit News. I’ve always felt that we’ve selfishly hogged his talents to ourselves in Detroit. Much of this book will make you laugh until you cry, but save some of your tears for the realization that what he writes about is all true. That’s what really makes us sob. And only a “wisecracker” like Jason Vines could pull it off.” Frank Beckmann, writer and host of “The Frank Beckmann Show” on WJR “Hoffa picks up where Vines’ first book, What Did Jesus Drive?, left off. Profane and hilarious, with no sacred cows for stupidity as far as Jason is concerned. Politicians, sports figures, Atheists, Christians and more, all targets for Jason's exceptional world view. Read the book in one sitting, on a cross-country flight. The person sitting next to me wondered why I was laughing uncontrollably.” Richard Truesdell, freelance automotive journalist
We cheer “Breastfeeding! Yay!” on social media, and around our female friends with feminist pride. But at 3 a.m. you may be cudgeling yourself with, “Oh, dear god, what have we done?” Intellectually, we all know it’s better for our babies, and instinctually, many of us want to do it. But our pregnant daydreaming does little to prepare us for the pain, frustration, self-judgment, and fear that we may experience by choosing to breastfeed. Breastfeeding can be all angels and rainbows. But more often it is an unlatching baby screaming at you, cracked nipples that feel like they’re being held in a vice-grip and licked by a cat, 3 a.m. freak-outs, explosively painful engorged boobs, flu-like mastitis. And then there’s pumping. And that is why, even considering breastfeeding makes you a saint. We tell ourselves that breastfeeding is natural, and therefore we should all be able to do it. While it is natural, it is not easy. This book is for every woman who found the truth of breastfeeding to be somewhat askew from her pre-baby fantasies, and for every woman who does not want to be taken by surprise by the latch – or lack there of. This book is not intended for diagnosis, but for entertainment and commiseration. Includes topics like: Latching onto Latching Screaming at the Breast Nursing Mothers Do it in Groups The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Pumping Woman vs the Cover And Then There Were Teeth The Bottle Battle Mastitis, Engorgement and Other Pains in the Boob
Clinical Canine and Feline Reproduction: Evidence-Based Answers provides quick, reliable answers to the most common questions in canine and feline reproductive and pediatric practice. Written using an innovative question-and-answer format, each answer is designed for quick reference, with the best references listed for further information as needed. Based on the author’s years of experience answering questions on reproduction and pediatrics, Clinical Canine and Feline Reproduction allows the practicing veterinarian to rapidly find and apply evidence-based answers from the scientific literature to their clinical questions.
Are You Ready to Be a Superhero for Your Own Life? Embark on your own hero's journey to overcome a woman's biggest challenge-self-love without guilt-en route to creating the soulful, fulfilling life of a modern-day bitch. Anger 101 showcases the author's crusade to rid anger of its bad rap and turn it into a powerful healing force. Her stories reveal a deep, honest exploration into her inner truth. They become a beacon for you to search inside and become heroic, honorable, and powerful yourself. Lori DiGuardi has combined her life experiences, academic knowledge, and soul's wisdom to help you open to your inner truth. She makes that wisdom real through her Time For Your Truth exercises and Suggested Practices. Anger 101 contains the keys to living a heroic, honorable, and powerful life of a bitch as you turn silence into self-expression, suppression into strength, discomfort into power. Make anger work for you. Become the heroic, honorable, and powerful bitch who can move mountains!
This book provides complete, current information on pathophysiology, diagnosis, and treatment of endocrine, metabolic, and reproductive diseases in dogs and cats. It also discusses the importance of testing procedures in endocrine and reproductive diseases, as well as cost-effective and expedient diagnostic protocols. A complete review of reproduction is presented with the endocrine material, making this text the most inclusive resource overall on the topic. Expansive sections on Canine Male and Female Reproduction. The book is divided into nine sections for an organized and accessible approach to information. Discussions of testing procedures in endocrine and reproductive diseases. Explains cost-effective and expedient diagnostic protocols. Logical, step-by-step guidelines aid in accurate decision-making and diagnosis. A new chapter in the Adrenal Gland section (Section 3) addresses feline hyperadrenocorticism. The chapter on diabetes mellitus in the canine and feline has been divided into two chapters in order to explore the specific aspects of the disease in each species. All material has been extensively revised and brought up to date for this edition. Additional tables and algorithms throughout the book summarize and clarify information.
If you are a woman and want to get into great shape for good, then this is the book you need. Do you get winded after climbing a flight of stairs? Can't lift anything heavier than a bag of groceries? Have you gained weight and can't get rid of it? The author will help you overcome all of this once and for all, but first you have to be willing to take a close look at your own sabotaging behavior. With tough love, the author shines light on excuses she hears constantly as a personal trainer and then delivers effective strategies to become the strong woman you are meant to be. However, be warned, this is not a quick fix book but a road map for your journey to a better you.

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