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Life in the saddle, on the trail, and in the outback has forged a style of living that cowboy-turned-chef Grady Spears calls the Cowboy Way. It's a life where boots and hats are much more about function than fashion. It means that when you eat, drink, and breathe the tending of cattle, raising beef is not just some exercise where loss is charted on a spreadsheet. When your days are filled with the smells of fresh-cut hay and the creaking of worn leather, when you wake up with the sun and to the smell of coffee on the boil and biscuits from the chuck wagon, you are living the Cowboy Way. Because cowboys spend long days outdoors in every kind of weather, sometimes for weeks at a time, satiating a cowboy's hunger is a challenge for ranch cooks from Texas to Florida, north into Canada, and south of the border into Mexico. This collection of almost one hundred recipes is not only the result of Grady's journey across North America, but also the cowboy's journey through history. In Cooking the Cowboy Way, you'll have a ringside seat at the rodeo as Grady wrestles down new recipes from some incredible cowboy cooks and kitchen wranglers who know what hungry cow folks want to eat. And in the process, you'll be carried away by the magic of starry nights by the campfire and seduced by the heritage of the chuck wagon and ranch kitchens, where the menus are still stoked by the traditions of the Old West just as they have been for a century or more.
When a cowboy rescues a single mom, he promises to do things the right way—his way!—in this story from USA TODAY bestselling author Kathie DeNosky Rancher T. J. Malloy doesn't think twice before saving a woman and her baby from raging floodwaters and taking them to his ranch. So what if it's Heather Wilson, the neighbor he's feuded with for months. Heather also happens to be heart-stoppingly beautiful and in desperate need of the kind of help only he can give. As the floodwaters rise, so does their passion—and T.J. will do whatever it takes to get Heather to stay…on his terms!
A RODEO ROMANCE! Young widow Beth Conroy had long ago vowed never to lose her heart again. She spent all her time caring for her son, who had been in a wheelchair since the accident that killed his father. Then Kevin won a trip to the ranch of his bull-riding hero, and soon Beth's world was turned upside down by the sexy rodeo star! Jake Dixon had never met a mother as overprotective—or as beautiful. Beth's devotion to her son troubled his heart, as did the sadness in her eyes. All he wanted to do was kiss her troubles away, but when Beth learned that Jake was running from his own demons, she put her attraction on hold. Could the handsome cowboy heal Beth's wounded heart and make them a family?
Something happened when Ranger Doug, Too Slim, Woody Paul, and later Joey "The Cowpolka King" took the stage in the white cowboy hats and dazzling western regalia. Riders In The Sky revived the old Western songs that had been so popular in their childhood by following in the bootsteps of songwriting legends such as Gene Autry and Bob Nolan of The Sons of the Pioneers. At a time when the "outlaw" movement saw artists such as Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson topping country charts with gritty songs about drinking and depression, Riders In The Sky hit just the right chord with maturing baby boomers. It's the Cowboy Way! is the story of the Riders' journey from obscurity to - well - less obscurity. It's a behind-the-scenes glimpse at a group of serious musicians with not-so-serious outlooks on life, four men who set out not just to revive a lost musical tradition but to nurture America's love of good-hearted, heroic cowboys.
Jo Beth Jensen is practical. Burned once by a cowboy, she's sworn never to get involved with another one. But sexy Clay Madison is different. A champion rodeo bull rider, Clay is just too easy on the eyes to ignore. With his lean hips and tight buns, Clay is every woman's fantasy.
When a cowboy rescues a single mom, he promises to do things the right way—his way!–in this story from USA Today bestselling author Kathie DeNosky

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