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In this dynamic account, award-winning science writer Ann Gibbons chronicles an extraordinary quest to answer the most primal of questions: When and where was the dawn of humankind?Following four intensely competitive international teams of scientists in a heated race to find the “missing link”–the fossil of the earliest human ancestor–Gibbons ventures to Africa, where she encounters a fascinating array of fossil hunters: Tim White, the irreverent Californian who discovered the partial skeleton of a primate that lived 4.4 million years ago in Ethiopia; French paleontologist Michel Brunet, who uncovers a skull in Chad that could date the beginnings of humankind to seven million years ago; and two other groups–one led by zoologist Meave Leakey, the other by British geologist Martin Pickford and his French paleontologist partner, Brigitte Senut–who enter the race with landmark discoveries of their own. Through scrupulous research and vivid first-person reporting, The First Human reveals the perils and the promises of fossil hunting on a grand competitive scale.
I am Michael. I have written What colour was the first human being? as a self help book to help people who hate themselves. The purpose of the book is to turn self hate into self love with the use of an exciting interactive module. Self hatred causes all sorts of problems including low self worth, low self esteem, depression, eating too much, smoking, drinking alcohol, drugs and other forms of self harm. This book identifies the reasons for self hate and uses a simple piece of computer brain programming to correct self hate by replacing it with self love.
Civilization is defined as the stage of human organization that is considered most advance. This means that there was a government, there were laws, and education was given. How did human evolve from being nomads to being organized? Who Built the First Human Civilization? Open and read this book to find out.
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