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The Ego And His Own, the prophetic defense of individualism against the common good, influenced figures ranging from Nietzsche to Ayn Rand. Challenging the religious, philosophical and political depreciation of the individual, Stirner criticizes all doctrines and beliefs that demand the interests of the individual be subordinated to those of God, the state, humanity or society. The Ego and His Own is a passionate defense of the individual against all forms of authority, from one of the founding fathers of anarchist thought.
Natural Science underpinned the modern Darwinian theory of evolution-physical: Seeing Eye empiricism: physical (sensory) mode. Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) philosopher, scientist and educator introduced a Natural Science post-modern understanding a physical-spiritual: Seeing Eye and connecting mind's I delicate empiricism: spiritual-physical (non-sensory) mode-underpinning and enhancing the theory of evolution. For historic accuracy we trace Rudolf Steiner's 'quest' to bring both these modes together-modern natural scientific materialism (the dragon) and philosophical spiritual scientific knowledge-that lights our path and enables a threefold exploration of our spiritual-physical evolutionary development (Spiritual: invisible - Physical: visible). The 'body - soul' divide: (body: physical sensory mode - soul: spiritual non-sensory mode). Natural Science: Nature and Super-Nature: The use of the term super-natural is very different from the way the word 'supernatural' is commonly used and understood, (fantasy, black magic). Super-natural here equates to Nature and Natural Science: super-natural phenomena are only natural phenomena presenting at a higher or super -though- still natural level. Evolution: Goethe's "Naturphilosophie" was a metamorphosis of 'Nature philosophy'. In this same way Steiner's Spiritual Science, a higher form of "Naturphilosophie," conceived a purely active spiritual element a "Meta" transmutation had taken place: "Naturmetaphilosophie."

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