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Ours is the most dynamic era in human history. The benefits of four centuries of technological and organizational change are at last reaching a previously excluded global majority. This transformation will create large-scale opportunities in richer countries like the United States just as it has in poorer countries now in the ascent. In The Coming Prosperity, Philip E. Auerswald argues that it is time to overcome the outdated narratives of fear that dominate public discourse and to grasp the powerful momentum of progress. Acknowledging the gravity of today's greatest global challenges--like climate change, water scarcity, and rapid urbanization--Auerswald emphasizes that the choices we make today will determine the extent and reach of the coming prosperity. To make the most of this epochal transition, he writes, the key is entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs introduce new products and services, expand the range of global knowledge networks, and, most importantly, challenge established business interests, maintaining the vitality of mature capitalist economies and enhancing the viability of emerging ones. Auerswald frames narratives of inspiring entrepreneurs within the sweep of human history. The book's deft analysis of economic trends is enlivened by stories of entrepreneurs making an outsize difference in their communities and the world--people like Karim Khoja, who led the creation of the first mobile phone company in Afghanistan; Leila Janah, who is bringing digital-age opportunity to talented people trapped in refugee camps; and Victoria Hale, whose non-profit pharmaceutical company turned an orphan drug into a cure for black fever. Engagingly written and bracingly realistic about the prospects of our historical moment, The Coming Prosperity disarms the current narratives of fear and brings to light the vast new opportunities in the expanding global economy.
The end is near! You've certainly heard the phrase before. And though you may have neglected such a warning in the past, you cannot ignore it any longer. The signs of the end times are all around us. In Prosperity and the Coming Apocalypse, Jim Bakker reveals the "last days message" he received while in prison. This is not just a book of prophecy, it is a book of survival. Through careful study of God's Word and a reexamination of his earlier prosperity theology, Bakker reveals the answers to questions of concern for some Christians. Though no one knows exactly the time of Jesus' return, it will happen. Prosperity and the Coming Apocalypse illustrates how soon the end will be here. Are you prepared for that day? Now in tradepaper from Ken Abraham and Jim Bakker!
Predicts an unprecedented twenty-year period of economic prosperity in America based on advances in education, investment in technology, and free trade
Social Security is sacrosanct and few politicians risk the ire of the believers by questioning its adequacy or solvency. At a time of unprecedented prosperity and prospects for an even better 21st century, Social Security is, in fact, the greatest barrier between much of the nation and a comfortable retirement. At the same time, Medicare costs are growing steadily. In several other countries, government sponsored pension plans return 2-3 times as much as Social Security. A simple change in attitudes plus an understanding of the ‘time value of money’ would allow most Americans to fully participate in the growing prosperity and narrow the ever widening gap between the very rich and the rest of us. Social InSecurity delves into the misconceptions that give our misbegotten public pension system a ‘Teflon’ aura, and exposes many other government programs and statistical analyses that are actually counterproductive rather than help us cope with the arduous task of providing for our families and our own elder years. It presents reforms that require no increase in taxes, nor reduced Social Security benefits to achieve the goal of retiring at twice your final salary, plus outlines an approach that could help solve the medical care problem.
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Kingdoms and Covenants is an interpretive commentary on the Bible. It is unique because of the narrative format used to cover a wide range of topics in every area of Bible interpretation, beginning with Genesis, through the Gospels, and concluding with Revelations. The final section deals with the manner the early Church apologists departed from the divine concepts as originally defined in the Bible. This book is a necessity for every person involved in Bible study, ministers and teachers alike.
This optimistic text examines and predicts the 40-year period from 1980-2020 as the key years of a remarkable economic transformation.

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