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Your guardian faeries are only moments away from inspiring you on your life path. What are you waiting for? The beautifully crafted Faerie Guidance Oracle can help you connect with powerful nature spirits for help along the path of self-discovery. Each enchanting card represents an essential ingredient for self-enrichment—clarity, choice, creativity, love, passion, transformation, opportunity, and more. Delightful watercolor illustrations make it easy to engage with each faerie's positive energy. Use this fun and creative tool to access hidden talents, gain new perspectives, solve problems, and guide you toward the future you've always wanted.
In response to the tremendous success of "Good Faeries/Bad Faeries", Froud has created an exciting divination kit that allows readers to draw on the power of faeries to understand their lives and predict their futures. Includes color deck of 66 divination cards, a two-color book, and instructions on how to read the cards.
Come enter the enchanting world of The Fae, the keepers of the Earth, the Faeries. This powerful deck will allow the Fae to speak to you and draw you deep into the energy of each card through the combination of mystical imagery and naturescapes. Embrace yourself and be guided by the eternal spirits of the Stone People, the ancient wisdom of the Tree Spirits and Dragons, enchanting world of giggles of laughter and fun of the Fae. With easy to read cards you will learn to connect with the elementals of nature receiving guidance, healing, and learning for yourself and for others.
AFaerie Treasury is a comprehensive, insightful, and magical guide to the world of the fae! You'll find a wealth of facts, real-life faerie stories, tips, advice, and faerie inspiration. This detailed yet fun book explains the hierarchy of faerie, their culture, religion, and lives, and is designed to be dipped into whenever you need inspiration – the perfect gift for anyone wanting to know how to bring faerie wisdom and magic into their lives! You will discover: •Amazing real-life stories of contact with the faerie folk from all over the world •The flowers and trees favoured by the little people, and the best oils, crystals, and candle colours to encourage faeries into your space. •Use the remarkable A-Z reference of faeries to find out which faeries are good… and which are just plain naughty! •Discover the faeries’ secret hide-outs •Find out how to turn your home and garden into magical faerie spaces •Have fun with magical faerie craftsHistory, myths, and real-life accounts are combined in this fascinating book, for all those who are intrigued by the enchanting, magical, and mysterious realm of faeries!This is a repackage of A Faerie Treasury (ISBN: 9781401915537)
Do the job, collect the fee, and don’t look in the envelope. Rory Redman’s exploits might drive his contemporaries to rage and himself to insolvency, but he has never put anyone in real danger – before now. His desperation for money drives him to accept a commission that he knows has crossed a line. All he has to do is keep a lid on his curiosity and his troubles are behind him. But Rory Redman was never one to deny an impulse. There is a heart-stopping inevitability about the way his choices funnel him ever further from safety and ever further from home. The mutual attraction between him and Ariadne Sowerby might be the route to salvation except that both strive to hide their feelings and Rory’s suicidal curiosity focuses on Klarissa Alterleta, the strange woman whose antics escalated his minor troubles into the stratosphere. In Ruritania, a country that roams Europe like a restless wanderer, a national crisis is brewing. Cut-throat revolutionaries, national security forces and Britain’s secret service are all involved, and are all overtly or covertly at each other’s throats. But they share a lone goal – each is determined to find Rory Redman and wipe him from the face of the earth. Ariadne might have helped him if he hadn’t alienated her. Klarissa could save him from the worst of his pursuers, but she won’t. Forced back on to his own inner strength, Rory girds his loins and faces the fact that his only real expertise lies in logic, marathon running and Morris dancing. The contest is surely lost before it has begun.
With the help of this guidebook, you can learn to give yourself daily guidance to help empower, motivate and inspire you on your life path. These 46 Faeryology(tm) oracle cards are images from original Angel and Faery paintings by acclaimed artist Angela DeMuro. Her work brings joy , peace and comfort to adults and children alike!
This book combines an analysis of The Faerie Queene's, total form with an exposition of its allegorical content. Originally published in 1977. The Princeton Legacy Library uses the latest print-on-demand technology to again make available previously out-of-print books from the distinguished backlist of Princeton University Press. These editions preserve the original texts of these important books while presenting them in durable paperback and hardcover editions. The goal of the Princeton Legacy Library is to vastly increase access to the rich scholarly heritage found in the thousands of books published by Princeton University Press since its founding in 1905.
