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"Visionary, often brilliant." —Los Angeles Times From the assembly halls of Athens to the Turkish baths of New York's Lower East Side, from eighteenth-century English gardens to the housing projects of Harlem—a study of the physical fabric of the city as a mirror of Western society and culture.
A story of Espionage, Romance, and Abuse of Power in the fictional town of Abe's Turn: Somewhere in America, the people live in a police state. Ted and Clydene Jackson have felt it personally. So have their friends Mira and Michael, and all the victims they've tried to help, and all the volunteers lobbying to remove Police Chief Baedes from power. For Baedes's sole ambition is to protect the town of Abe's Turn, at all costs, even if he has to destroy a few innocents in the process. And he will knock down anyone who tries to get in his way. However, these four friends, unknown even to them, have the means, motive, and opportunity to restrain the forces around them, if they dare. and if their own feelings for each other don't stop them before they even begin. Politically incorrect, distinctly libertarian, and teeming with complex characters, this epic novelette series (with a planned 24-episode story arc) explores the heart of freedom and the dangers of power. It blurs the lines between state, revolution, and terrorism. It asks what Thomas Jefferson once asked: What country can preserve its liberties, if its rulers are not warned from time to time, that this people preserve the spirit of resistance? (This first volume contains only Season 1, Episodes 1-4 of the series.)
This work is a combination of an account of a most captivating Lebanese personality with a penetrating analysis of the historical and religious contours of Lebanon. Mordechai Nisan spent much time with Etienne Sakr between 2000 and 2001. Set within the context of the national political narrative of Lebanon, this volume offers a portrait of Sakr and the times in which he lived before his exile to Israel in May 2000. Personal testimonies from Lebanese residents and conversations with others outside of Lebanon who knew Abu-Arz, in addition to interviews with Israelis aquainted with him, provide the authenticity to the portrait of this remarkable man.
10. Conclusions: John Sankey
The conscience of today's college students is guided by the personal moral values that underlie this generations' concept of justice. The Daveys present two dozen scenarios involving moral questions, ranging from race, poverty, crime, drugs, sex, religion, educational funding, and constitutional rights.
This novella based on Pythagorean ideas is an attempt to enable an individual to string a bridge from the intimate microcosm of their individuality to the macrocosm of the universe as we know it today. The string from which we all hang in today’s world is conscience which is composed of a set of psychological internal beliefs to which an individual ascribes to as that which governs their behavior. But when one’s action is in opposition to that which one professes to believe, the internal belief system becomes a tattered string hanging precariously to immorality. In the heat of battle we adopt and internalize the external national constitution that most Americans profess to fight for, uphold, and die for. But few really believe or understand it. This is a narrative beginning with a blind WWII Veteran in Arlington National Cemetery for our war dead. He is seeking to verify that the inscriptions inscribed on certain headstones of his former comrades are what they desired. Each inscription is purported to be a reminder to the living to keep the faith with themselves and their country. The necessity to continue the march forwards from a practical democracy to accomplish a true democracy is reinforced by a group of terrorists who capture and threaten to blow up the Statue of Liberty unless America ceases supporting corrupt governments through out the world.

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