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This book presents a collection of classic wedding standards for solo keyboard accordion. The songs are presented in easy-to-read arrangements in popular keys. Each piece includes fingering suggestions and a recommendation for placement within the wedding ceremony. Arrangements vary from easy to intermediate
Say “I do” to three royal heroes in this collection of classic royal wedding romances. Matrimony with His Majesty — Rebecca Winters Darrell Collier is an ordinary, small—town single mum. And when Alexandre Valleder sweeps into her life, she’s determined not to be pressured into marriage by royal command! Alex is a good ruler and a responsible king. But one secret night, years ago, he rebelled. The result, as he’s just discovered, was a child. Now he has to make things right. It will shock his family and shake up the monarchy. First, he must persuade this beautiful, stubborn commoner she has the makings of a queen! A Royal Marriage of Convenience — Marion Lennox International lawyer Nikolai de Montez has just discovered he’s the estranged heir to the throne of Alp de Montez. To rightfully rule, he must marry Rose McCray! Rose is an ordinary country vet, but her royal bloodline makes her Nik’s bride of choice — and she knows it’s her duty to accept. The wedding ceremony is sumptuous, yet when the formalities are over it’s time for the Prince and Princess of Alp de Montez to get to know one another as man and wife… The Royal Marriage — Fiona Hood—Stewart Gabriella Guimaraes was shocked to discover that her late father had promised her to a prince! She must marry or be left penniless. Ricardo, the irresistibly handsome ruler of the Mediterranean principality of Maldoravia, was not easy to refuse! Determined not to be ruled by Ricardo, Gabriella’s defiance began in the bedroom. But she hadn’t bargained on falling in love with her husband, or his insistence that this must be a royal marriage — in every sense!
Say “I do” to three prince heroes in this collection of classic royal wedding romances. Royally Bedded, Regally Wedded — Julia James Lizzy Mitchell has something that Prince Rico Ceraldi wants: she’s the adoptive mother of the young heir to the throne of San Lucenzo, Rico’s Mediterranean principality! Lizzy will do anything for her little boy! So when Rico demands a marriage of convenience, she agrees. It’s a union in name only, as Rico considers her far too ordinary. But a royal wedding means a royal makeover — and when Rico sees his princess bride, he wants her…in his bed! Crowned: An Ordinary Girl — Natasha Oakley Just as Sebastian had tasted normal life, he was forced to do his duty. Accepting the crown meant losing his most precious gift — the love of an ordinary girl. Now, years on, Marianne Chambers is visiting Andovaria and Seb has been given the second chance he’s always longed for. Can he fight tradition and crown Marianne as his very own princess? The Prince And The Nanny — Cara Colter Feisty redhead Prudence Winslow’s down to her last cent and is cynical about finding Mr Right, so she has sworn off men — for a year! Then she meets Ryan Kaelan and his delightful motherless children who need her nanny skills. Prudence takes the job, telling herself it wasn’t Ryan’s jaw—dropping sexiness that convinced her — or the fact that he is a real—life prince! But will she be able to resist Ryan’s royal command — to seal the deal with a kiss?
Now Available in One Volume - The Royal Wedding Collection by Rachel Hauck Once Upon a Prince A royal prince. An ordinary girl. An extraordinary royal wedding. Princess Ever After Regina Beswick was born to be a princess. But she’s content to be a small-town girl, running a classic auto restoration shop, unaware a secret destiny awaits her. How to Catch a Prince An American heiress and a crown prince seem destined to be together. Will the devastation of war keep them apart forever?
Say “I do” to three prince heroes in this collection of classic royal wedding romances. Crowned for the Prince’s Heir — Sharon Kendrick Dress designer Lisa Bailey reluctantly broke off her relationship with Luc, knowing an affair with the prince had no future. But one last stolen encounter left her quaking with passion, drenched in desire and unexpectedly pregnant! Months later, Prince Luciano Leonides of Mardovia is on the brink of the perfect political marriage when a news article shows Lisa with an obvious bump! Now he must claim his heir at any cost. She may be an unsuitable bride but she will become his queen! A Night in the Prince’s Bed — Chantelle Shaw Beautiful Mina Hart has overcome her hearing challenge to become a leading theater actress. Then, one stolen night with a gorgeous stranger turns into headline news when it’s revealed he is the prince of Storvhal. Devastated when he accuses her of using him for publicity, Mina travels to his icy Scandinavian country to proclaim her innocence. A heavy snowfall traps them inside Prince Aksel’s private retreat, and now she must rely on her senses to read this haunted and intensely private prince! Becoming the Prince’s Wife — Rebecca Winters Attorney Carolena Baretti keeps her cards close to her chest. Except a chance encounter with the handsome prince ignites a fiery attraction, and Carolena finds that he may just be the one man she can trust…. Crown prince Valentino is increasingly distracted from his duty by commoner Carolena. But Valentino is playing with fire. To be with Carolena he would have to sacrifice everything—including his right to the throne….
