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From athletics to Australian rugby league and from snooker to speedway, this book includes all the information that the sports gambler needs to consider to ensure that their money doesn't go to the dogs.
Written to help readers become more successful and profitable traders in sports betting, this guide teaches practical techniques and strategies that will help betters to set themselves up for betting success.
The definitive and up-to-date guide to sports spread betting Daniel Townend has interviewed many spread betting insiders in the spread betting firms, sports journalists and successful punters to compile this definitive and up-to-date guide to all aspects of Sports Spread Betting. The book includes chapters on the major individual sports, details of all the different markets offered and the differences between the spread betting firms. The book has sections on: 1) The philosophy of a spread bettor 2) Lies, damned lies and statistics...but how the spread firms swear by them. 3) What moves the market...what traders are thinking when they are setting markets 4) Money-management – know what your losses could be 5) In-running betting 6) Football - Why despite being the national obsession, football is the hardest sport to win on 7) Cricket and how it is the perfect spread bet sport 8) Rugby - The elite teams and inside comment from Ian Robertson 9) Golf - The majors vs. the run of the mill competitions. 10) American Football, Motor Racing & Greyhound Racing 11) Politics - The intrigue of insider information from the halls of Westminster with inside comment from Peter Kellner.
This is an insiders guide written by one of the worlds most astute sports traders with a proven track record. With almost two decades of sports betting experience and over four years as a bookmaker for Australias leading bookmaker, Cameron Nadi explains in simple terms how anyone can win at sports betting by using his techniques and taking a professional and conceptualised approach. This book is the ultimate guide to learning and mastering the art of sports betting. This book is not about games of chance. It is about learning to make money on games of skill -- professional sports -- by gaining an edge over the bookmakers. There is no skill involved in hitting the button on a slot machine, scratching a lottery ticket, or placing chips on a roulette wheel. Sports, on the other hand, are games of skill played by athletes that compete professionally. Cameron has made millions of dollars for himself and his clients, scoring a better life by winning big at sport betting, and hes ready to share it all with you.
In The Zen of Gambling, the star of Spike TV's Wayne Allyn Root's WinningEDGE shows readers why - be it in the casino, on the playing field, or in the boardroom - it is so vital to take risks in life. Wayne Allyn Root lives an American Dream: he makes tons of money watching sports on television. In fact, as CEO of GWIN Inc., America's only publicly traded sports handicapping firm, Root is a self-made millionaire with hundreds of thousands of sports-betting clients and fans. In this book he reveals the spiritual principles behind his consistently winning hand.
Sports Ticket is the ultimate guide to the premier British and selected international sporting events for 2005, and plenty more besides. and venue, this book will make a visit to the action hassle free and more fun. showpieces in sport as well as enhancing the experience of regular events. Comprehensive guides include pointers, parking tips and travel information. If you want to make a holiday out of your sporting trip, the book provides tips on other local attractions, city information and recommendations for accommodation, wining and dining. World sporting action is also covered. 2005 features top European drama with home nations football teams in World Cup qualifying matches and far flung adventures with the British Lions in New Zealand. is an in-depth appendix to cover all the nagging pieces of information so often forgotten.
Entertainment Marketing NOW: Every Platform, Technology, and Opportunity Covers film, cable, broadcast, music, sports, publishing, social media, gaming, and more Reflects powerful trends ranging from smartphones to globalization Demonstrates breakthrough strategies integrating advertising, promotion, PR, and online content distribution By industry insiders with decades of experience as leaders and consultants Entertainment spending is soaring worldwide, driven by new technologies, new platforms, new business models, and unrelenting demand amongst seven billion consumers. That means entertainment marketing opportunities are soaring, too. But this business is more complex and competitive than ever–and it’s changing at breakneck speed. Now, two leading practitioners show how to transform content into profits today and tomorrow…any content, on any platform, in any market, worldwide. You’ll master innovative new ways to grab consumers’ attention and wallets fast…make your experiences wannasee, haftasee, mustsee…drive more value through social platforms, mobile technologies, and integrated marketing strategies…overcome challenges ranging from bad buzz to piracy…fully leverage licensing, merchandising, and sponsorships…and successfully market all forms of entertainment.
