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Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver, the writer/artist team behind the blockbuster GREEN LANTERN: REBIRTH and THE SINESTRO CORPS WAR, create an explosive, jaw-dropping epic that reintroduces Barry Allen as The Flash in this volume collecting the fast-paced 6-issue miniseries. But how will this greatest of all Flashes find his place in the twenty-first century?
When Barry Allen returns from the Speed Force as the Flash, his reunion is met with mixed emotions, and his personal energy field becomes tainted with a black aura that is slowly destroying him.
Barry Allen left a legacy that thrived after his death. Now, his return as the Flash threatens it all! A major foe and an invaluable ally return as the destiny of Wally West and his twins is revealed!
In a battle along the outskirts of time, the secrets of the Speed Force stand revealed and the new archnemesis of those who ride the lightning targets Iris Allen! What change does Wally West face, and what destiny has Kid Flash chosen? Meet the new Flash Family in this stunning finale!
The Fastest Man Alive is now supercharged with new abilities after being exposed to the Negative Speed Force, and until he can get his powers under control, he's a danger to Central City and himself. But before he can begin repairing the damage, he has to stop Shrapnel as well as a gruesome new villain, Bloodwork. And it's all Barry's fault! In the fallout, Barry is reassigned to work at Iron Heights prison, where he arrives just in time to find a Rogue dead. As Barry investigates the crime, Godspeed joins the Flash's cadre of enemies and leads the Fastest Man Alive and Captain Cold into a deadly rematch. But when the clues begin to reveal an even greater conspiracy at work, the Flash soon discovers Iron Heights' deadliest secret... Writer Joshua Williamson (Justice League vs. Suicide Squad) continues his smash-hit run on the Fastest Man Alive, joined by artists Carmine Di Giandomenico, Neil Googe, Christian Duce, Gus Vazquez, Pop Mhan, Howard Porter and Scott Kolins. Collects The Flash #28-38, Annual #1 and the Flash story from DC Universe Holiday Special #1.

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