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Before writing her bestselling memoir The Waterlily, before her career as a poet, there was the girl from Tumby Bay ... 'the feel of the cold steel of her scissors clipping around my armpits felt dangerous and lovely. the cloth fell in slivers around my socks.' Before writing her bestselling memoir the Waterlily, before her career as a poet, there was the girl from tumby Bay ... the Dressmaker's Daughter is a candid and exquisitely crafted account of Kate Llewellyn's life, from her earliest days on the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia through to her nursing training, her marriage, life in bohemian Adelaide in the Sixties and Seventies, her time as an art-gallery owner, and the beginning of her journey as a writer. With a poet's touch and with striking honesty, Kate Llewellyn reveals her darkest regrets and heart-warming triumphs. An insightful and elegant self-portrait of one of Australia's best-known and best-loved writers, the Dressmaker's Daughter is also an unforgettable and evocative account of a time when everything seemed possible.
The story of the Dressmakers Daughter involves three families, the Lovlaces, the Walters and the Henlys. It is a time of change and the town in which they live is having to learn to live with industrialisation. The coming of the railways has brought with it certain undesirable elements who cause havoc when let loose on the streets. At one time Mrs Lovelace and Mrs Walters were best friends, but a misunderstanding has come between them and it is up to their children, Flora and Enryk to sort the matter out.Unfortunately, Flora takes a disliking to Enryk and the path is not easy for either of them.
Romance Takes Flight
Prepare to be swept away by this enthralling story of love, war and one woman who survived them both...
Can the rags of her life be sewn into riches? Benita Brown's The Dressmaker is the unforgettable saga of an abandoned young woman learning to stand on her own two feet. Perfect for fans of Rosie Goodwin and Lindsey Hutchinson. Emmeline Dornay's dying wish is for her daughter Melissa to have a home. But when the funeral is over, Melissa discovers that her future looks bleak. Wealthy Lilian Winterton will honour her promise and put a roof over Melissa's head, but only if she can earn her keep. As an unpaid seamstress in the grand Winterton household, Melissa is ignored by the family and mistrusted by their servants. And when scandal occurs and the blame lands unfairly at her feet, she is thrown on to the streets. Left with nothing but her needle and thread, Melissa finds her dreams are in tatters. But can the rags of her life be sewn into riches...? What readers are saying about The Dressmaker: 'Really enjoyed every moment of this book - it's a story of love, loss and friendship, with a good story line and great characters' 'For anyone who enjoys a Catherine Cookson novel this book is an absolute must. I have read all of Benita Brown's novels and find her style of writing engaging with good plots and characters' 'Five stars'
Lucius Sentius, along with most people in the city of Rome, assumes that the debauched days of Nero are behind them now that Rome has settled down under a sober new ruler, Vespasian. Lucius may be only the son of a merchant, but his newly arranged marriage to an older widow will bring powerful connections and an enviable life--if he keeps himself on a respectable path.The upcoming marriage seems impossible when he discovers that his heart lies somewhere not at all respectable: his lifelong friend Trio, the reserved and serious son of one of the most reserved and pious families in the city.As Lucius is pushed along the course of duty to family, to his promised spouse, and to Rome itself, he begins to see under the surface of his city, into a net of intrigues, manipulation, and corruption that can carry him upward in status and power...or destroy both him and the people he loves.A serial novel in 7 parts.
A sumptuously romantic story bursting with historical colour and flavour, perfect for readers of Dinah Jefferies, Lucinda Riley and Jenny Ashcroft. 'Romantic, engaging and hugely satisfying' Katie Fford on The Apothecary's Daughter ***** Italy, 1819. Emilia Barton and her mother Sarah live a nomadic existence, travelling from town to town as itinerant dressmakers to escape their past. When they settle in the idyllic coastal town of Pesaro, Emilia desperately hopes that, this time, they have found a permanent home. But when Sarah is brutally attacked by an unknown assailant, a deathbed confession turns Emilia's world upside down. Seeking refuge as a dressmaker in the eccentric household of Princess Caroline of Brunswick, Emilia experiences her first taste of love with the charming Alessandro. But her troubling history gnaws away at her. Might she, a humble dressmaker's daughter, have a more aristocratic past than she could have imagined? When the Princess sends her on an assignment to London, she grasps the opportunity to unravel the truth. Caught up in a web of treachery and deceit, Emilia is determined to discover who she really is - even if she risks losing everything . . . ***** Reader reviews: 'You will never be disappointed with a Charlotte Betts book!' Amazon reviewer 'Well-written and thought-provoking' Goodreads reviewer 'A fantastic story loaded with history' Amazon reviewer

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