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A gripping, compulsive thriller set in a future where the cure for ageing has been discovered... to devastating consequences The ebook edition contains exclusive extra content.
The Opening of the Cybernetic Frontier is the third in-J. stallment in the Cities of the Prairie project. It completes an ongoing multi-generational, comparative study of ten medium-sized communities located in five Prairie and Plains states - Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Colorado. This long-term study was initiated by Daniel J. Elazar in 1959 to develop a comprehensive theory explaining and forecasting the development of the civil community based upon the changing relationship between internal developments and external factors.In this new volume, Elazar and his colleagues trace developments in these communities during the 1980s and 1990s. The study examines how local communities function politically, socially, and economically, and then analyzes the impact that regional, national, and international trends and patterns have on local political systems in general and the cities of the prairie in particular. It revisits these communities at the dawning of a new frontier, the city-cybernetic frontier, which is characterized by a knowledge-intensive economic base made possible by computer and communication technologies. Changing technology has accelerated the settlement patterns that emerged after World War II. Ongoing population sprawl means that individuals are leaving the suburbs to live in the exurbs and beyond, creating a citybelt phenomenon that relies upon new technologies.
Second Edition of the Treaty on general systems theory, and is targeted towards the engineering of computer science. It is a work-quality teaching materials that today are not the common domain, but will become increasingly indispensable as a necessary complement to the upper basic education and its outreach to community life, ie to the professional, banking, business and, of course, university. TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. BASES ON THE GENERAL THEORY OF SYSTEMS (the reductionist approach. THE FOCUS OF THE GENERAL THEORY OF SYSTEMS. APPROACHES THE ART OF PROBLEM SOLVING.) 2. BASICS OF SYSTEMS (DEFINITIONS. ELEMENTS OF A SYSTEM. ENTROPY IN SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS CONTROL SYSTEMS) 3. SYSTEM DYNAMICS 4. CONSTRUCTION OF COMPUTER MODELS 5. CONSTRUCTION of CONCURRENT COMPUTER MODELS 6. CONSTRUCTION OF COMPUTER MODELS CLIENT SERVER 7. DYNAMICS OF
This book meets all the assessment requirements of the AQA specification, however, it is also suitable for students following other specifications.
Lasers in Dermatology: An Introductory Guide provides a comprehensive guide to all aspects of cutaneous laser treatment. Practical aspects of laser selection and treatment are combined with easily understood sections on basic science, laser safety and current regulations. The author is internationally recognised for his research in the laser treatment of skin disease, and has close links with the development of training programmes for the use of lasers in Dermatology.
Supplying a high-level overview of how to protect your company's physical and intangible assets, Asset Protection through Security Awareness explains the best ways to enlist the assistance of your employees as the first line of defense in safeguarding company assets and mitigating security risks. The author reviews key topics surrounding computer s

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