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'The Christian Way' is a study manual for persons or groups who are seeking a fuller understanding of the way of life represented in the teachings of Jesus. It is based on the collection of Jesus's words found in the so-called Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7), a document that biblical scholars believe functioned in the early church as a catechism. The manual is not intended primarily as a textual commentary, but focuses rather on the significance of Jesus's words for our own time. It will achieve its purpose if it encourages those who use it to walk in the way in which Jesus points us in his teachings. It is hoped that it will also contribute to a revival of the use of the Sermon on the Mount as a catechetical resource in Christian churches.
When Quietism was condemned in 1687 it resulted in an antipathy, if not an open hostility to authentic mystical theology. This situation has lasted down to the present day and has been aggravated by many forms of counterfeit mysticism that are self-centred, not God-centred. The consequences have been disastrous. To restore the balance lost to Christian spirituality, the author returns to the profound mystical teaching that Jesus himself lived and handed on to the early Church through his disciples. His research has resulted in a book that details a practical daily spirituality for all, that mirrors that which was lived by our earliest Christian forebears. It emphasises the original balance between personal and communal prayer in such a way that our whole lives become the place where we continually offer our lives through Christ to the Father.
After 2,000 years, the gospel continues to surprise if only we let it. David W. Shenk's goal in Surprises of the Christian Way is to do precisely that: to enable, not only long-time Christians, but also seekers wondering why the gospel matters, to be surprised anew by the fresh and amazing power of Christian faith to transform lives. Written in simple and anecdotal style, this book invites all readers to enter the teachings and stories of the Bible and make them their own. Readers from a wide variety of cultures will find themselves entering and learning from each other's stories of faith as well as the search for belief in Christ.
* What are the Seven Dynamics of Christianity? * What are the five levels of Christians? * What are the four tracks of Christianity? * How is the Soul defined? * What is meant by the Articles of Christian Conversion? * Who is the Christian Witness and how does he operate? * What does the Bible contain and what does it not contain? * What are the seven facts concerning the Devil? AND MUCH MORE!
The Christian Way was written, only with the help of the HOLY SPIRIT who provided guidance and inspiration. The poems contained herein come from the heart, and are meant to help others that may be in need of a Spiritual uplifting. Author Chandler Robinson spent many years writing and compiling this offering. These poems will evoke many emotion; joy, peace, reverence, fear or fear of the unknown. Several deal with Salvation, some with the habits of life such as alcoholism and adultery, some with life after death, etc. Robinson declares that all of these renditions are straight from the heart, and are felt deep within his Spirit. The one thing to keep in mind is that GOD in His mercy has provided the impetus and will forever receive the honor and Glory for this work. Reading of this work will leave a tirade of emotions, and will have a lasting effect. A person is never closer to GOD than when studying His Holy Word or reading something inspired by the WORD.