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A beautifully written sequel to the inspirational Emmanuel's Book, with an introduction by Ram Dass. The Choice For Love offers insight into difficult relationships, aging, illness and healing, learning from AIDS and much more.
Think of this as Soul Shifts for the heart. #1 New York Times best-selling author Dr. Barbara De Angelis returns to the topic on which she built her career —love and relationships. However this time she explores them in a different and deeper way. She describes love as “an infinite field of the highest energy” and shows readers that because of this love is also the most direct path to healing and wholeness. Topics covered in the book include: • A new relationship with love • Essential healing for your heart • New heart maps for living in love • Gateways to grace
“The Christian life we are called to live within the family is not something just to be studied. It is something to be lived. And it is something to be lived with joy.” -Carl A. Anderson, from the Introduction When the Catholic Church speaks of "vocation," she means the "calling out" of each human person to accomplish a task preordained by God in the co-redemption of the world. Every human being has a vocation. God created each individual soul with a specific purpose in mind. Thus, the greatest joy for a Christian is pursuing the purpose for which God created him or her. For Christians, marriage is a vocation. In this series of interviews and reflections, the Head of the Pontifical Council on the Family at the Vatican focuses on the intricacies of family. Bishop Laffitte provides theological and practical insight to deepen our relationships with our parents, children, brothers and sisters, and, ultimately, God. The Choice of the Family stresses the importance of the family in the twenty-first century. and issues a call to action for everyone to reinvigorate the teachings of Jesus in his or her day-to-day life.
A Course of Love is a book that changes lives because its purpose is to return you to your true Self. That one change will completely change your life and the world. Both individuals and humanity as a whole are now passing through a tremendous transformation. Are you ready to: KNOW YOURSELF in a new way, without judging yourself? ACCEPT ALL YOUR FEELINGS without rejecting them or projecting them onto others, thus remaining in harmony with who you are? LET GO of the perceptions and judgments of the mind, turning instead to the wisdom of your heart? This Second Edition contains the supplement, “Dialogue Unveiled.” ACOL is more than a book. It offers a new way of living and being. ACOL posits that all changes we would like to see happening in our lives, even in the world, stem from a single change: moving from seeing ourselves as separate individuals, to seeing the truth thatwe are an integral part of life, and of an eternal Consciousness that exists in Unity. ACOL is a call to move into love's embrace. As we remember our true identity, we let go of previous limiting beliefs that brought about experiences of struggle, loneliness, and pain. Our authentic Self leads us to live in certainty and with a clear sense of meaning and purpose. ACOL is often experienced as more of a transmission than a text. It keeps on revealing more, even to those who have read it numerous times before. Many readers find it to be truly alive. Though it stands by itself, ACOL is complementary to A Course in Miracles.Like ACIM, ACOL presents itself through the Voice of Jesus. It says that the two Courses work “hand-in-hand.” Many students of ACIM recognize the Voice. Despite its name, ACOL does not “teach love,” for “love cannot be taught but only recognized.” ACOL leads to the re-discovery our shared heartbeat, a union with One and a relationship with All. And despite its name as a “course,” it does not call for effort but for awareness. “While you continue to put effort into learning what cannot be learned, as you continue to see yourself as a student seeking to acquire what you do not yet have, you cannot recognize the unity in which you exist.” ACOL invites the reader to recover a memory that your heart has never lost. The goal is beyond learning. The goal is direct knowing through realizing one's true identity.
Murder and Revenge Rock a Sleepy Minnesota Community Average people get entangled in web of crime and love in new book When a troubled young mother is violently murdered, everyone becomes a suspect in A Choice of Love (published by iUniverse), the debut novel by Dean Robbins. Philip Cellars lives a quiet life in the sleepy town of Eagleview, a suburb to Minnesota's Twin Cities. Harsh winters and an introverted nature keep Philip mostly to himself, but the one constant in his life is Kelly Worth, his neighbor, friend and coworker. Each morning, the two ride together to work and enjoy a pleasant companionship. When Philip pulls up in front of Kelly's mobile home one frigid November morning, he senses that something is amiss when she's not outside waiting for him. When he goes in to check on her, Philip is stunned to discover Kelly's lifeless body surrounded by blood and covered in stab wounds. Detective Mike Silverton is assigned to the case and immediately begins an investigation. Ostensibly, the main suspect is Gerri, Kelly's ex-husband and the father to their one-year-old daughter, Stephanie. Detective Silverton arranges for the child's babysitter, Jill Watkins, to care for the child while the investigation gets underway. As Philip and Jill get to know one another and bond over their grief in losing Kelly, Det. Silverton's investigation reveals that Kelly had told friends she had a boyfriend in the days leading up to her death. Philip finds himself one of several additional suspects, and the plot further thickens when Jill shoots and kills Gerri in self-defense. Falling madly in love and eager to get custody of the now-orphaned Stephanie, Jill and Philip spontaneously decide to get married. Jill becomes distant following a miscarriage at the wedding and Liz, a lawyer who's been advising Philip throughout the whole ordeal, has fallen in love with him. When the newlyweds' home is burned down, and the brakes are cut on Liz's car, it's clear that someone still has a score to settle. Will the truth come to light before it's too late, or will the killer finally exact revenge? Find out in the mesmerizing pages of A Choice of Love, a novel that skillfully blends romance and suspense until its surprising end.
This book is about marriage as God intended it to be. God is the Author of marriage. He instituted it in order to provide a need for assistance felt by the first human being. So there is a purpose for which God gave the woman to man. In order for marriage to be successful, the partners going into it must first be at the centre of God's will. They ought to know God's purposes for marriage. They ought also to know that there must be a commitment from both parties to pursue the purpose of God for the marriage. This requires mutual knowledge. Make sure you are compatible with the one you're marrying. In the book, compatibility is presented as a powerful factor in the harmony of couples, who are later called to face several pressures: sentimental, social, professional, economic, and even spiritual. This book will heal the man blinded by ignorant zeal and passion and untie the slaves of emotion. This is a book on marriage, showing how to choose a good spouse, taking into account several parameters. I recommend that you read it through without presumption. Please, read the book and in a spirit of prayer and obedience.

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