Graham Sharpe has recruited some of the great and good of the gambling world to divulge their favourite betting suggestions, hints, tips, and strategies.Professional punter Dave Nevison reveals many tricks of his trade;Derek McGovern, self-styled betting guru of the Daily Mirror, speaks out in his usual flamboyant style;Jeremy Chapman, acknowledged master of golf betting tees up tips to lower your golf betting handicap;Tournament-winning poker pro, Julian Thew turns over a winning hand of hints; experts from the worlds of exchanges and spread betting give invaluable insights into the game;Top Tipsters like Dave Mitchell of The Mirror, Rolf Johnston of the Express, Tony Lewis of The Star and many others regale you with fascinating tactics designed to help improve the profitability of your betting.Sharpe also tracks down the best punting pointers, delving into the darkest corners, nooks and crannies of gambling lore in the process.Whether you are into racing, dogs, sports betting, exchanges, spread betting, poker or any other type of gambling opportunity, you'll find plenty in this unique book to benefit and enhance your own style of betting.
Imagine if you had an Almanac with tomorrows sports results and events? Imagine what you could do if you knew the outcome before it actually happened. Impossible? This book teaches you how sports investing works and how you can win consistently from sports betting. Sports has been my life since childhood. I was trying to crunch the code to predict tomorrow's games. In fact, this may sound a little bit like a back to the future fairytale, but I've come as close as I can to the results of Tomorrow's Almanac. During the last 13 years, I've been gathering sports data for Major League sports like Major League Baseball, Nhl Hockey, the NFL football and NBA basketball. I'm crunching the numbers and I'm comparing the stats. I'm analyzing and back testing everything for years and years to crack the sports code and to find those repeating patterns and trends. This makes me understand what makes teams win and what makes teams lose. And you know what I found? I found that history always repeats itself. This is true, especially in sports where the rules are strictly defined. The outcomes in these situations are very predictable. Of course there are lucky strikes and conditions that are impossible to put into perspective. However, those are very small percentages. If you know the past outcome of an event, you can predict the results for the game in similar circumstances with a high degree of probability. As I said before, the past is never a full indication of what will happen in the future and there is always room for surprises, but again, this is what makes sports fun to watch. Am I right? However, what is the chance that a team with similar power and player statistics will produce a similar outcome in a similar game in similar circumstances? What's that percentage? 86.5% that's right. An 86.5% of the cases there will be no surprises and the prediction will come absolutely. The Zcode investing software is the best system in the market because it keeps making investors consistent gains each and every month. Truth is we love sports, but we hate to gamble and that's why we call this sports investing, which is similar to any other trading like stocks, stock options, and forex trades. This is just way more predictable than today's flawed economic models with crisis's and bankruptcy events. Every day the software is gathering thousands and thousands of sports data and results: every single event, every single detail, every single player and every single team. I start the simulation with over 80 parameters in the zcode formula to come up with a precise and easy to use prediction and not only tell you who is going to win, but also and most importantly, where the value is, which means more money can be made guessing. To learn more about how you can create a consistent $1500 monthly from sports betting following our guide, just order this book right now!
Explains terms and possible bets, discusses probability, and suggests a system for increasing one's winnings
As an active & ambitious sports arbitrage trader, you owe it to yourself to get armed with advanced techniques that go beyond the standard methods used by the majority.Cross-Market Trading Strategies use mathematical models to generate risk-free trades between different sports-betting markets. These types of trades are all but invisible to most sports arbitrage software and they occur most often within highly liquid soccer markets where bookmakers accept the highest stakes & exchanges have the greatest market-depth.In this series, the highly acclaimed and widely respected trader Rajeev Shah (author “Sports Arbitrage – How To Place Riskless Bets And Create Tax Free Investments†) provides a definitive guide to understanding, recognizing & trading over 350 types of cross-market sports arbitrage trade using matchbets, European & Asian Handicaps, Under/Overs and others.Volume II in this series focuses on cross-market trades involving European Handicap bets.
