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A selection of informative essays and vibrant photography combine to form a rich tapestry of the life and story of the ancient Blue Ridge Mountains. Stories range from the heritage of the mountains to the present day and include “Life Abundant,” which describes the mountains from a geologic, geographic, and natural perspective; “River Gaps and Mountain Swags,” which traces the origins of the mountains back over 10,000 years through settlement, war, and exploitation; and “Shangri-La,” a look at mountain culture in story, literature, and music encompassing everything from presidents to farmers and poets to mountaineers. Through this unique combination of storytelling and visual splendor, the intricate, interwoven fabric of the natural world and the human culture of the mountains is brought to life in this eco-friendly Green Press Initiative printing with full FSC certification.
Each vol. contains the sermon preached on the anniversary.
In the eighteenth century, naturalist and artist William Bartram traveled in the Blue Ridge Mountains and spent time documenting both plant life and the customs of the Middle Town Cherokees. Since that time, men and women like Bartram have journeyed through Western North Carolina's wildest and most remote places and written about their experiences. The essays in this volume compare the present day to those historical journeys and explore the idea of wilderness and what change means for the future of the people and the species who live in the mountains. Join local writer and guide Brent Martin on a journey through this incredible landscape.
From Blue Ridge to Barrier Islands offers the first collection of nature writing to focus specifically on the attractions of the central Atlantic region. The selections draw on all the outdoor experiences that have brought people closer to the land: exploration, science, travel, country life, conservation, hunting, fishing. Here are Walt Whitman's musings on bird migrations at midnight; John Lederer's account of the first recorded expedition, with native guides, to the summit of the Blue Ridge mountains; Pendleton Kennedy's reflections on a nineteenth-century fishing trip to Blackwater River; and Tom Horton on serious dangers the Potomac continues to face. From the awe and wonder of the first explorers to cries for conservation from contemporary writers, From Blue Ridge to Barrier Islands gathers examples of our changing views of the natural world and the values we place upon it.
Two women are close friends. Then one takes off with her children, without warning or explanation. In the aftermath the other reflects on their friendship when asked to testify in the ensuing custody battle.
Reproduction of the original: The Grand Canyon of Arizona: How to See it by George Wharton James
For years, readers of Luanne Austin’s Rural Pen column in the Daily News-Record have been asking for a compilation of her work. Here it is. Stain the Water Clear is a collection spanning 10 years. Her first Southern Yankee writings focused on the transplanted life of a young woman who had moved from her native New York to “the South.” Yankee Doodlin' continued on this theme, but expanded to family life, relationships and meditations on life. Finally, the Rural Pen pieces are those of a writer who has found her voice, addressing a range of topics, from politics to religion, to love and women’s issues, to meditations on nature and spirituality .The name of the column and this book come from William Blake’s “Songs of Innocence”: “And I made a rural pen, And I stain’d the water clear…”
The Shenandoah Valley conjures up a beautiful landscape and a resonant Civil War history. This guide delivers the best experiences in the area, peak to peak, from wonderful mountain flowers and streams, to rolling farmlands and white clapboard chapels to tales of invention, scholarship, and military encounters. Maps. Photos.
Introduces the geography, history, government, economy, industry, culture, historic sites, and famous people of the Tar Heel State.
Virginia's Blue Ridge -- a land of majestic mountains, beauty and tranquility where people still wave to strangers on backcountry roads; where children and the family dog still swim with patched inner tubes in pristine creeks; where luscious parks, forests, fields, streams and slopes invite you to hike, canoe, camp, fish or swim to your heart's content. You will love discovering Virginia's Blue Ridge with the definitive guide-book to the region.

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