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14 tales of passion and intrigue, revealing the darker side of the creator of "The Great Gatsby". These are his most bittersweet, offbeat stories, from "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" to "Outside the Cabinet-maker's".
Here is a grab-bag collection of great fantasy stories -- modern and classic, adventure-filled and serious, funny and sad -- by authors whose work you may already know, or may be discovering for the first time. Included are: THE COPPERSMITH, by Lester del Rey DOGS QUESTING, by John Gregory Betancourt OF WITHERED APPLES, by Philip K. Dick YELLOW EYES, by Marylois Dunn SEA TIGER, by Henry S. Whitehead THE BLACK TOWER, by R. H. Barlow THE SHADOW FROM ABOVE, by R.H. Barlow THE FLAGON OF BEAUTY, by R.H. Barlow THE SACRED BIRD, by R.H. Barlow THE TOMB OF THE GOD, by R.H. Barlow GIVE THE DEVIL HIS DUE, by Mack Reynolds DREAMTIME IN ADJAPHON, by John Gregory Betancourt A LEGEND OF LANTH, by Robert W. Lowndes THE SIREN, by F. Anstey MORRIEN'S BITCH, by Janet Fox ALLIANCES, by Janet Fox GATHER ROUND THE FLOWING BOWLER, by Robert Bloch AFRAID OF HIS SHADOW, by Dorothy Donnell Calhoun THE DAUGHTER OF THOR, by Edmond Hamilton THE WALTZ, by Morris W. Gowen WHITE LADY, by Sophie Wenzel Ellis CARILLON OF SKULLS by Lester del Rey and James H. Beard THE LAST GUARDIAN OF RU ISHTL, by John Gregory Betancourt SKULLS IN THE STARS, by Robert E. Howard If you enjoy this ebook, don't forget to search your favorite ebook store for "Wildside Press Megapack" to see more of the 260+ volumes in this series, covering adventure, historical fiction, mysteries, westerns, ghost stories, science fiction -- and much, much more!
Hundreds of popular fantasy fiction titles are described and categorized according to their underlying features, including coming of age stories, Arthurian romances, breaking of curses, and barbarian warriors.
In The Mystery to a Solution, John Irwin brilliantly examines the deeper significance of the analytical detective genre which Poe created and the meaning of Borges' efforts to "double" the genre's origins one hundred years later. Combining history, literary history, and practical and speculative criticism, Irwin pursues the issues underlying the detective story into areas as various as the history of mathematics, classical mythology, the double-mirror structure of self-consciousness, the anthropology of Evans and Frazer, the structure of chess, the mind-body problem, the etymology of the word labyrinth, and dozens of other topics. Irwin mirrors the aesthetic impact of the genre by creating in his study the dynamics of a detective story—the uncovering of mysteries, the accumulation of evidence, the tracing of clues, and the final solution that ties it all together.
A Literary Symbiosis studies the merger of science fiction/fantasy and mystery fiction from historical and critical perspectives. Pierce examines the problems and expectations raised by the various literary labels, particularly as regards definition, theme, conventions, stock characters, and setting. While she admits the difficulties inherent in merging idea-oriented, speculative science fiction with the situation-specific and present-time oriented mystery story, she argues that the two genres have much in common. The book examines critically the elements of mystery fiction which have been integrated with varying degrees of success, into science fiction/fantasy. This evaluation focuses on individual authors and novels or short stories which contributed to the original modes and to their synthesis.
New York Times best-selling author of ten genre-bending novels Jonathan Lethem helms this collection of the year's best mystery short fiction. Jonathan Lethem, "one of America's greatest storytellers" (Washington Post), selects the best short mystery and crime fiction of the year in this annual "treat for crime-fiction fans" (Library Journal).

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