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Sought after, fought over, hoarded, hidden, and stolen--diamonds remain one of mankind's greatest obsessions. Diamond represents the most concentrated form of wealth on the planet and the hardest known natural substance. Covering everything from the origin of diamonds and their properties, through mining, the four Cs of grading and marketing, to modern high-tech treatments, fancy colored diamonds, and synthetics, The Diamond Compendium presents the body of diamond knowledge in a simple and understandable way. Written by a diamond expert this book is based on thousands of hours of research with specialists worldwide. Whether you are using this book to learn the facts about purchasing diamonds, understand the trade, prepare for formal examinations, or simply satisfy your curiosity, The Diamond Compendium is the most thorough, absorbing, and comprehensive book on the market.
Management cases are an inseparable part of any Business School class. Cases help students understand complex business situations, apply theoretical knowledge and learn to articulate their opinions before any audience. The cases can be valuable to both students and instructors alike because one learns better when actively engaged. Tedious theoretical concepts are retained longer and understood better when they are applied to real life situations and discussed in classrooms extensively. These deliberations have an inherent benefit of honing their convincing and negotiation skills and developing communication capabilities. Case discussions and presentations also develop team building and inter-personal skills. This book contains narrations of various business scenarios which require critical thinking and strategic decision making. They begin with the central problem and go on as an interesting story, culminating at a point which requires responses from its readers. They may talk of a fundamental business issue but are narrated in a suspenseful, stylised and exciting context. This book is aimed at management students, scholars and executives working in the corporate.
Visual illusions are compelling phenomena that draw attention to the brain's capacity to construct our perceptual world. The Compendium is a collection of over 100 chapters on visual illusions, written by the illusion creators or by vision scientists who have investigated mechanisms underlying the phenomena. --
Meyer & Meyer Premium — the next level of instructional sports literature with high-quality, full-color books. The Soccer Games and Drills Compendium is a comprehensive compilation of 350 realistic drills and games that facilitate high-quality design and quick implementation of modern soccer training. The many drills are divided into technical, tactical, and fitness-based focus areas. Individual focus areas cover basic training content, such as passing, dribbling, shots on goal, feints, juggling, and 1-on-1 situations, followed by focus areas with differentiated and advanced content, such as transitioning and reacting, chaos and action, game start variations, active defense, tournaments, and topics on tactical training. In addition, this book includes exercises for soccer-specific speed training, athletic and endurance training, indoor training, goalkeeper training, and team building. In this compendium you will find a wide variety of soccer-specific training exercises, and the graphics and practice-oriented design make it an optimal resource for taking effective training content and implementing it on the field. The many variations included with the drills and games make this compilation ideal for training players at all performance levels and age groups.
The king of stones, valued since antiquity for their unrivalled hardness, diamonds today are both desired and deplored. Once faceted and polished they glitter on the fingers of brides-to-be and in the ornaments of the super-rich, but their extraction from some of the world’s poorest countries remains contentious. Immensely valuable for their size, diamonds can be easily hidden and transported, making them perfect contraband. Diamonds have been widely used in industry since the nineteenth century and have long been valued for their pharmaceutical and prophylactic properties. This entertaining and richly illustrated book examines the history of the diamond trade through the centuries from India and Brazil to South Africa and Europe and investigates what happens to diamonds once they reach the cutters and polishers. Marcia Pointon takes the reader on a unique tour of the ways in which the quadrahedron diamond shape has inspired design, architecture, and painting, from the symbolism of medieval manuscripts to modern-day graffiti. She questions the etiquette of engagement rings, and she reminds us why and how lost, stolen, or cursed diamonds create suspense in so many classic novels and films. This compelling and fascinating account of the history of sparklers around the world will appeal to all who covet, as well as all who despise, the unparalleled brilliance and glitter of the diamond.

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