Take a trip down a faery pathway and meet the folk of the Otherworld, the realm of the faeries in this charming and practical guide. Harmonia Saille will take you step by step along the faery pathway, teaching you all about faery culture on the way, and showing you how to connect and communicate with them.
Journey to the enchanted realms of the fae, and discover the healing powers of myth, magic and mischief! Faeries have long captured the imagination, inspiring people to weave mystical stories, create beautiful art and protect and hold nature as sacred. The very idea of them lifts the spirits, opens the heart and the mind, reminds us of the secret longings of our soul, and fills us with happiness, spontaneity and childlike wonder. The Book of Faery Magic is a must for anyone wanting to grow closer to nature and to their own wild self. Rich in tradition, history, research and faery lore, it is filled with whimsical accounts of interaction with the fae, grounded guidance on working with them, and beautiful ideas for reconnection with the magical realms. From the faeries we can rediscover who we really are, and awaken our natural abilities to create wonderful, enchanted lives that are full of meaning and purpose, fun and delight. Whether you believe that faeries are truth or fantasy, The Book of Faery Magic is your portal to a state of being where fun, light-hearted and healing energy will help you fulfil all your dreams, transform your life and improve your relationship with the earth, your self and others. Within these magical pages you will: Work with the faeries for health and happiness. Be granted the Seven Magical Gifts of Faery. Learn the legends, lore and history of the Little People. Visit the planet's most sacred faery sites. Discover the magical properties of faery flowers, herbs and trees. Plant your own enchanted garden and brew intoxicating potions. Host a magical tea party and bake faery treats. Become an eco faery and help make the world a better place. Find out what kind of faery you are, and much more... Including interviews with Jessica Galbreth, Juliet Marillier, Doreen Virtue, Cassandra Eason and other inspiring faery folk, this book is a magical journey into the enchanted realms of your own heart and soul.
Be it in your working, romantic or physical life, wise words of wisdom walk with you, to provide the answers. The Book of Destiny is a divination tool, incorporating common sayings with their meaning, a focus word, an image and a message for the reader. There are 111 messages all based on the original divination but in a context that will help the reader today, in their everyday life. Beautifully Illustrated, The Book of Destiny is like a portable 'oracle', always at the ready with wisdom for the moment in hand.
For years the fae have been whispering in Chaz's ear, urging him to give them a means to advise the mortals in their daily lives. Not wishing to disappoint them, Chaz began working on an Oracle deck. Three years later, the Ashelon Oracle Deck is a reality. This book provides additional guidance when working with the steampunk/fantasy themed Ashelon Oracle deck, providing insights into the characters on the cards, as well as in-depth interpretations and sample readings.
The first in the "R" series of D20 System dungeon modules by Necromancer Games, Rappan Athuk -- The Dungeon of Graves: The Upper Levels is the grand-daddy of all dungeon crawls! This dungeon of caverns, passages, traps and hidden chambers defies even the most experienced adventurer to travel its halls. This module features six levels of this evil, multilevel dungeon, including monsters your characters have never imagined in their worst nightmares. Rappan Athuk awaits!
The Elf Folks' Book of Cookery was created for elves, faeries and all otherkin to use to adapt to their own needs, both healthy and flavorful. All the food recipes in this book are created by elves and eaten by elves! Of course, they may also be used by anyone interested in healthy and delicious foods. The Silver Elves have eaten in their daily diet all 50+ recipes this book shares and they continue to adapt them according to their tastes, understanding of modern nutritional knowledge, and what they may have in the cupboard on a particular day. The Silver Elves trust you will do the same, making this your own book of magical elven recipes. This book is not only an elven recipe book, but also a course in how to cook and alter recipes to your health specifications. Making a healthy diet change can be difficult for anyone and the elves want to help their kin to make this important transition toward excellent health both easy and fun. Reading and using this book, you will learn how to take an old favorite food of your clan and alter it to be more nutritious and healthy, as well as delicious. While they advise the use of all organics, they have added recipes for a variety of meals, treats and tastes, for those needing both gluten-free and those who feel their bodies accept gluten whole grains. The Silver Elves have many vegetarian dishes, but also some meat and fish dishes. You will note little elven enchantments or spells here and there throughout the book that can be chanted when cooking to fill a dish with that special elfin magick. The Silver Elves cook consciously and with healing intent and using their magical spells while cooking will help you do the same. "The very best The taste supreme Will bring to us Our every dream!" -The Silver Elves

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