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In his first collection since "Waltzing with the Dead" (2004), Russell Davis returns with "The End of All Seasons," which offers four poems, fourteen short stories (including one never before published), and a creative nonfiction essay about his own muse. From a contemporary take on The Little Match Girl in "The Last Day of the Rest of her Life" to the last man on Earth, writing on an old typewriter of how it all went wrong in "Engines of Desire & Despair," and from a little girl in a Nazi prison camp in "The Angel Chamber" to the untold tale of how Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday became fast friends in "Letter to Josie." This brand new collection from the author whose previous work was called, "one of the most unique short story collections. A complex puzzle of words," by Chizine.Com and received a Perfect 10 rating from Romance Reviews Today, offers visions for each season, from winter to spring, summer to autumn, that will take readers on an unforgetable journey of the triumphs and tragedies of the human heart. Introduction by Nancy Holder.
What happens to the boys of summer when there are no more seasons? Where will they go? The end of the 1941 season has arrived for two baseball players. Eighteen-year-old Eddie Tanner and thirty-two-year-old Sam Trask are two of the finest to play the game. Yet neither received the call to move up to the major league. For Eddie, there is no going home. Saying goodbye, not only to baseball, but to the girl he has fallen in love with, he leaves for a future somewhere unknown. For Sam, there will be no more seasons but just maybe the salvation of falling in love. The relief of receiving a letter from Pearl Harbor lets Sam know where Eddie has found himself. This revelation also restores feelings of love that were thought long lost. Within days, however, the world is then plunged further into the darkness of war. What remains within broken hearts are distant, warm summer memories … from the end of the season.
This resource provides youth ministers with 15-minute Gospel-oriented activities and reflections designed to help renew the liturgical lives of teens. Following the school calendar, each session offers prayers, Scripture readings, reflections, and catechesis, for every Sunday and Holyday of Obligation from August 3, 2014, to June 28, 2015.
When a notorious millionaire banker hangs himself, his death attracts no sympathy. But the legacy of a lifetime of selfishness is widespread, and the carnage most acute among those he ought to be protecting: his family. Meanwhile, in a wealthy suburb of Glasgow, a young woman is found savagely murdered. The community is stunned by what appears to be a vicious, random attack. When Detective Inspector Alex Morrow, heavily pregnant with twins, is called in to investigate, she soon discovers that a tangled web of lies lurks behind the murder. It's a web that will spiral through Alex's own home, the local community, and ultimately right back to a swinging rope, hundreds of miles away. THE END OF THE WASP SEASON is an accomplished, compelling and multi-layered novel about family's power of damage-and redemption.
This is the story of a reform minded man who translated his interest in liberal education and academic freedom into a unique interpretation of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. Although he died in 1964 his interpretation is still being applied to free speech cases that come before the U.S. Supreme Court. In the early days of the 20th century he was Dean at Brown University, President of Amherst College and founder of the Experimental College at the University of Wisconsin. In the xenophobic aftermath of World War II he became a national leader in defense of political speech. This led him into a dialogue with justices of the Supreme Court, despite the fact he had no formal training in the law. His theory of the First Amendment holds that its provision for free speech exists as much for the publics need to hear and know as it does for the individuals right to speak.
There is a spiritual war for your soul occurring as we speak. What will be your response? Will you be defeated, or will you overcome the obstacles and hardships in your way and find yourself on the path to everlasting life? To work toward spiritual maturity should be the goal of every Christian. Every day, God gives you opportunities to know him better. Daniel Eze presents a path of devotion that is practical and timely to help you realize that these moments can be seized and transformed into times of intimacy with God. Trained in a leading seminary, Eze understands how scripture can work into your struggles and how the Holy Spirit helps guide your motivations and actions. Ultimately, Eze paints a picture of hope that centers on a loving God who desires a real relationship with you-today and every day.
THE END OF THE FALL tackles, head-on, the daunting issues that most people are concerned about, just one decade into the third millennium. Why has mankind reached a point in history where there are no feasible solutions to its problems? Climate change is but a symptom of all the damage being done to the environment; and that damage is but a symptom of all that has gone badly wrong with mankind. Earths most well-known cosmological physicist has recommended that mankind should find another planet capable of sustaining human life, by the end of this century. But would there be any point in a handful of space-shipborn survivors, creating some hi-tech prison on planet X, just so a remnant of the mortal human race could survive? The prophecies of the Bible give us hope that, in spite of the horrendous chain of events which will soon commence, there will be survivorsand good governanceright here on Earth. Moreover, there will be peace, prosperity, happiness, and harmony between all nations, under one King. The author is a Christian who visualizes himself transformed and transported to Heaven, when the phenomenon known as the Rapture occurs. He thus escapes the catastrophic events of the Great Tribulation. Among millions of transformed believers, he returns to Earth for the duration of Christs millennial reign, to help the more than one billion survivors in their efforts to restore Earths environment. Surviving Gods final judgement, he reflects on mankinds history, from the 20th century to Satans final revolt against God.

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