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When Quietism was condemned in 1687 it resulted in an antipathy, if not an open hostility to authentic mystical theology. This situation has lasted down to the present day and has been aggravated by many forms of counterfeit mysticism that are self-centred, not God-centred. The consequences have been disastrous. To restore the balance lost to Christian spirituality, the author returns to the profound mystical teaching that Jesus himself lived and handed on to the early Church through his disciples. His research has resulted in a book that details a practical daily spirituality for all, that mirrors that which was lived by our earliest Christian forebears. It emphasises the original balance between personal and communal prayer in such a way that our whole lives become the place where we continually offer our lives through Christ to the Father.
* What are the Seven Dynamics of Christianity? * What are the five levels of Christians? * What are the four tracks of Christianity? * How is the Soul defined? * What is meant by the Articles of Christian Conversion? * Who is the Christian Witness and how does he operate? * What does the Bible contain and what does it not contain? * What are the seven facts concerning the Devil? AND MUCH MORE!
Ignorance about God produces nothing but constant loss in our lives. Therefore, I pray that each reader of The Christian Way be extremely blessed while reading this book, which was designed to direct Christians to the fact that Jesus wants not only to be our savior, healer, deliverer, and restorer but also our Lord. Only through daily submitting our wills to him will we be truly fulfilled and at peace within ourselves and with others. One reason most books don’t transform us is that we are so eager to read the next chapter. We don’t pause long enough and take the time to seriously consider what we just read. The Christian Way can be more than just a book if you do more with it than just read it. Allow this book to be an inspirational journey with your Creator. Until you take action and use this book as a guide to becoming successful spiritually, it really is worthless.
Is Christianity but a selection of stories, as some suppose, or is there more to it than that? Are its adherents guided by something real or simply following their own fancies? That there are communities of Christians is itself real enough, but is their mere existence its own justification? Events like the birth and death of Jesus are for the most part real enough, though they have been overlaid with stories that may at times be helpful symbolism but may also distract or distort. The very human way Jesus and his disciples followed during his ministry was also real enough, though again overlaid with interpretative material; however, the circumstances of his followers then varied, and those of Christian communities in succeeding generations differ still more. On the eve of his death Jesus sought to bind his followers together with one another and himself rather than offering them a way of otherworldly salvation. He may yet have expected such a salvation, as did the Apostle Paul, but it is more fruitful to follow the latter in seeing "life" to be gained in "death," in a "dying to sin," in this life.
A selection of key writings from the French religious philosopher, Jean Borella.

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