Spanning the extraordinary breadth of the genre, these terrifying stories are sure to leave you sleeping with the light on for many nights to come. Whether the threat comes from accursed artefacts, supernatural villains, or deadly rituals, there is always some unknowable evil lurking around the corner waiting to pounce. Ranging from the efforts of classic literary writers like Mary Shelley and Robert Louis Stevenson to pulp icon H. P. Lovecraft, these masters of the dark arts knew how to create suspense and an impending sense of dread. Horror fiction found its first connoisseurs amongst the Victorian public. This collection features several of its most accomplished pioneers. Short stories from Mary Shelley, the author of Frankenstein, Bram Stoker, the author of Dracula, and Robert Louis Stevenson, the author of The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, show that some of the 19th century's most revered horror novelists could provide equally terrifying experiences in a shorter form. Other authors such as H. P. Lovecraft, William Hope Hodgson, Pearl Norton Swet, and M. P. Shiel established themselves in the emerging pulp magazines of America in the early 20th century. There, they mastered their craft and provided terrifying thrills for an audience eager for a new type of fiction. Meanwhile, in the United Kingdom and Ireland, writers like Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu, E. F. Benson, and M. R. James mastered the classic ghost story. And who can forget Edgar Allan Poe? He devoted himself almost entirely to his poetry and his short stories, and his lyrical style and ability to evoke an atmosphere are unparalleled. This collection includes stories by: Edward Frederic Benson Ambrose Bierce Francis Marion Crawford George Allan England William Hope Hodgson W. W. Jacobs M. R. James Vernon Lee Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu H. P. Lovecraft Arthur Machen Guy de Maupassant Edgar Allan Poe Charlotte Riddell Mary Shelley M. P. Shiel Robert Louis Stevenson Bram Stoker Pearl Norton Swet
(Piano Solo Songbook). Piano solo arrangements of 25 classical favorites for weddings. Includes: Air on the G String * Bridal Chorus * Canon in D * Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring * Ode to Joy * Rondeau * Sheep May Safely Graze * Trumpet Voluntary * Wedding March * more.
Captivated by her boss! When her sister announces her engagement, it’s up to nurse Phoebe Brook to take Sybil’s place on a nursing exchange scheme, working for renowned – and handsome – pediatric doctor Lucius van Someren! Phoebe is completely charmed by her new boss who’s eager to spend time with her after hours. But when she meets his adopted young son, Paul, things don’t quite go according to plan, and Phoebe also finds she’s not the only woman captivated by the single dad... Originally published in 1973. New to ebook!
Special occasions deserve special words—phrases more eloquent than we ourselves could compose. This lavishly illustrated collection includes some of the best readings ever created to mark births and birthdays, engagements and weddings, retirements and deaths. Arranged by theme, it includes writers ranging from Shakespeare and Wordsworth to Whitman, Angelou, and Dr. Seuss, as well as Apache prayers and Irish blessings.
Favorite Wedding Classics for Solo Singers features arrangements of nine beloved masterworks representing a wide variety of eras and styles, and some of history's best-loved composers. This inspired collection includes solo arrangements of popular favorites not found previously in other wedding collections. It offers information about each composer and his work, as well as foreign language pronunciation guides. Four songs include optional trumpet or flute obbligato (parts included). Available in both medium high and medium low voicings.
Expertly designed One Patch quilts provide tremendous visual impact. The 12 projects in this book range from traditional charm quilts to contemporary, one-of-a-kind designs-& each is guaranteed to stimulate the creativity of quilters & fabric collectors.
