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The second novel in Gregg Olsen's riveting and edgy Young Adult Vengeance series brings back Rylee Cassidey and thrusts her into a search that could change her life . . . or end it. Rylee tracks a serial killer in Portland, Oregon doing what she does best — lying, reinventing, and plotting vengeance for the victims of the brutal killer that has college students at Portland State University terrified. At the same time, she grapples with a betrayal so shocking that it sends her reeling, testing her as she’s never been tested before. Is there anyone she can trust?
“A riveting story in the hands of a master storyteller.”—James McBride, The Color of Water “I was four years old when my father came back to kidnap me,” begins this gripping memoir about Matousek’s search for James Matousek, the drifter father he never knew. Described by the New York Times as “part reminiscence, part detective story, part spiritual musing,” this memoir is more than the story of one man’s search for his father; it is also a look at the meaning of life and how fathers contribute to that meaning. Growing up in a family of troubled women (Matousek’s sister committed suicide when the author was 29), he describes the turmoil of growing up “fatherless in America”—an experience shared by millions of children in what sociologists have called the Age of the Absent Father—and the difficult, ultimately successful, struggle to figure out what being a man really means in an age of shifting definitions and evolving sexuality. With the tension of a mystery story, the climax occurs when Matousek meets a man he believes to be his father. But is he? And does Matousek, who has reconciled with his mother as she lay dying, really care? These are just two questions leading to this memoir’s surprising conclusion.
One of the most brilliant timeslip novels ever written,The Lives She Left Behind will appeal to fans of The Time Traveller's Wife and Life After Life - and, of course, Ferney. In a Somerset village, a teenage boy confronts a teacher with a story he should know nothing about. The boy's impossible knowledge uncovers memories Michael Martin has done his utmost to forget - and soon propels him into danger. As Martin confronts his past once more, three girls arrive in the village of Pen Selwood, one of them drawn by an ancient instinct to find a man called Ferney. Her actions reignite a love story, an instinct that cannot be broken, irrespective of the hurt and danger it brings to those around them... A passionate love story that spans the centuries, fall under the spell of Ferney and Gally's enduring romance.
A business trip to Atlanta explodes into a riveting whodunit when Audrey Wilson's pro-basketball player brother Bobby is accused of killing the mother of his autistic son. In Audrey's quest for the truth about stripper Simone Denton's untimely death, she discovers a series of journals detailing Simone's involvement in Atlanta's seedy underworld. What's more shocking is the realization that a family friend and Atlanta socialite is at the core of the city's corruption. As Audrey uncovers clues that exonerate her brother, her heart opens to the motherless boy who exists in a world no one can penetrate. Reading wrenching accounts of Simone's brutal lifestyle has Audrey rooting for her despite the futility in doing so. The diaries take Audrey on a harrowing odyssey of criminal activity with links closer to the Wilson family than Audrey could ever imagine. Is there a killer in their circle who is attempting to make What She Left Behind the final chapter in the Audrey Wilson Mystery Series?
Who knows where a kiss will lead! For one year, Penny Wright is doing whatever she wants. She's returned to her hometown in Colorado—but not the family ranch—to cross items off her risk-it list. To her surprise, she's braver than she thinks, because when she spies a hot newcomer doing something sweet for his daughter, Penny can't resist kissing him on the spot. Unfortunately, he turns out to be Max Thorpe. Her new tenant! Luckily, they both agree to be just friends. But with the sizzling attraction between them, "just friends" is hard. Maybe it's time for Penny to add a new item to her list—a family with Max.
Could this woman really be her birth mother? Leigh Randall plans to stay on Ocracoke Island in North Carolina's Outer Banks only as long as it takes to sell her family home. Her memories are not happy, and the locals won't let her forget. But there are at least two people pleased to see Leigh. One is a newcomer—a woman who just might be her mother. And the other is Spencer McKay, Leigh's high school sweetheart. He's back with his teenage son—the child of Leigh's former best friend—and his feelings for Leigh haven't changed. Like the mystery woman, he wants to rehash the past and make sense of what happened all those years ago. Leigh just wants to get on with her life. But something is keeping her on Ocracoke. Something more than the secret of her birth.
‘Essential reading for Jodi Picoult fans’ Daily Mail A past that won’t stay buried...

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