Match outlook offers revolutionary ways to predict soccer matches and win on soccerbetting, by analyzing the teams and exploiting the tendencies, and probabilities of the outcomes you choose to wager oncorrectly.The book not only arms you with strategies that helps to level the bookies edge over you, but sets out the simple steps to follow to predictsoccer matches correctly, as well as select home win, away win, BTTS, etc.The book also contians predictive models that capture relationshipsamong factors that enable easy assessments of teams and matches.The core of the predictive models relies on probabilistic causation, which has the properties and anticedence, and contiquity that enableyou to predict as much as 89% of matches accurately, out performing the bookmakers predictions whose accuracy is far lower.The book also contains many examples of situations and circumstancesthat give rise to very high probability of specific outcomes, and this makes the information truly cutting edge.consequently, it is a highly recommened book that gurantees a rewarding read for any one wishing to go beyound the tired cliche and flawed convictions that dominates how to win at soccer betting.If you have been losing your money to the bookies this is the book fory
The King of Las Vegas and America's premier sports gambler reveals a powerful program for breaking all the rules, beating all the odds, and achieving all your dreams. In The King of Vegas' Guide to Gambling, Wayne Allyn Root of Spike TV's King of Vegas (TM) demonstrates why it is vital to take risks in life—whether in the casino, on the playing field, or in the boardroom. Root lives an American dream: He makes money watching sports on television. In fact, as CEO of GWIN Inc., America's only publicly traded sports-handicapping firm, Root is a self-made millionaire with hundreds of thousands of sports-betting clients and fans. In this book, he reveals the spiritual principles behind his consistently winning hand. Turning the popular conception of the casino denizen on its head, Root shows readers how to concentrate on the risks they take and to cultivate tranquillity in the face of life-defining, stressful moments. Bringing a unique contrarian approach to gambling, Wayne Allyn Root states his maxim of never following the masses and always taking the lead in life, and guides the way to navigate successfully the many gambles life offers.
Organized by games for twosomes, threesomes, foursomes, or buddies trips, a comprehensive golf manual covers every betting game available, explaining how to play each, helpful strategies and tips, and clear scorecard instructions for such popular games as Nassau, the Hawk, the Train Game, Amigo, and many others. 30,000 first printing.
The Definitive Guide to Communicating in Any Crisis “When facing an already difficult crisis, the last thing a company needs is to make it worse through its own communications – or lack thereof. As one who has lived through a number of [business] crises and served as an independent investigator of the crises of others, I consider Steven Fink’s book to be an excellent guide to avoiding collecting scar tissue of your own by learning from the scar tissue painfully collected by others.”—Norman R. Augustine, former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Lockheed Martin There are few guarantees in business today. Unfortunately, one of them is the inevitability of a crisis having a potentially major effect on your business and your reputation. When your company finds itself in the midst of a crisis, the ripple effects can disrupt lives and business for the foreseeable future if public opinion is not properly shaped and managed. Skillfully managing the perception of the crisis determines the difference between a company’s life or death. Because in the pitched battle between perception and reality, perception always wins. Fortunately, there is a solution. Crisis communications and crisis management legend Steven Fink gives you everything you need to prepare for the inevitable—whether it’s in the form of human error, industrial accidents, criminal behavior, or natural disasters. In this groundbreaking guide, Fink provides a complete toolkit for ensuring smooth communications and lasting business success through any crisis. Crisis Communications offers proactive and preventive methods for preempting potential crises. The book reveals proven strategies for recognizing and averting damaging crisis communications issues before it’s too late. The book also offers ways to deal with mainstream and social media, use them to your advantage, and neutralize and turn around a hostile media environment Steven Fink uses his decades of expertise and experience in crisis communications to help you: UNDERSTAND AND MANAGE THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN PUBLIC PERCEPTION AND REALITY CHOOSE THE BEST SPOKESPERSON FOR THE CRISIS PROTECT YOUR BRAND AND REPUTATION THROUGH CRISES LARGE AND SMALL MAKE WISE, VIGILANT, AND DEFENSIBLE DECISIONS UNDER EXTREME CRISIS-INDUCED STRESS TELL THE TRUTH NO MATTER HOW TEMPTING IT MAY BE TO MISLEAD USE SOCIAL MEDIA OUTLETS TO COMMUNICATE DIRECTLY TO THE PUBLIC ABOUT A CRISIS The explosion of the Internet and, especially, social media, has added a new layer to the business leader’s skill set: the ability to handle a crisis quickly and professionally within moments of its occurrence. Livelihoods depend upon it. With in-depth case studies of Toyota, BP, and Penn State, Crisis Communications provides everything you need to successfully lead your company through today’s rocky landscape of business—where crises large and small loom around every corner, and the lives of businesses and management teams hang in the balance. PRAISE FOR STEVEN FINK’S CRISIS MANAGEMENT “Every major executive in America ought to read at least one book on crisis management. In this way, he or she might be better prepared to deal with the disasters striking organizations at an ever-increasing rate ... The question is: ‘Is Steven Fink’s book one that busy executives ought to read?’ The answer is a resounding yes.”—LOS ANGELES TIMES, FRONT PAGE SUNDAY BOOK REVIEW

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