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Part of the Home Health Library, The Complete Book of Nutritional Healing is a comprehensive reference book for the most common health issues Americans face and what you can do about them, using diet and natural methods. Take charge of your health with these dietary methods proven to prevent or alleviate health challenges of all kinds. Author Deborah Mitchell has compiled: • A-to-Z, cross-referenced entries of common health conditions, along with recommended foods and/or supplements to treat them • Detailed entries on healing foods from almonds to oatmeal to salmon to zucchini and dozens in between that boost health and well-being • The latest information on vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and more—with suggestions for safe, effective usage • The best food sources and dietary supplements for you and your family • Includes delicious, easy-to-follow recipes! • An overview of American diet and nutritional issues today (including a comprehensive resources list) • And more.
A nutritional guide and cookbook offers a program for a healthy diet, identifying foods that prevent disease and providing simple recipes using common ingredients.
From hairballs and fleas to obesity and diabetes, this comprehensive guide shows you how to treat a wide range of common feline ailments using simple home remedies, herbal therapies,, and chemical-free options that can save you hundreds of dollars in veterinary bills—and help Kitty live a longer, healthier life. • This guide features a cross-reference to the most common feline health problems that can be treated with natural remedies • Contains comprehensive, accessible information on a full range of natural, herbal, homeopathic nutritional supplements for cats. • There section of "10 Kitty No Nos" -- suppliments and foods you should avoid giving your cat. • Provides information on benefits of use, dosing, signs and symptoms of deficiency, and signs and symptoms of overdose.
Written by a nutritional expert, this book is the definitive work for everyone looking to improve their health through better eating. Full color.
Provides advice on canine diet and information on symptoms, diagnosis, conventional treatment, and home remedies for fourteen common canine medical conditions, including arthritis, diabetes, kidney problems, obesity, and worms.
Take charge of your health with this easy-to-use reference guide to the most common ailments that women face, and the natural remedies you can use to prevent, alleviate and treat them. In A Woman's Guide to Vitamins, Herbs and Supplements, author Deborah Mitchell has compiled: • Comprehensive information on the health challenges today's women face throughout life, all in an easy-to-follow alphabetical format • A-to-Z format provides the latest information on natural supplements that can effectively tackle health concerns faced by women • Useful, little-known, important information "Of Special Interest to Women" in every entry • Guidelines on how to develop a personalized nutrition plan for women of every age and stage of life • An overview of the state of women's health today -- from heart and bone disease to breast cancer to hormonal and reproductive issues -- including the latest research and resources • And more. Part of the Healthy Home Library series, A Woman's Guide to Vitamins, Herbs and Supplements provides essential health information that no woman should be without.

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