Presents a wide range of creative wedding ring designs from the world's most innovative designers and jewelers, showcasing a collection of contemporary, handmade wedding bands and engagement rings for both men and women by Etienne Peret, James Kaya, and other artists.
A comprehensive and versatile collection of folk and new wedding songs. Wide variety of eras and styles including, some of the most favorite classic wedding songs. This inspired collection contains careful selection of songs, complements the mehndi, sangeet and dholki ceremonies not previously found in any wedding songs collection. The book is in Roman Urdu/Hindi.
For All Our Days is a sweeping collection of 50 poems and musings to read at a wedding ceremony. Readings range from Shakespearean sonnets and historical love letters to excerpts from classic novels and children's books—and even stand-up comedy routines. Covering a wide range of speech themes and styles, this book ensures there is something for every couple. • A must-have for any couple planning their wedding • Organized into secular and spiritual sections, with religious texts from five major faiths • A sweet reminder of what marriage is all about Engaged couples will love exploring For All Our Days before the big day. This elegant collection of readings is also wonderful for wedding officiants and planners alike. You'll love this book if you love books like The Knot Guide to Wedding Vows and Traditions: Readings, Rituals, Music, Dances, and Toasts by Carley Roney; The Wedding Ceremony Planner: The Essential Guide to the Most Important Part of Your Wedding Day by Judith Johnson; and A Wedding Ceremony To Remember: Perfect Words For The Perfect Wedding by Marty Younkin.
REMEMBERING is the author’s fourth collection of poems. Here he shows us how memories are made, why there are precious, and he helps us recall and cherish memories of our own. We hope reading this book will be a happy and meaningful experience for you—that it will be one to remember!
(BLACK & WHITE EDITION, 264 pages, paperback, instructional). (This Beverley Way Collection VALUE edition consists of a full color cover with a classic BLACK AND WHITE INTERIOR. The content of this book is identical to that provided in the full color version. A premium FULL COLOR paperback edition of this product is in print and available. Elegant Dream Wedding Cakes in black and white is an economical resource for templates, illustrations and instructions required for creating Beverley Way wedding cake designs. It has been printed in gray-scale to pass savings onto readers. This product is also conveniently offered as an eBook for Kindle and electronic device reading). Simple techniques with stunning results! This classy glossy covered INSTRUCTIONAL paperback is packed with remarkable, signature one and two layer cake concepts from the Beverley Way Collection online gallery. The cakes presented have been carefully designed and selected to present unique original ideas with very little overlap to concepts found in other retail cake decorating instruction books. In typical Beverley Way Collection form, the cakes are stylish and many of the creations incorporate unique dimensional elements. The designs include those incorporating a wealth of handcrafted icing roses, hand piped icing lace, ornate icing extensions, run-out decoration, hand painted fondant and more. This book is chock full of complete decorating instructions, actual sized templates, shades of black-to-gray coded illustrations, and large cake photos. Instructions to create all icing parts and pieces are included. Required icing recipes are also included. Although the cakes presented in this instruction book are designed to effectively accent elegant smaller affairs, images of alternative versions of each design from medium sized to the jaw dropping tall tiered cake are also presented for additional consideration. Best of all and to the decorator's delight, the decorative icing work employs simple common decorating technique, two or three common icing tips, and easy to obtain additional materials. This book is suitable for a wide range of technical ability, from the confident decorator with some basic level decorating skill and experience, to the highly seasoned decorating specialist. The primary focus of this instructional book is on how to recreate the exterior decorative icing appearance of each cake presented, and its main goal is to put forth a plethora of refreshing new ways to present icing on cake using known basic techniques. Therefore, in order to include an abundant number of icing concepts, and due to the wealth of fine culinary retail books available which provide tested sumptuous cake recipes and hints, baking has intentionally not been addressed in this book. Care, however, has been taken to describe any specific decorating techniques employed. The very basics of decorating such as filling icing bags, attaching icing tubes, doweling cakes etc. are also not intentionally outlined in this book due to the wealth of basic skill retail handbooks currently available addressing these details at length. An email address is conveniently provided at the back of this book to actively involve readers in helping to improve any future editions of this book via reader comments and suggestions. Create one of these Beverley Way Collection beauties for your event and be prepared to repeatedly hear "I've never seen anything like it!"

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