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Penny Wade is a musician. She is enjoying her first visit to Barcelona with her orchestra. But first her double bass is lost, and then someone with her orchestra dies. The police want to know what happened, and Penny'slife changes as she also slowly learns the truth. From p. 4 of cover.
Award-winning original fiction for learners of English. At seven levels, from Starter to Advanced, this impressive selection of carefully graded readers offers exciting reading for every student's capabilities. Penny Wade travels to Barcelona to perform in a concert with her orchestra. But the trip is not quite what she imagined. Her double bass goes missing and her boyfriend is acting very strangely. One night everyone is woken by screams and the orchestra manager is found dead on the street outside their hotel. Did he fall from the hotel window or was he pushed? And what has Penny's missing double bass got to do with it? Audio Cassette with complete text recordings from the book.
Cambridge English Readers is an exciting new series of original fiction, specially written for learners of English. Graded into six levels - from elementary to advanced - the stories in this series provide easy and enjoyable reading on a wide range of contemporary topics and themes. Penny Wade is a musician. She plays the double bass for the Barston Symphony Orchestra. They go on tour to Spain. But in Barcelona her double bass is lost and then one of the people on the tour is found dead. The Spanish Police think it's murder. But who, and why? Penny learns a lot about the other musicians and herself on her first trip to Spain. The audio CD contains a recording of the full text of the book.
The fact that Sam was born deaf does not interfere with her relationship with Jim, but she begins to question Jim's love and his acceptance of her disability when their relationship changes after Jim's ex-girlfriend reveals a secret.
"In my world there are no birds singing. There are no noisy men working on the roads. No people leaving bars late at night shouting at each other. No babies crying." Sam is like any other teenage girl except that she was born deaf. Now she is in love with Jim, but are their worlds too different?

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