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When a man is found beaten to death in a local Manchester park, Detective Constable Sam Parker is one of the investigating officers. Sam swiftly identifies the victim, but what at first looks like an open and shut case quickly starts to unravel when he realises that the victim's fingerprints were found on a knife at another crime scene, a month earlier. Meanwhile, Sam's brother, Joe - a criminal defence lawyer in the city - comes face to face with a man whose very presence sends shockwaves through his life. Joe must confront the demons of his past as he struggles to come to terms with the darkness that this man represents. Before long, Joe and Sam are in way over their heads, both sucked into a terrifying game of cat-and-mouse that threatens to change their lives for ever... 'Authenticity reeks from every page...hypnotic, troubling crime writing with a superb villain and a distinctive atmosphere.' Daily Mail on Next to Die
Your time is up... Emily Parker is missing, kidnapped from a car park in broad daylight and the police are clueless as to her whereabouts. The only man her family can turn to for help is retired FBI profiler John Geary. But Geary suspects she's been taken by a serial killer who targets mothers. Every seven years he strikes, enacting a gruesome ritual. And Geary knows that there's much worse to come.... Emily has five days left. Five days of waiting. Five days of hell. Five days before the killer returns for her son...
An ex-cop with a death wish. A serial killer with a gruesome agenda... Detective Karin Schaeffer was a happily married mother until she got too close to catching a serial killer. The press nickname him The Domino Killer because he systematically murders whole families, leaving a trail of bloody dominoes as the only clues to his next victim. Having brutally slain Karin's husband and child, he left her a chilling message scrawled in her daughter's blood: YOU ARE NEXT. But now the Domino Killer has escaped prison and the police believe he's on his way to find her. And Karin is waiting...
In a Thames-side village in 1946, it’s time for retired police surgeon Toby Hunt to make good on his promise to rehabilitate a former criminal. After all, since his retirement, Toby has had nothing but gardening to occupy his time. Despite the strenuous objections of his wife, Sarah, Toby takes on the challenge. But when Ken Livingstone arrives, suspicious deaths begin—one after the other, like dominoes toppling. Harriet Parker, linchpin of good works and Ken’s half sister, is found dead of an unknown cause. Toby eventually unravels the motives behind Harriet’s death, but before he can act, a young stockbroker is shot. When the murder weapon is tossed over their garden wall, Sarah and Toby spring into action. The gauntlet has been flung, and they accept the challenge. Local police call in Scotland Yard and send Inspector Corbett, whom Dr Toby Hunt knows from their work on London’s more infamous murders. Sarah hates that the connection might raise old secrets better left hidden. The quiet life they have known is now at risk. In pursuit of the killer, the quest for justice runs to London, to the Lake District, and through the marshes of the river Thames. But when peace is finally restored, nothing is as Sarah envisioned.
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Art sensation Andy Clarke (R.E.B.E.L.S., BATMAN CONFIDENTIAL) joins writer Grant Morrison for an exciting three-issue arc titled "Batman vs. Robin"! Why would Talia al Ghul manipulate her son Damian into taking action against Batman? Will Damian do as Mother says...or stay loyal to Dick Grayson? Plus, more on the Domino Killer, Oberon Sexton, and the menace of El Penitente's drug cartel! Is this already the end for the new Dynamic Duo?

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