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With her bestselling fantasy trilogy, Dragon Prince, Melanie Rawn introduced us to Sunrunner’s magic and sorcerous evil, to a ruler striving to bring peace to warring kingdoms—and to her magnificent dragons. In Stronghold, the first novel in Melanie’s Dragon Star trilogy, the peace won by High Prince Rohan is shattered when a mysterious invasion force begins a devastating campaign against the people of the Desert. Now, in The Dragon Token, the time for retreat has come to an end as Rohan’s son and heir, Pol, rallies his forces in a desperate bid to halt the advance of the invaders. But ancient rivalries begin to weaken his alliance and only time will tell whether those loyal to the High Prince can defeat both the foreign invaders and the betrayers in their own ranks. And even as Pol leads his troops forth, Andry, the Sunrunner Lord of Goddess Keep, is also determined to take the attack to this enemy force which has sworn to slay all workers of magic. Yet the invaders have their own agenda of conquest, and they are even now readying to strike at the very heart of the Desert, stealing treasures which Pol and Andry would pay any price to reclaim—even if the price should prove to be their own lives….
In this unsettled world, the death of the ruler of the desert princedom becomes the catalyst for power games of magical treachery as rival factions - from the evil High Prince to the leader of the Sunrunners to the newly crowned Prince of the Desert - seek to alter the course of their world.
Second in the bestselling Dragon Prince series returns to a lush epic fantasy world replete with winged beasts, power games of magical treachery, and a realm of princedoms hovering on the brink of war • “Marvelous!”—Anne McCaffrey When Rohan was crowned High Prince and his Sunrunner wife Sioned became High Princess, they swore to keep the peace of the lands and preserve the secret of the dragons, an inheritance they would one day pass on to their only child, Pol, heir to both princely and Sunrunner powers. But the evil influence of the former High Prince Roelstra had not ended with his death at Rohan’s hands. And even as Pol grew to manhood, other young men were being trained in the ways of war, youths descended from Roelstra and claimed by Rohan’s enemies as willing pawns in what could become a bloody battle for succession. Yet not all players in these games of power fought merely with words or swords. For now a foe vanquished by the Sunrunners ages ago was once again growing in strength, an enemy determined to desroy Sunrunners and High Prince alike. And the only hope of defeating these masters of dark sorcery lay in reclaiming the knowledge so carefully concealed in the long-lost- Star Scroll….
The great magical wars have come to an end. But in bringing peace, Nimbulan, the last Battlemage, has lost his powers. Dragon magic is the only magic legal to practice. And the kingdom's only hope against dangerous technology lies in the one place to which no dragon will fly....
With her widely acclaimed, bestselling fantasy trilogy, Dragon Prince, Melanie Rawn opened an enchanted gateway to a spellbinding universe of Sunrunner’s magic and sorcerous evil, of a ruler fighting to bring peace to a world of warring kingdoms, and of the dragons—deadly dangerous yet holding the secret to wealth beyond imagining. Now, in Stronghold, the first novel of Melanie’s new Dragon Star trilogy, there is a devastating new challenge to the power of both the High Prince Rohan and Andry, Lord of the Sunrunners at Goddess Keep, as a mysterious and seemingly unstoppable invasion force swarms across their lands. For Andry it signals the start of a nightmare made real, the horrifying fulfillment of his long ago visions of his homeland in flames, and he will draw upon even the forbidden sorcerer’s magic in an attempt to destroy this enemy which is bent on the extermination of all Sunrunners. Rohan and his son Pol will also fight the enemy with every weapon at their command—from their valiant warriors, to conjurations with sun, moons, and stars, to the terrifying presence of the dragons, to the unforgiving wrath of the Desert itself. Yet soon they begin to fear that this invasion may prove not only the end of their dream of an unbreakable peace but the beginning of the end of their entire world….
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This book consists of articles from Wikia. Pages: 100. Chapters: Dragon Prince Characters, Dragon Prince Locations, Sorcerer, Sunrunner, Aldiara, Andrade, Andry, Arlis, Azhdeen, Chayla, Chaynal, Chiana, Danladi, Davvi, Elisel, Feylin, Gemma, High Warlord, Hollis, Ianthe, Kazander, Kostas, Maarken, Masul, Meiglan, Mireva, Miyon, Naydra, Ostvel, Pandsala, Pol, Riyan, Roelstra, Rohan, Rohannon, Ruala, Ruval, Segev, Sioned, Sionell, Sorin, Tilal, Tobin, Urival, Walvis, Castle Crag, Continent, Cunaxa, Dorval, Dragon's Rest, Feruche, Fessenden, Firon, Gilad, Goddess Keep, Kierst-Isel, Meadowlord, Ossetia, Princemarch, Radzyn, Remagev, Skybowl, Stronghold, Syr, The Desert, Whitecliff, Athr'im, Continent, Diarmadh'im, Dragon, Dragon Prince, Dragon Prince Characters, Dranath, Faradhi RIngs, High Prince, High Prince's Writ, Isulk'im, Knight, Lord of Goddess Keep, Old Tongue, Plague, Prince, Rialla, Rohan, Skybowl, Star Scroll, Stronghold, Sunrunner, Sunrunner's Fire, The Dragon Token, Vellant'im, Vellanti War, War of 704, Aldiara, Diarmadh'im, Mireva, Naydra, Pandsala, Pol, Riyan, Ruala, Ruval, Segev, Star Scroll, Urival, Andrade, Andry, Chayla, Dorval, Faradhi RIngs, Goddess Keep, Hollis, Lord of Goddess Keep, Maarken, Pandsala, Pol, Rohannon, Tobin, Urival. Excerpt: Aldiara - or Aldiar while in male disguise - is a fictional character in Melanie Rawn's fantasy novels of the Dragon Star Trilogy. In 722 Aldiara was born in the snowcovered mountains of Firon, descended from the diarmadhi royal line through her mother. Although she was Yarin of Snowcoves' distant cousin and had given him the gold, silver, and bronze corded rope of authority in the Circle of Ninety-Nine, her true loyalty lay with her family line, Prince Laric of Firon, and the High Prince. For most of her life, Aldiara had disguised herself as a lad named Aldiar and served Yarin in order to gather information for the still loyal - and hiding - diarmadh'im. After Yarin had taken over Balarat, Firon's royal se...

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